Holston College Cemetery

This cemetery was extracted by Bill and Gracie Smith.

Directions to Holston College Cemetery from I-40/75 in Knox Co: take I-140 East toward Maryville,Tn take exit no 9 (Topside Rd) go right 2.9 Miles to a stop sign turn right on Rt 333 South (Louisville Rd) go 2.9 miles to a Y and take a right on Old Lowes Ferry Rd go abt. 2 miles to the stop sign go left on Lowes Ferry Rd .3 miles to Holston College Rd go right on Holston College Rd .4 miles to a gravel rd on the right cemetery is at the dead end of gravel road.

Abbet, Samuel78 Years
Abbet ,James
Abbet, PeggyAged 11 Years
Andre, Francis J2/14/19133/12/1993
Andre, Emma M.4/18/19067/1/1985
Almyra, ArtieWife of Frank S.Toole2/22/18936/20/1925
Blair, Margaret5/20/18657/31/1867
Blair, W.A.(Prof.)12/6/18353/19/1867
Bright, Sarah E.1/3/18365/6/1911
Bright, T.J.12/20/18485/19/1911
Bright, S.J.12/8/18771/5/1905
Bright, Hannah J.3/3/18516/13/1924
Bowerman, Pleze3/6/18659/2/1922
Baird, Farrel D.8/23/19084/11/1969
Baird, Georgia Simerly2/17/19076/24/1985
Chesher, Albert10/27/186711/19/1931
Crisp, Joe AllenPFC U.S. Army7/9/19296/12/1993
Crisp, Wilma Gardner5/7/1934
Carver, Lee E.4/3/19087/18/1989
Carver, John C.9/13/18737/23/1945
Carra, P.7/4/1876
Carver, Hilda C.5/4/19092/6/1984
Cason, William JrMilitary Marker (Capt)10/3/19132/2/1991
Cason, Constance B.Military Marker (1st Lt)8/24/19059/28/1993
Courrier, Patrica A.11/5/19516/23/1984
Cole, Irene6/6/192710/21/1997
Cole, James Walter8/11/194711/27/1947
Cole, Hellen19301932
Chesher, Frances10/28/186811/19/1912
Chesser,HazelMarried J.H.Taylor 10/13/191812/13/189210/17/1918 **D?
Clark, Laura D.3/3/18694/1/1913
Doak, Sallie Sopha9/28/18784/10/1939
Doak, William L.3/25/18712/2/1936
Doak, Emma L.9/1/18751/31/1913
Doak, Joseph W.11/9/18731/18/1906
Doak, John W.B.12/7/18665/2/1895
Doak, Maggie D.2/2/18847/26/1884
Doak, S.C.N. Jr4/9/188211/16/1882
Doak, S.C.N.Wife1/20/18355/20/1913
Sallie A.10/10/18429/18/1905
Drake, Pauline4/29/191410/25/1915
Everett, John W. SrMarried 5/13/19591/22/19386/12/1984
Everett, Dorthy Wells12/28/1937
Everett, Calvin Wayne5/19/19717/12/1985
Everett, Calvin John1881
Everett, Ammy Blanch S.18891940
Everett, Johnnie O.19081936
Everett, Mary Kate9/2/19409/24/1940
Everett, Otha J.9/6/19155/4/1983
Everett, Mary Ellen10/26/1923
Evanush, Nina Paluine2/18/19197/26/1994
Finger, John4/13/18115/1/1875
Finger, Martha D.10/27/1919
Finger, Jane8/5/18269/11/1896
Finger, MaudeDau. Of James Frank
Finger, Joe A.18851943
Finger, JohnCo H. 5 Tenn Inf
Franklin, Teddy Wayne4/9/19725/31/1972
Fife, Virgil J.M. JrSFC U S Army WWII Korea3/27/192612/19/1995
Fife, Harold J.19601991
Foxx, Robert MorganLCDR U S Navy9/15/19176/22/1975
Franklin, James7/26/186210/11/1933
Nanniewife of M.C.Free3/4/18736/2/1918
Fritts, Mary J.12/13/184511/8/1928
Fritts, Henry12/18/18445/10/1922
Goddard, Ralph L Jr.Son of Mr&Mrs Ralph L.6/10/19339/2/1948
Goddard, Ralph L.4/3/190112/9/1965
Goddard, Lola S.10/5/190011/1/1994
Goddard, Keith S.7/30/193511/26/1935
Goddard, Roy Wesley10/20/191511/17/1998
