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JACKSON, 1831-1833

For those marriages announced in the SOUTHERN STATESMAN and solemnized in Madison County, if a marriage record survived to be copied into the W.P.A. compiled listing of marriage records for Madison County, an asterisk is placed after the announcement entry in this publication.


March 5, 1831

Mrs. SARAH MINOR daughter of Thomas BOND, married JOSEPH J. HAWKINS, Feb. 28; all of Haywood County.


April 16, 1831

ELIZABETH R. COZORT, Madison Co., married BENJAMIN WEST of Ky., April 10.

ADELINE WILSON married JOHN BROOKS, April 12; both of Lexington, Tenn.

MARY daughter of late Mark MITCHELL, formerly of Rutherford Co., married T. P. WALKER in Dyersburg, March 24.


April 23, 1831

ISABELLA S. MEREDITH, Denmark, married Dr. JAMES H. WALKER, Haywood Co., April 20.* /License issued April 20/


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May 7, 1831

TERESA M. BEDFORD married G. B. LOFTIN, May 3; all of Madison County. /License reads George Burwell Loftin md. Teresa M. Bedford, May 4/


May 14, 1831

NANCY daughter of Major Thomas DURHAM married SAMUEL H. BAUGH in Tipton Co., May 12.


May 28, 1831

ELIZABETH F. HENDRICK, Henderson Co., married JAMES BANKS, May 19.

MARTHA A. daughter of Washington EDDINS, married SIMON T. TURNER, Shelby Co., May 24.

Mrs. ---BROADNAX, Fayette Co., married JESSEE BROWN, Madison Co., May 24.


June 25, 1831

MARGARETT DAVIS married JOSEPH RAINES in Madison County, June 16.



July 16, 1831

ANGELLETTA MEADOWS married W. S. S. HARRIS, Troy, in Obion County, July 4.


August 13, 1831

JANE HUGHES married WILLIAM NEILL in Jackson, August 11.*

LUCINDA HILL married R. H. GIVINS in Madison Co., August l1.*

RACHAEL R. STUBBS married JOHN F. BOWLS, August 11.*

MARY BUTLER married THOMAS G. PATE, August 11.

MARTHA M. WHARTON married JOHN W. LOVE, August 4.*



Miss --- BASS married ARTHUR LOFTIN, August 4.


September 3, 1831

WINEFRED JORDAN married JAMES WESTBROOK, September 1; all of Madison Co.*

MARY daughter of Col. B. G. STEWART married SILAS C. GOODRICH, September 1.


October 1, 1831

VIRGINIA T. daughter of Joel ESTES, Haywood Co., married Dr. PACA WILSON, Randolph, September 13.


October 15, 1831

MARY C. daughter of William ANDERSON, married Col. JACOB PERKINS of Jackson, October 12.*


Miss --- H---, married RICHARD HUNNINGS, no date.


November 5, 1831

MARY daughter of J. G. STOLKES, Tipton Co., married JOHN ARNOLD, Madison Co., November 2.

ABIGAIL M. ARNOLD married BIRD S. JONES, November 3; both of Madison County.

NANCY daughter of Henry BATTERTON, Bloomington, Ind., married JESSE K. DUBOIS, Illinois, no date.


December 24, 1831

CHANEY EDWARDS married JAMES VAN PELT, at Poplar Corner, Madison Co., Dec. 18. She was formerly of Edgecombe Co., N.C.


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December 31, 1831

EMILY B. LANE, Purdy, Tenn., married Col. B. GILLESPY, Paris, at Purdy, Dec. 20.

ELIZA BRISTER married JAMES McCLANAHAN, formerly of Jackson, at Pleasant Exchange /Henderson Co./, December 25.


January 7, 1832

ELIZABETH F. daughter of Major B. LeGRAND, married N. B. ATWOOD, Lagrange in Tipton Co., December 28.

MARY R. daughter of Robert H. CHAPMAN, D. D., married S. M. WILLIAMSON in Covington, December 29.


SARAH daughter of George TODD, married PHILIP McNEILL of Jackson, January 5.


January 14, 1832

ELIZA daughter of Gen. JACOB TIPTON, married Dr. TYREE RODES in Tipton Co., December 27.

ISABELLA LOVING married JOHN A. McKENDREE, December 13; both of Haywood Co.

EMELINE C. RIVERS, Hardeman Co., married WILLIAM B. GROVE, Haywood Co., Dec. 22.

SARAH S. GROVE, Haywood Co., married THOMAS M. RIVERS, Hardeman Co., January 4.

Miss BRIDGES, Haywood Co., married JOSEPH BLOODWORTH, January 5.


January 21, 1832

ELANORA M. OWINGS, late of Baltimore, married Dr. GEORGE SNIDER, Jackson, January 19.


February 4, 1832

MARY ANN C. KAVANAUGH married DAVID WHITAKER, Denmark, in Haywood Co., Jan. 20.

ANN CALLIER, Georgia, married Dr. ERASMUS D. FENNER, Jckson, at residence of David Meriwether, February 2.


February 11, 1832

M. A. BOOKER married GRANVILLE D. SEARCY in Tipton Co., Feb. 1; both of Tipton Co.


February 17, 1832

ELIZABETH M. A. daughter of Edmund BOOKER, married GRANVILLE D. SEARCY in Tipton Co., February 1.


March 17, 1832

SARAH T. JEFFREYS, Carroll Co., married WILLIAM L. WILLIAMSON, Hazlewood, Mar. 13.


