The cemeteries listed below have been copied from the Warren County, Tennessee Cemetery Books (Vols 1, 2, 3, & 4) by Mrs. Almetia Cunningham and Mrs. Martha Holt, edited and complied by Mrs. Betty Moore Majors. This listing is used here with the kind permission of Betty Majors.
     Our purpose here is to first list the cemeteries from the books (this part is finished), then to add to the list the various cemetery locations as found in the books. Along the way, if we are able to refine the location information, we will add a map or small page with cemetery information.
     If it at all possible, our maps will locate the cemeteries on small portions of USGS 7.5 minute series maps. We will also give the cemetery locations in Latitude/Longitude (degrees, minutes, seconds), i.e. 35° 39' 54"N. The USGS maps do not often name the roads so we will use the road names from the Tennessee Atlas & Gazetter, published by Delorme. That atlas is currently available and is a “must have” for every Tennessee researcher. Please note that like the rest of America, Warren County adopted the 911 emergency phone system and at that time, many roads received new names and road signs. Often the new road names were named for more modern residents.
     We recommend the four books which include many annotations. Book I (A thru F) encludes about 5500 burials -17,000 names, including many parents, wives and women’s maiden names. The other books, Vols 2, 3, & 4, are simular. In the books, the cemeteries are listed alphabetically by name of cemetery and all names are extensively indexed.
     We appologize for the size of some of the maps, however readability is more important than download times.

Warren County and its Cemeteries

     Originally, Warren County was much larger than it is today. Therefore, some early Warren County pioneers who appear in early Warren records may have been buried in areas of the counties which formed from Warren between 1836 and 1842. Those counties are Cannon, Coffee, DeKalb, Grundy, and Van Buren. The cemeteries listed below are in modern Warren County and adjoining counties.
     Most early Warren grave markers have disappeared and so have many of the early cemeteries. The poor quality of the native stone like limestone, used for grave markers, was prone to erosion. A grave marker that had fallen face down would decompose from both sides, that is, weather erosion from the top, contact erosion from wet ground below. In the early days, burial on the family farm was common, near the farm house, often on a knoll, or even occasionally in a fence row. Most of Warren’s earliest burying places are gone. Of course, the bulldozer has also taken its toll of the old cemeteries.
     Even early church cemeteries have lost some of their graves. Examples; French Cemetery has lost most of its graves; Old Philadelphia has lost perhaps two hundred graves. Graves of African-American slaves were the first to go. Those graves would have had the poorest of grave markers if they had any at all.
     Lastly, tombstone photographs are being added to cemeteries as they are received. Also included are some new old cemeteries that are not found in the cemetery books.