Goddard, William Joseph7/20/19785/11/1982
Gardner, Lawrence Edward12/24/193?1/2/1931
Gillespie, John68 years3/11/1812 **D?
Gillespie, William9 Va Regt Rev. War17371831
Grindstaff, Betsy JaneDau of John & M.M1/4/18687/8/1903
Grindstaff, Martha M.??mom??12/2/184010/2/1909
Grindstaff, G.W.10/30/186512/18/1929
Gourley, WilliamSon of C.&L.A.6/19/18518/1855
Henderson, Mary A.2/12/18552/7/1906
Hyde, Hazel3/28/191910/9/1922
Henderson, Mary7/18/18083/8/1881
Henderson, William78 yrs 3 moMar 22,1733June 22,1811
Henderson, William1/6/180611/18/1884
Hamby, Clara D. MarieDau of Mr&Mrs Lowell9/12/19684/21/1970
Hitch, John Cowanwife9/20/18931/24/1983
Hitch, Winnoa Prater3/16/1985
Ivens, Brittany NicoleDau of Richmond & Tina5/30/1990 **D?
Johnson, Willie Lee3/25/191011/13/1989
Kelly, Adrae/Aorae5/23/??1911??6/30/1911
King, Horace Wm Sr7/26/19122/28/1966
Key, P.G.1/31/18429/21/1908
Key, StellaDau of P.C.&M.M.7/29/18785/16/1895
Lackey, John W.son of J.W.&M.J.7/27 18256/14/1879
Lackey, James M.wife7/9/18527/4/1874
Lackey, Margaret Jane12/18/18278/16/1916
Lackey,Russell J.son of J.W.&M.J.10/21/18509/29/1873
DaughterDau of J.W.&M.J.12/15/186412/15/1864
Ledford, Louise11/21/195411/21/1954
Ledford, Dean5/9/1899
Ledford, Ellen Cole8/5/18899/5/1948
Linginfelter, Thomas N.Wife of T.N.11/30/18835/1/1967
Linginfelter, AmandaWife of T.N.8/15/18911/8/1934
Linginfelter, Mattie3/24/188612/21/1947
Melson, John W.11/15/188510/28/1930
Melson, Lula B.2/26/18864/28/1949
Morton,EulaDau of J.W.&Lizzie11/22/190911/27/1909
McClellan, Hazel E.3/12/19129/6/1919
McClellan, Mae Bell10/3/19052/10/1962
McClellan, Leon G.5/1/1898
McClellan, Patrick H.9/15/187211/27/1945
McClellan, Jerry Lynn7/28/19304/5/1931
McClellan, Mattie5/18/187910/25/1956
McClellan, Willard C.10/18/190411/26/1933
McCosh, James W.2/23/18461/31/1944
McCosh, Gladys Irene2/3/19072/3/1907
McCosh, Clint H.11/11/19019/15/1903
McReynolds, JessieDau of R.P.&D.J.10/29/18858/2/1886
Marshall, Betty Jo6/30/193510/27/1993
Marshall, Emma4/11/192512/11/1997
Matlock, Col A.Son of Col A.&M.J.8/12/18193/15/1867
Matlock, Robert M.4/14/18547/18/1870
McNeal, Bertha11/9/18928/3/1968
Noah, Berdette Holland1907 **D?
Noah, Jim1/15/1934
Noah, John Steven11/24/19345/3/1990
Noah, Robert Lee2/2/19436/2/1990
Nichols, Hattie9/3/189310/6/1911
O'Conner Isabel Phelps12/30/19201/9/1971
Poland, William Stokley6/4/185912/6/1932
Prater, John W.Son of L.A.&S.E.1/6/18635/11/1896
Prater, A. Lafayette1/8/18325/29/1904
Prater, Sarah E.7/21/18328/31/1905
Prater, Velma Brown1/24/19051/1/1987
Prater, C.W.8/2/18655/1/1937
Prater, Oscar Earl7/30/189512/30/1931
Prater, Oscar Blaine6/16/18601/26/1912
Prater, Malinda11/19/18663/27/1939
Prater, Jenny Lynn7/27/18993/27/1939
Prater, William Warren18901939
Prater, Rosamond Griffitts6/26/19027/3/1988
Prater, James Griffitts7/18/19303/15/1954
Prater, Inez Jones2/24/18795/16/1950
Prater, Charles M.10/8/18747/9/1949
Prater, James Franklin18721935
Prater, Samuel Either1/1/18511/17/1923
Prater, Condon8/3/19091/21/1910
