Warren County in the War of 1812.

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Part 1.

      Quote from McMinnville at a Milestone, 1810-1960, by Walter Womack, Published jointly by Standard Publishing Company and Womack Publishing Company, both of McMinnville Tennessee, 1960, p.p. 257-258.

Part 2.

Quote from Tennessee State Library & Archives (TSLA) website, Re: 2nd Regiment West Tennessee Militia.

Part 1.

      The only complete muster roll found of 1812 was that of Capt. Asabel [Asahel] Rains. This company was a part of the Second Regiment, West Tennessee Militia, commanded by Col. Alexander Lowrey and Lieut. Col. Leroy Hammonds. Captain Rains, company was, with his regiment, mustered into service at Fayetteville, Tennessee on September 20, 1814 and served until December 31, of the same year. The roll, as found in the Barnes papers, follows:

A. Rains, Capt. (left sick at Montgomery);
Amos Smith, 1st Lieutenant;
John Burch, 2nd Lieutenant;
James Kerkendall, 3rd Lieutenant;
James Tittle, Ensign;

Christopher Porter, 1st Sergeant;
John Womack, 2nd Sergeant;
James R. Williams, 3rd Sergeant;
Geo. Harris, 4th Sergeant;
Major Farriss, 5th Sergeant,
John B. Webb, corporal.

Benjamin Allen,
Archibald Blanchard,
Wm. Bond,
Evan B. Bradley,
John Brown,
Warren Burgess,
Thos Cambell,
Samuel Carr,
John Collins,
Wm. Collins,
Prier Cantrell,
John Danes,
Anderson Daniel,
Allin Davidson,
John Dowran,
James Dunham,
John Elledge,
Morgan Elledge,
Wm. Ellis,
John Emry,
John Galls,
Bartholomus Gates,
John Gordon,
James Hale,
James Hayes,
Martin Hayes,
Wm. Hazlip,
Wm. Henshaw,
Stephen Hodges,
John Hunter,
Aaron Hutchins,
John Jordan,
Joel Kelley,
Elias Leakey,
Jacob Long,
Samuel Lord, or Ford,
Robert Martin,
Lemuel Matthews,
David Matthis, or Matthews,
John Maynard,
Geo. McCarroll,
Daniel McDaniel,
David McDaniel,
Robert McDaniel,
Abraham McGinniss,
John McNabb,
Jeremiah Merryman,
John Miller,
Samuel Miller,
Nathaniel Morgan,
Bing Newton,
Thos. Patton,
David Perkins,
James Pigg,
Wm. Pitman,
James Right,
Obediah Right,
John Rabourn,
Edward Redin,
James Roberts,
John Roberts,
Joseph Rogers,
Peter Romine,
James Russell,
Nathan Russell,
Wesley Scaggs,
Wm. Scurlock,
John Sexton,
John Shepherd,
James Simpson,
Geo. Smith,
Isaac Smith,
Thos. Smith,
Edward Spears,
Wm. Spradlin,
Wm. Stamps,
John Starkey (died at Ft. Montgomery),
Alexander Steel,
Sutton Stephens,
Abraham Stepp,
James Stepp,
Robert Step,
David Stone,
Wm. Sutton,
Wm. Thomas,
Joseph Tipton,
Anthony Tittle,
Andrew Townsend,
John B. Waits,
Daniel West,
John Wiggington,
James Williams,
Jesse Williams,
Joseph N. Williams,
Harrison Whitson,
Robert Young.

      (A note in the Barnes papers states that Leroy Hammonds was lieutenant Colonel in the Tennessee Militia from Sept. 20, 1814 to April 20, 1815 and served under General Winchester, and that he was mustered out of service at Wilson’s Springs, Alabama.)

      Additional militiamen mustered into service in Captain Rains’ company April 20, 1815; Wm. Eaasry [probably Usry], John Cline, Kelly Julian, Robert Johnson, James Step, John B. Waits, John Maynard, Wm. Johnson, John Payne, Geo. Harris [or Ferris], Robert Johnson, Wm. Johnson (died Feb. 1, 1815), Patrick McBride, John Noble, Matthew Morgan. Isaac Van hooser, drummer. Edward Spears, fifer.

      A list of Warren county pensioners of the War of 1812 was found in the Senate Executive Documents, 1882-3, Vol. 5, page 381. This list follows. Soldiers are denoted by an asterisk (*), others are widows or other surviving dependents:

Freeling W. Parker, Dibrell;
Thos. McDowell*, Horse Shoes Falls,
Julia Campbell, Increase;
Nellie Dearing, Irving College;
Sarah Whitlock, Jeston Vanhooser*,
Elizabeth’ Savage,
Laura Kirby,
Abenicla Lowry,
Stephen Marler*,
Charity Rudd,
Harriet A. E. Singleton,
James Clift*,
Nutty Colville,
James P. Thompson*,
Thomas Earls*,
Albert Dean*,
Fountain R. Reeder*,
W. T. Payne*,
Jane Smith,
Lydia Gibbs and Alfred D. Duncan* - McMinnville;
Cassandra Starkey* and May Martin, Morrison;
Martha E. Halcom, and Jennie Martin, Mountain Creek;
Charlotte Herndon, Smartt;
Rachel Nunley and Nancy Wooten, Viola.

Part 2.


DESIGNATION: 2nd Regiment West Tennessee Militia
DATES: September 1814 - April 1815
MEN MOSTLY FROM: Davidson, Warren, Humphreys, Lincoln, Maury, Robertson, Smith, Sumner, White, and Williamson Counties.
CAPTAINS: James Craig, Thomas Delaney, James Kincaid, John Looney, Gabriel Mastin, Asahel Rains, George Sarver, James Tubb, Thomas Wells, Joseph N. Williamson.


      Part of General Nathaniel Taylor’s brigade, this regiment was scattered throughout the Creek territory and the vicinity of Mobile to man the various forts in the region: Forts Jackson, Montgomery, Claiborne, and Pierce. Some of the companies participated in the taking of Pensacola (7 November 1814) from Spanish authorities that were accused by Jackson of supporting British troops there.

      Loury resigned on 20 November 1814 and Lieutenant Colonel Leroy Hammonds took over as commander. The regiment was plagued by disease during its tenure in the Mississippi Territory. For example, a morning report of Captain Asahel Rains on 6 January 1815 shows twenty-seven on the sick list and twenty-seven additional men required to take care of the sick (totaling half the company).

Compiled by Fred Smoot