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January 9, 1906

G. N. BUTLER, aged 61 years, died Jan. 8 in Jackson; left wife and 6 children. Burial in Brown's Church Cemetery.


January 12, 1906

HARRY O. STEELMAN, son of J. B. Steelman of Jackson, died Little Rock, Ark., January 11 from injuries sustained when he was "knocked off" a train on the Frisco RR in December. Burial in Jackson.

Mrs. M. L. DAY, aged 55 years, died of cancer, Jan. 11, Jackson.


January 14, 1906

JOSEPH JONES of Dancyville, Tenn., "a young man about grown, "died Jan. 13, at the home of his sister, Mrs. Walter Holmes, Jackson.


January 18, 1906

GEORGE W. PRICE, "an old Confederate soldier", aged 60 years, died Jan. 17, Jackson; left wife and 2 sons.


January 30, 1906

J. M. BARHAM, aged about 67 years, died Jan. 29 at home of his daughter, Mrs. Ed Kirby, Jackson; Confederate veteran; left wife and 4 children: Alf Barham and Miss Ella Barham of Birmingham, Ala.; Mrs. Ed Kirby and Miss Mary Barham of Jackson and two step-children: Mrs. M. H. Perkes, Mounds, Ill. and Charley Darley, Memphis.


February 12, 1906

Mrs. E. C. HARBERT, residing with her daughter, Mrs. Wallace Keith, at Tallahassee, Florida "is dead. " Date of notice from Jackson, February 11.


February 28, 1906

BEN HOWARD, JR., in 20th year of age, son of attorney-general B. J. Howard, died Feb. 27 of blood poisoning, Jackson. "He was a promising young man."


March 3, 1906

JOHN H. CRENSHAW in 75th year of age, Confederate veteran, died March 2, Jackson; left wife and 5 children.


March 18, 1906

Mrs. CAROLINE LYNCH, aged 55 years, died March 15, at home of her daughter, Mrs. I. C. Spurlock, Jackson. Burial in Sherwood, Tenn.


March 24, 1906

Mrs. LETTA UTLEY BLACKARD, wife of Capt. W. T. Blackard, county court clerk, aged about 30 years, died of tuberculosis, March 23, Jackson; left husband and 2 children.


March 28, 1906

The body of Mrs. ORA BROWN, widow of Chester Brown, arrived in Jackson March 27 from Arizona where she died "last week." Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Richardson of Gadsden, Tenn.


March 29, 1906

CHARLIE McMASTER died March 27 in Henderson at the home of his father and was buried at Mt. Tabor in Madison County, near his former home, Medon. An operator on the IC Railroad.

Mrs. E. H. JOHNSON, aged 66 years, died March 28 in Civil District 14.


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April 5, 1906

C. A. CHANDLER, aged about 65 years, died in Jackson, April 3; a county official for many years.


April 7, 1906

Miss ANN CONNELLY, aged 65 years, died April 5, Jackson; left 2 sisters, Miss Mattie Connelly of Jackson and Mrs. M. D. Louis, Corinth, Miss.; 2 brothers, L. D. Connelly of Lexington and L. Z. Connelly of Dallas, Texas.

RICHARD SHERILL and little daughter, GLADYS, both died April 2, Jackson. He had come from Hardin County, Tenn.


April 13, 1906

Mrs. T. E. BRUMMETT, aged 47 years, died April 10, Jackson; left husband and 5 daughters and 1 son. Burial in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson. She belonged "to an old Madison county family."


April 29, 1906

P. A. HOLLAND died April 29, Jackson from a concussion of his brain.


May 26, 1906

J. W. COURSEY, aged 35 years, yardmaster of N. C. & St. Louisville RR, died and his body was carried to Lexington for burial May 24 for burial.


June 14, 1906

Dr. W. R. COLE, 60 (?) years old, Confederate veteran, died June 12, Jackson. Burial in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson. served in Washington Battery, Louisiana Artillery during the Civil War.


June 28, 1906

THOMAS ALEXANDER, 70 years old, died June 27, Jackson; carpenter-contractor; left a widow.


July 14, 1906

W. P. HOWARD, aged about 70 years, died July 13, Jackson; left wife and 4 children: Wade Howard, Memphis; R. E., Robert and George Howard, Jackson.

A. K. JOBE, jeweler, aged 40 years, died July 13, Jackson. He was also a director of the Second National Bank in Jackson and a Methodist. Left a wife and daughter, Laura and sons A. K., Jr., Thornby and Francis Norman Jobe.


July 25, 1906

MrS. PARMALEE GARNER, aged 70 years, died in her bed, July 24; lived with family of her son, James Beasley.


July 27, 1906

NINA JONES, aged 9 years, daughter of C. A. Jones, died July 26, Jackson.


July 31, 1906

Miss IDA BRITTON, aged 30 years, died in the home of her mother, Mrs. James Britton. Remains were buried July 30 in the Brigham Cemetery.

J. V. HARRIS, aged 64 years, died July 30, Jackson; a Confederate veteran; left a widow and 2 children: Mrs. J. J. Robinson and Miss Grace Harris.

Miss SARAH BROWN, "member of one of Jackson's oldest families" died July 29.