Prater, Artie A.1/13/18436/16/1908
Prater, Mamie12/24/18776/15/1910
Prater, Joseph Lloyd Jr3/29/19065/24/1919
Prater, Edd P.3/25/18701/8/1942
Prater, Eliza Jane3/6/18568/25/1927
Prater, James Edgar6/26/18999/6/1984
Prater, James18172/5/1907
Pruner, John H.11/27/184912/4/1915
Poland, Robert RoySon of W.S.&H.F.7/18/18859/21/1893
Poland, Hannah F.18591925
Phelps, Belle9/14/185511/7/1920
Phelps, W.A.4/3/186010/19/1957
Phelps, Walter A.8/30/189211/17/1930
Phelps,Sarah R.4/12/18839/3/1970
Queener, Margaret5/14/18481/11/1922
Queener, Ethel MaxineDau of Effie Mar&J.C.6/5/19218/8/1921
Queener, W.D.9/6/186611/13/1893
Queener, T.E.1/15/18782/19/1878
Queener, George M.6/12/18684/18/1915
Queener, Solon Edgar8/19/187911/25/1910
Queener, T.W.4/8/18424/15/1903
Russell, Ann6/3/17968/3/1841
Russell, John1/2/17968/3/1878
Russell, ViolaDau of S.A.A.4/4/1861 **D?
Age 6 yrs 5mo 5 days
Russell, Bulah E.1/20/1912 **D?
Russell, John F.7/28/18594/17/1917
Russell, FrankSon of W.L.&D.J.4/15/18699/24/1869
Russell, James G.Wife of James G.1/28/18249/12/1876
Sarah G.9/27/18347/1/1892
Russell, Lucy
Russell, Dr JohnStone laying flat and broken7/30/18237/18/1871
Russell, Eva Doak6/27/18596/14/1945
Russell, Colville M.5/15/18544/21/1923
Russell, MatthewJany 2,179611/2/1862
Russell, Annievery poor conditionAug 4, 185?
Reed, Jack C. Jr9/5/19548/5/1984
Reed, Jack C.7/17/19221/5/1978
Ratledge, Carl E.11/28/190411/23/1906
Ratledge, Samuel J.9/14/190010/30/1908
Ratledge, Sally Logan5/10/18703/6/1898
Ratledge, Roy Lee5/11/19376/19/1958
Rader, William Lester B.10/13/1912
Rader, IsaacCo H 13 Tenn Cavalary4/21/18417/1/1912
Rader, Harrison Henry10/13/191211/11/1912
Simerly, Jerry Floyd9/8/19359/27/1935
Simerly, Connie6/20/1950
Simerly, Carl?/20/1992
Simerly, William Henry8/18496/17/1917
Simerly,Aliee ?
Simerly, Fannie Thenia2/18593/11/1911
Simerly, James3/11/18583/6/1914
Simerly, Shade F.5/11/18945/30/1978
Simerly, J. A.11/24/18576/9/1920
Simerly, Viva Dyer6/1/18948/7/1994
Simerly, John8/25/18916/9/1953
Simerly,Annie P.9/6/18924/22/1928
Simerly, Jerry Myers4/3/18624/2/1961
Simerly, Lucinda Adeline7/18/18671/31/1944
Sienknecht,Margaret Prater11/7/18923/6/1928
Sienknecht, James Theodore7/24/186911/2/1933
Sterling, Margaret Isabella1/9/18112/26/1850
Scott, Sherman L.Married 11/9/19631016/19421/25/1995
Shipwash, Joe M.7/16/19101/18/1990
Rebecca SmithWife of AlfredFeb. 5,1886 **D?
60 years old
Smith, Delia P.11/28/18615/16/1931
Smith, Wm M..3/15/18646/19/1929
Sutton James Monroe5/16/185611/23/1914
Sampley,Ray H. Jr4/8/193711/25/1995
Titlow, Lloyd SrPFC WW II19161983
Tallaferro, MarthaDau of John Wright1/10/18109/15/1869
Tallaferro, John12/12/17967/20/1873
Taleaferro, W.H.3/15/183012/8/1870
Tallaferro, D.D.7/15/183811/17/1906
Thompson, Beatrice E.6/14/19006/21/1974
Thompson, Coleman L.3/28/18948/9/1961
Infant SonL.Lloyd&Annas Titlow10/16/1935
Titlow, A. Allen12/10/19442/10/1963
Titlow, Wayne H.12/15/19427/17/1978
Titlow, Lloyd Jr7/5/19378/20/1978
Winton J.J.18591953
Young, Robert AllanSgt U.S.Army Air Corps WW II4/3/19147/19/1996