March 24, 1832

MARY daughter of Valentine S. VANN, married AUGUSTUS EDWARDS in Madison Co., March 14.

REBECCA R. daughter of Dr. Sam HOGG, married Dr. JAMES YOUNG, Jackson, in Nashville, March 15.


March 31, 1832

ELIZABETH daughter of Thomas LACY, dec., married LEWIS T. EDDINS in Madison Co., March 29.*


May 5, 1832

Miss --- daughter of Daniel SMITH married HUGH R. LACY in Madison Co., April



May 19, 1832

ISABELLA McLEAN married JAMES D. McCLELLAN, lawyer, Jackson, May 13.*

EUDORA BARRY married ROGER BARTON in Bolivar, May 1.


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June 9, 1832

HELLEN L. JEFFREYS, Carroll Co., married AUGUSTUS WILLIAMS, Brazoria, Texas, May 24.


June 30, 1832

Miss --- daughter of JOHN POWELL, married JAMES LACY in Madison Co., June 28.


July 7, 1832

CAROLINE CLARK married HICKMAN SLAYTON, in Jackson, July 5.




Julv 21, 1832

SARAH JANE WILLIAMSON married Capt. E. S. TAPPAN, merchant of Brownsville, Tenn., in Somerville, July 4.


August 11, 1832

EMILY GREER married JOHN SPENCER in Madison County, July 26.


August 25, 1832

CYNTHA FRAZIER married WILLIAM RICKET, August 23; both of Madison County.


September 22, 1832

Mrs. ELIZABETH STEWART married ROBERT DEAN, September 16; both of Madison Co.

OLIVIA daughter of John RICKS, Hardeman Co., married Dr. DANIEL M. GWIN in Bolivar, September 13.


October 20, 1832

NANCY P. CAROTHERS, Madison Co., married Capt. JOSIAH DAVIS, Lauren Co., Ala. in Madison County, October 11.


November 2, 1832

LUCINDA BARNETT married JAMES R. McMILLAN, October 25; both of Madison County.


November 17, 1832

CINCINNATI SLAYTON married ROBERT WILSON, near Jackson, November 15.

MARY COFFEY married JOHN GAMBLE in Brownsville, November 13.

MARY C. daughter of Lewis BOND, married JOSHUA WALKER in Haywood County, November 15.


January 12, 1833

Mrs. JUDETH P. NELSON, Haywood Co., formerly of Richmond, Va., married EDMUND RICHMOND, Brownsville, January 3.

MARTHA PARRAM married JAMES HUGHES, January 1; both of Jackson.

DOLLY PREWET, Jackson, married JOHN W. GUTHRIE, December 27.


February 23, 1833

LIZA RANDOLPH, formerly of Pitt Co., N. C., married ALBERT G. McCLELLAN in Madison County, February 13.

AROLINE HATCH married HENRY SMITH, Newbern, N.C. in Fayette Co., Feb. --.

ELIZABETH HATCH married GEORGE M. SMITH, Somerville, February 14.


March 2, 1833

EMELINE W. LANE married RICHARD PETERS in Madison County, February 28.

SUSAN S. daughter of David REDDITT, married WILLIAM C. REDDITT in Carroll Co., February 28.


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March 16, 1833

MATILDA BROWN married A. H. WHITE, Covington in Tipton Co., February 27.

ALY daughter of Thomas JONES, married HUGH D. NEILSON, merchant of Trenton in Gibson Co., March 7.


April 27, 1833

NANCY D. BLAIR married ALLEN J. HOLLIDAY, Denmark, in Madison Co., April 25.


May 18, 1833

SARAH G. daughter of John H. HYDE, married LAWRENCE S. MASON, May 15; all of Jackson.


June 22, 1833

MARIA THIERS /Theus/ married Dr. FRANCIS W. CAMPBELL in Madison Co., June 20.


June 29, 1833

SARAH SHROPSHIRE married H. P. DORRIS, June 27; both of Jackson.


August 10, 1833

PHEREBY daughter of Hon. R. WHYTE, married J. E. CRAIGHEAD in Fayette Co., July 30.

MELISSA JEFFERSON married JOHN B. ASHE, Haywood Co. in Madison Co., Aug. 6.


August 17, 1833

JANE ANDERSON married WILLIAM S. WISDOM in Purdy, Tenn., August 11.


August 31, 1833

MARIA J. daughter of Edmund BOOKER, married ROBERT B. CLARKSON in Tipton Co., August 25.


September 7, 1833

CORNELIA daughter of late Dr. John Bedford, married Col. JOHN BURTWELL, Purdy, in Florence, Alabama, August 29.


September 14, 1833

SUSANNA M. daughter of Rev. William SENTER, married WILLIAM B. S. HALL, formerly of S.C., September 5.

SARAH HERRON, Madison County, married JOEL WINN, Henderson Co., September 5.

SOUTHERN STATESMAN, Jackson, March 9, 1833


WEST TENNESSEE WHIG, Jackson, December 7, 1849:


Mr. John Lynch, aged 40 years
        The deceased was the youngest son of the late Capt. John Lynch, and emigrated to this county with his father from Campbell county, Va., about 22 years ago. He was a man of sterling integrity, of high . . . [four-five unreadable words] genuine modesty, much given to hospitality, and fondly devoted to his relatives and friends by whom he was greatly esteemed and beloved.
        His disease was chronic diarrhea under which he had been suffering for a number of years with occasional, partial . . . [unreadable word]. During his last illness he made a profession of religion and submitted himself entirely to the will of God, and he died in the confident hope of a blissful resurection.


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