Cemeteries from Book 1

   Adcock Cemetery
           Schrock’s store to Belk Community, on Orville Moore’s Farm
   Anderson Cemeteries (Crisp Area Map)
           Isaac Anderson’s: 35° 39' 54"N, -85° 53' 54"W
           Anderson Grave House Ruins: 35° 39' 48"N, -85° 53' 03"W
   Armstrong Cemetery
           35 34' 32"N -85 44' 13"W
           On Northcutt’s Road at Armstrong Church of Christ, Irving College area
   Asbury Cemetery
           35° 46' 05" N, -85° 40' 11" W
   Atkinson Cemetery
           In Vervilla Community behind home of Dave Herron
   Bailey Cemetery
           On Jack West farm near Cherry Springs Road
   Bald Knob/Hammer Cemetery
           Near Lucky, back side of Herbert Bond’s farm
   Barnes Cemetery
           Hill's Creek area of Irving College
   Barren Fork Church Cemetery (See Oak Grove)
   Bascom Cemetery, ( Aerial Photo)
          35 35' 46" N, -85 52' 09" W
           Vervilla Community at Bascom Methodist Church
   Bates Hill Cemetery (See Whitlock)
   Bethany Cemetery
           35 42' 26" N -85 51' 13" W
          Hwy 70S, 4 miles west of McMinnville on right side of road.
   Bethlehem Cemetery
          35 44' 23"N -85 49' 10"W
           Yager Rd. across from Bethlehem Presbyterian Church
   Bethlelem Cemetery at Martin Charge (See Martin Charge Cemetery)
           35 43' 45" N -85 42' 38" W
   Big Sink (See Barnes)
   Big Springs Cemetery
   Blue Springs Cemetery
           35 32' 23" N -85 51' 28" W
   Blues Hill Cemetery
   Bolden Green Cemetery
           35 43' 55" N, -85 45' 38" W
           Off site with a return to Warren County
   Bonner Cemetery
   Brick House Cemetery
           35° 45' 30"N, -85° 41' 03"W
           On the right just past Jericho Church on Hennessee Bridge Rd. and Hwy 288
           off of Old Rock Island Rd. at Mud Creek.
   Brixey (See old Fellowship) Cemetery
   Brown Cemetery, (Barren Fork Area Map)
           Isaac Brown, 35° 39' 41" N, -85° 51' 44" W
           Wm “Devil Bill” Brown, 35° 40' 13"N, -85° 51' 13"W
   Brown Cemetery
   Brown Cemetery
   Brown’s Chapel Cemetery (See Cummins Chapel)    (Crisp Area Map)
           35° 41' 04" N, -85° 53' 25" W
   Bryan/Powell Cemetery
   Buck Springs Cemetery (See Shellsford)
   Burlison Cemetery
   Byars Cemetery
            35 45' 15" N -85 45' 21" W
   Bybee Cemetery (see Old or New Bybee)
   Campaign Cemetery
           35 46' 21" N -85 38' 10" W
           Depot Rd., Campaign, TN
   Caney Branch Cemetery
           35 38' 37"N -85 56' 10"W
   Caney Fork Cemetery
           35 49' 24"N -85 42' 36"W
   Capshaw Cemetery
   Cardwell Mt Cemetery
   Cartwright Cemetery
   Centerhill Cemetery (See Hills Creek)
           35 43'37"N -85 55' 23"W
   Charles Creek/Scacy Fay Cemetery
           35 45' 24"N -85 51' 49"W
   Chasteen [Chastain] Family Cemetery, (Page and Map)
           35° 40' 14"N, -85° 43' 00"W
   Chestnut Grove Cemetery
   City Cemetery Cemetery (See Old City Cem )
   Comer Cemetery
   Compton Cemetery
   Concord Cemetery
           35 46' 14"N, -85 44' 55"W
   Cope Cemetery (at Mt Zion)
   Cope Cemetery (at Irving College)
   Corinth Cemetery
   Crisp Cemetery (Crisp Area Map)
           35° 39' 55"N, -85° 52' 40"W
   Cotton Cemetery
   Cummins Chapel Cemetery (Brown's Chapel)    (Crisp Area Map)
           35° 41' 03"N -85° 53' 24"W
   Cunningham Cemetery
          35 48' 29"N -85 38' 08"W
          Also known as the Cunningham-Gribble Cemetery, Rock Island State Park

   Cunningham Cemetery near old Cambridge School-destroyed

   Dial Cemetery
   Dibrell (See Womack)
   Douglas Cemetery

   Earles/Holder Cemetery
           35 48' 55" N -85 51' 30" W
   Elder Family Cemetery
           35 35' 53" N -85 55' 41" W
   Eureka Cemetery
           35 43' 42"N, -85 37' 18"W
   Evans Cemetery
   Faulkner (Pike Hill) Cemetery
           35 42' 48"N, -85 46' 07"W
   Fellowship Cemetery
   Finger Cemetery
   Finger Chapel Cemetery
   Flatwood Cemetery
   Foster/Spurlock Cemetery
   Fountain Spring Cemetery
   French Cemetery, (Page and Map)
           35° 40' 12"N, -85° 55' 36"W
   Friendship Cemetery
           35 46' 15"N -85 37' 26"W
           Friendship Circle off Old Rock Island Rd., Campaign, TN
   Fults Cemetery
   Fuston Cemetery, Meiser Road
           35 46' 16" N -85 47' 53" W
   Fuston/McGee Cemetery
           35 41' 50" N -85 45' 38" W