  • Donf

    Pleze Bowerman’s name was Pleasant Shade Bowerman, but he was called Pleas/Pleze. He’s buried with his stepfamily, the Brights. Sarah Bright was his mother. Her maiden name was Callaway, and her first husband was George W Bowerman. After George died, Sarah married Peter James Bright. Pleas moved with his wife & children to California; he is buried in TN reportedly because he died there while on a visit “back home”.

    • Warren Skinner

      Pleas Bowerman was my married to my great aunt, Elva Skinner. Thanks for the tidbit about the circumstances of his death. Does anyone know if Elva returned to California or if she stayed in TN?

      • Dorothy Fleischhauer

        Elva did return to CA, & lived there the rest of her life. Pleas died in 1922. In 1929 Elva married Vernon Prather Battle; she married William Ludwig sometime between 1940-ca 1955. Elva and Pleas had 12 children. Their oldest, James Henry, was already an adult when the family left for CA & he stayed in TN. The rest of the family sometimes returned to TN for visits, but never moved back permanently. I recently got pictures from Pleas & Elva’s CA descendants (who knew “Grandma & Grandpa Ludwig”) of Elva & Wm Ludwig in their old age, as well as 2 tintypes–1 of a young woman who closely resembles the pictures of the older Elva with an older woman I assume is her mother, & the other of a young man with typical Bowerman facial features who I assume is Pleas.

  • Taneya Koonce

    Hi Don,

    Thanks for sharing the additional information about Pleasant. I checked the Deaths Database we have here on the site but did not find a listing for him. I’ll have to double check the coverage and/or the original paper. I did find his death certificate online at FamilySearch in their Tennessee Death Certificates database at http://goo.gl/YHvdu. His death certificate does not have his mother’s whole name listed, just her maiden name so it’s great that you’re able to provide that additional detail. Have you seen the death certificate?

  • Donf

    I hadn’t seen the death certificate. Thanks for reminding me about family search! I don’t remember where I found Sarah’s maiden name, but it took me a long time to verify it. The Bowerman family came to TN before 1794, and my line was there until Pleas left about 1916. His son,(my grandfather), Stephen Bowerman, was born in Friendsville. The Bowermans and the Meisers were neighbors in Northumberland Co, PA, and probably moved to Blount at about the same time. Peter Bowerman, one of the family who originally moved from PA to TN, was in the 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment in the Revolutionary War, & I’m writing a narrative of his service based on the description of it in his pension application. I have copies of original muster rolls showing that he served in Gen’l Washington’s Guard. Peter also served in the militia in PA & in TN. When he left the Army, Peter married Catherine Meiser, and owned land in Northumberland Co for several years before moving to Blount Co. I have wills, census records, etc tracing my father all the way back to Peter. After Peter came Michael, George W.(of Southern Commission Claims fame, the rascal), Pleasant Shade, Stephen Allen, and my Dad. I have headstone pictures for all of them except Peter and Dad (Dad’s still living). Peter’s son Michael is buried at Middlesettlements, George at Zion Chapel, Pleas at Holston College, and Stephen at Citizens in Modesto, CA, but I have no idea where Peter is. If anyone knows, I’d love to find out. Thanks for your work in keeping a place to share info!

    • Taneya Koonce

      I wish you the best of luck in finding his burial location. Perhaps someone will stumble upon this comment thread one day who knows something. :-).

  • Jane S. Bright (12 Aug 1812 – 16 Feb 1896) is also buried in this cemetery, but is not listed in the burials on this site. When I visited the cemetery in May 2013, her tombstone was still in good condition.