City Cafe (about 1930)


City Cafe Waynesboro – about 1930

“Looking backward again this week in another first in this picture of Waynesboro’s first cafe. The establishment was known as City Cafe and was located on the east side of the Public Square in the building now occupied by Factory Outlet Store. Edward Griggs, now of Columbia, began the business in 1922, first as a grocery; later converting to a cafe. It burned in 1931. Those in the picture, from left to right, are Jessie Griggs, Haggard Hollis, Ottie Tharp, Lillian Griggs, Sam Smith, and Edwin Griggs.”

Reproduced from “The Wayne County News”, February 16, 1968.

West Side of the Public Square (about 1895)



The west side of the Public Square, Waynesboro, Tennessee about 1895.
Photograph made looking north. The Cumberland Presbyterian Church is
the two story building with the steeple (far background). The west side
of the 1844 courthouse is to the right of the picture. The photograph was
donated to the Lawrence County, Tennessee Archives by Ms. Geneva Wiser.

Submitted by Mrs. Kathy Niedergeses
Lawrence County, Tennessee Archives

The Old Company Barn (about 1919)

The Company Barn
Tennessee Valley Iron and Railroad Company
Collinwood, Tennessee


This photograph shows the old Company Barn at Collinwood. The barn was located north of the Wood Alcohol Distillation Plant and east of First Avenue. Shown is a crew manning the water wagon which supplied water to the crews of loggers. Photo made about 1919. Riding the mule on left of break in photograph is Louis Smith. The man riding atop the water tank is either Harrison or George Nuszbaum. The two men standing in front of the water tank are unknown. The man on the wagon, far right, is Jim Staggs.

Photo courtesy of Terry Skillern, Collinwood, Tennessee

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Coltrane – Burns Wedding Pictures (1916)


The wedding party: seated left to right:
Sam Coltrane and his bride, Myrtle Burns
Standing, left to right:
Mr. J. P. Holm (editor of the “Collinwood Pilot” newspaper),
Mr. John Steinman (manager of the Tenn. Valley Iron & Railroad Company)
Mr. Orville E. Burns, brother of the bride,
Miss White (Secretary, Office, Tenn.Valley Iron & Railroad Co.)
Mr. John Robinson (worked in office, Tenn. Val. Iron & RR Co.)


Some of the guests who attended a reception for the newly married couple. The reception was held at the Highland Inn, Collinwood, Tennessee upon the couple’s return from their wedding in Florence, Alabama.
Pictured in the lower step, in front, are the newlyweds: Sam Coltrane and Myrtle Burns. Standing on the porch, left to right are r. J. P. Holm, Orville Burns, Frank Turman, John Robinson, Mildred Turnman, Mrs Rich, Miss White, Miss Rich, Mr. Rich, Miss Rich, Miss Sadie Rich, unknown.

These photographs were submitted by Mrs. Ethel Turman McWilliams of Waynesboro, Tennessee. Mrs. McWilliams is the daughter of John and Mildred Turman and identified the people in the photographs.