Cemeteries from Book 2

   Gardens of Memory Cemetery
           35 38' 18" N -85 50' 27" W
           Hwy. 55, Smartts Station, TN
   Garmon Cemetery
           35 43' 22"N -85 45' 25"W
   Gath Cemetery
           35 46'48" N -85 47' 32" W
           Hwy. 56 toward Smithville, TN
   Grange Hall Cemetery (Crisp Area Map)
           35° 40' 46"N, -85° 52' 54"W
   Green Cemetery
           35 44' 33"N -85 44' 31"W
   Guest Hollow Cemetery
   Gwyn Cemetery
   Hash Cemetery
   Hammer Cemetery (See Bald Knob)
   Hayes Cemetery
   Hebron Cemetery, Irving College area
           35 35' 18" N -85 43' 35" W
   Hennessee Cemetery
   Herndon Cemetery
   Hickory Grove Cemetery
           35 44' 36"N -85 50' 17"W
   Higginbotham Cemetery, (Shellsford Area Map)
           35 40' 04"N -85 43' 43"W
   Hill ’s Creek Cemetery
           35 33' 39"N -85 38' 46"W
   Hill Burying Ground Cemetery
   Hopewell Cemetery
           35 41' 05" N -85 48' 33" W
   Hulett Cemetery
   Ivy Bluff Cemetery
           35 44' 29"N -85 58' 00"W
           West of US 70 Hwy. at the crossroads just before the Cannon County line.
           Early Death Records of Ivy Bluff Church of Christ can be seen on this Cannon County site.
           You will need to use your BACK button to return here.
   Jacksboro/Trousdale Cemetery
           35 40' 09" N -85 56' 56" W
   Jaco Cemetery
           35 48' 08" N -85 45' 013" W
           Faulkner Springs Rd., L. at stop onto Bluff Springs Rd. to Highland Rd.
           to A.J. Cooper Rd. The first house on the left is the property where the
           cemetery is located.
          See, also, Jaco Cemetery in Book 4, below.
   Jericho Cemetery (See Brick House)
   Johnson Cemetery
   Jones Cemetery (in Lucky Community)
   Jones Cemetery
   Kell Cemetery
   King Cemetery
   Kirby Cemetery
           35 45' 04"N -85 51' 01"W
   Lance Cemetery
   Leesburg Cemetery (Shellsford Area Map)
           35 40' 21"N -85 44' 03"W
   Liberty Cemetery, (Page and Map)
           35 39' 38"W -85 47 38"W
   Lusk Cemetery
   Lytle Cemetery

Cemeteries from Book 3

   Macedonia Cemetery
   Marbury Cemetery
           35 41' 48" N -85 44' 56" W
   Martin Charge Cemetery
           35° 43' 45" N, -85° 42' 38" W
   McGee Cemetery
   McWhiter Cemetery
   McKey Cemetery
   Mitchell Cemetery
   Morrison Cemetery
           35 35' 21"N -85 55' 02"W
   Mt. Sinai Cemetery
           35 35' 41"N -85 39' 09"W
   Mt. Vernon Cemetery
           35 44' 22"N, -85 38' 18"W
   Mt. View Cemetery (on Hwy 30)
           35 42' 43"N, -85 41' 37"W
   Mt. View Cemetery (in McMinnville)
           35 41' 46"N, -85 45' 58"W
   Mt. Zion Cemetery, (Map)
           35° 34' 11"N, -85° 49' 14"W
   Mullican Cemetery

Cemeteries from Book 4

   Neal Cemetery
           Pleasant Cove Cemetery, on the old Crain farm.
   New Bybee Cemetery
          35° 47' 33"N, 85° 41' 55"W
          Off Hennessee Bridge Road at New Bybee Chapel Methodist Church.
   New Home Cemetery (also called McCullom)
           On the left off McCollum Bend Road, just after crossing railroad tracts.
   New Rocky Cemetery
           35 43' 53"N -85 35' 52"W
           Just off Hwy. 30 near Van Buren County line.
   New Union Cemetery
          35 42' 41"N -85 41' 43"W
          On Hwy 30 at New Union Methodist Church.

   Oak Grove Cemetery, on Barren Fork
          35 42 01N -85 57 48W
          At Oak Grove Baptist Church.
   Oak Grove Cemetery, Dibrell
          35 49' 56" N -85 50' 30" W
          At Oak Grove Church of Christ on Oak Grove Rd. off W. Green Hills Rd.
   Old Bybee's Chapel Cemetery
          35 47' 39"N, -85 40' 49"W
          Off Hennessee Bridge Road on Old Bybee Road.
   Old City Cemetery, McMinnville
           35 40' 40"N, -85 46' 34"W
           Corner of S. High and George Hudgins streets, McMinnville, TN.
           Off site, use your BACK button to return here.
   Old Concord Cemetery
           On Ramsey Boyd place, Highland Community
   Old Orrick Cemetery off site, use BACK button to return.
           Left at Centertown Church on the Old Bower (Brewer) property.
   Old Philadelphia Cemetery (also called Vervilla), (Ministers) (Aerial Photo)
           35 35' 29"N, -85 52' 16"W
           At Vervilla near Philadelphia Church of Christ.
   Old Rocky Cemetery
           Off Rocky River Road near Van Buren County line,
   Overton Cemetery
          3 miles off Hwy 8 on Long Mountain Road

   Pate Cemetery
          “Twelve miles below Rock Island” as mentioned in the Southern Standard, 1938.
   Patton Cemetery
   Pine Bluff Cemetery
          35 47' 01"N, -85 37' 38"W
  Pleasant Hill Cemetery  (Crisp Area Map)
          35° 41' 39"N, -85° 53' 48"W
   Potter Cemetery
   Providence Cemetery
          35 48' 02"N -85 49' 58"W

   Isaac Raines Cemetery
   Raines Cemetery
   Ramsey Cemetery
   Riverside Cemetery (Cemetery) (Map 2)
           35 40' 37"N, -85 46' 22"W
           Bridge Street in Depot Bottom, McMinnville, TN.
   Rockliff Cemetery
           GPS 35 35' 38 N" -85 49' 05 W"
   Rock Island Cemetery
           35 47' 52"N, -85 36' 57"W
           From Highway 70 South, turn off at the 24 mile marker onto Highway 136 North.
           Travel 1.2 miles and turn left at the 287 Junction. Travel four tenths of a mile and
           the cemetery will be on the left. Partial listing of burials.
   Romans Cemetery
   Rocky River Cemetery (see Old Rocky and New Rocky)

   Salem Cemetery
           35 45' 14"N, -85 45' 01"W
           On Salem Rd. off Francis Ferry Rd.
   Sanders Cemetery
   Saunders Cemetery
   Schlam Cemetery
   Scurlock Cemetery
   Seitz Cemetery
   Shakerag Cemetery (see Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Cemetery)
   Shellsford Baptist Church Cemetery, (Shellsford Area Map)
           35° 40' 16"N, -85° 42' 31"W
   Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery
           3544'39"N -8556'36"W            Irving College area.
   Shiloh Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Mud Creek
           35° 43' 57"N, -85° 40' 29"W
           On Old Rock Island Rd. at Mud Creek.
   Slaughter Cemetery
   Smith Cemetery
   Smyrna Cemetery
           35 38' 00" N -85 42' 20" W
   Snipes Cemetery (Crisp Area Map)
          This cemetery is not listed in the cemetery books.
   Street Cemetery
   Stroud Cemetery
           35 35' 15"N -85 53' 48"W
   Stubblefield Cemetery on Stubblefield Road
   Stubblefield Cemetery near Viola School

   Towles Cemetery
           35 41' 46"N, -85 46' 00"W
           N. Spring Street, across from Mt. View Cemetery, McMinnville, TN
   Tubb Cemetery

   Unity Cemetery
           35 44 48N -85 53 29W
   Upchurch Cemetery

   Vaughn Cemetery
           35 45' 54"N -85 44' 46"W
           Newly located cemetery not found in the Warren County Cemetery Books
   Vickers Cemetery
   Viola Cemetery
           35 32' 57" N -85 51' 38" W

   Wagner Cemetery
   Walling Cemetery
   Webb Cemetery
           35 49' 2"N -85 45' 52"W
   Wheeler Cemetery
   Whitlock Cemetery
           35 43' 36"N -85 56' 24"W
   Wilson Chapel Cemetery
           35 38' 05"N -85 55' 26"W
   Ransom Pinckney Womack Cemetery
           Newly located cemetery not found in the Warren County Cemetery Books
   Womack Cemetery
           35 50' 10" N -85 49' 19" W
           near Oak Grove Church of Christ, Dibrell area
   Womack Cemetery on Clyde Green Road
   Womack Cemetery on Meiser Road
   Wood Cemetery
           35 50' 48"N -85 50' 09"W

   Youngblood Cemetery
           35 44' 39" N -85 56' 32" W

Additional Cemeteries in Book 4

   Confederate Soldiers Cemetery
   Boren Cemetery
   Cunningham Cemetery
           35 48' 07" N -85 37' 38" W
           Rock Island State Park
   Cemeteries at Rock Island State Park
           Of the five (5) cemeteries at the Park beside the two Cunningham cemeteries,
           there are three (3) that are nameless and only contain four (4) identifications.
   Jaco Cemetery
           35 47' 35" N -85 39' 36"            On Gerald Grissom Farm, Flat Shoals Rd., north of Campaign.
   Mt. View Cemetery, N. Spring St., McMinnville, continued from Book 3.

Cemeteries just across the county line, but of interest to Warren County researchers

   Wesley Chapel Cemetery )
           35 30' 12" N, -85 52' 37" W            Three (3) miles south of Viola on Hwy. 108.
           The cemetery and church are in Coffee County and about 25 yards from them
           are the Cook House, the Community House and the Pavilion in Grundy County.
           The north side of the cemetery grounds abuts the Warren County line.

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