August 6, 1906

Mrs. VIRGINIA HAMMERLY, aged 85 years, died Aug. 4, Jackson. Born in Nashville, Tenn. in 1821 and moved to west Tenn. early in life. Had lived in Jackson since 1863. Left a daughter, Mrs. M. F. Chappelle and son, A. F. Hammerly.


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August 7, 1906

Miss HATTIE B. HOLLAND, daughter of William Holland, died of typhoid fever, Jackson, August 6.


August 28, 1906

Mrs. M. F. RAND of Natchez, Miss., spending the summer with her sister in Jackson, died there Aug. 26 while sitting in a chair; left a husband, 3 sisters and 1 brother.

D. M. McKENZIE, aged 56 years, died Aug. 27, Jackson; left widow and 7 daughters.

Mrs. MARGARETTA TEAGUE, wife of William Teague, aged 64 years, died Aug. 27, Jackson; left husband and 6 children.


August 31, 1906

Mrs. W. F. LAMB, aged about 30 years, wife of W. P. Lamb, died Aug. 29, Dresden, Tenn. of a congestive chill; left husband and 2 children.


September 6, 1906

Mrs. EMMA, wife of J. C. PEARSON of Claybrook, died Sept. 4; left husband and 4 children.


September 7, 1906

R. B. SMALLEY, aged 69 years, died Malesus, Sept. 5; left 2 daughters and 3 sons. Burial near Hickory Valley, Tenn., his "old home."

Mrs. LUCINDA, wife of L. J. DARNELL, aged about 63 years, died Sept. 5, Jackson; left husband and 4 children.


September 10, 1906

Mrs. R. R. BLAND, aged 73 years, died Sept. 9 at home of son, John Bland in Madison County.


September 11, 1906

M. L. GOLDEN died in Civil District 8, Madison County; notice of death dated September 10.


September 13, 1906

HANNIBAL ORR, aged 76 years, died September 12, Jackson.


September 14, 1906

D. F. McCLINTOCK, aged 63 years, died Sept. 12, 3 miles west of Jackson; served in Forrest's cavalry during the Civil War; left wife and 9 children.


September 18, 1906

Mrs. M. C. ALLEN, aged 79 years, died at home of her daughter, Mrs. Bird, in Madison County, Sept. 17. Burial in Humboldt, Tenn.


September 21, 1906

C. C. FOSTER, aged 55 years, died Sept. 20, Jackson; left 3 sons, Eugene, Herbert and C. C. Foster, Jr.

Dr. W. B. SPENCER, aged 69 years, died Sept. 20, Jackson. Dentist. Left widow, 2 daughters and 3 sons.


September 30, 1906

FRANK TAYLOR, aged 86 years, died at home of his daughter, Mrs. W. W. Payne, Jackson, Sept. 29. Left 3 children. Burial in Denmark, Tenn.

Mrs. J. J. BRYANT, aged 35 years, died Sept. 29, Jackson; left husband and 4 children. Burial in Saulsbury, Tenn.


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October 9, 1906

WILLIAM BROWN, aged 74 years, died Jackson, Oct. 8; a Confederate veteran.

Miss MATTIE PIGUES, aged 40 years, died of typhoid fever, Oct. 8, Jackson.


October 10, 1906

J. G. GRAHAM, old Confederate veteran, died Oct. 8. Burial in Kenton, Tenn.

S. W. BYERS died Oct. 9, Jackson; left widow and 1 son.


October 14, 1906

Mrs. EMELINE R. MAY, aged 70 years, died at Beech Bluff, October 12. Widow of late R. S. May, "familiarly known as 'Sug' May", a one-armed Confederate veteran who had been three times sheriff of Madison County. Mother of the late W. M. May who died while serving his 3rd term a~ sheriff of the county.


October 17, 1906

LENA BYRON, 4 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hal Holland, died Oct. 15, Jackson.


October 25, 1906

Mrs. T. L. BLAKEMORE, "aged lady of Claybrook" died Oct. 23 (?) at home of her son in Jackson. She was in her 90th year; came of a prominent Virginia family.


October 31, 1906

Mrs. CAROLINE DAY, aged 79 years, widow of George Day "is dead" (as of October 30). Burial in Denmark, Tenn. Her husband "was one of the best known Baptist ministers in West Tennessee."


November 7, 1906

J. R. VAULKUM, aged 56 years, died at Hicksville /now part of Jackson/, November 6.


November 11, 1906

Mrs. LOU NEIL, aged 84 years, died at Beech Bluff, November 10 (?). Mother of Joseph H. Johnson, Jackson and W. G. Neil of Beech Bluff.


November 29, 1906

Mrs. JOHANNA KIRBY, in her 80th year, died Nov. 28, Jackson, at home of her son, Patrick Kirby. Mother also of W. S. King, general superintendent of the Yazoo and Miss. Valley RR and Eugene King of Richmond, Va.; John King, Russell, Ky.; Mrs. Julia Clifford, Ohio. Burial in Delaware, Ohio.


December 4, 1906

Mrs. CAROLINE B. HICKS, aged 89 years, died at home of her son, D. C. Hicks in Civil District 11 (Dec. 3?).


December 20, 1906

Capt. J. M. WOOLARD died Dec. 18 at home of son-in-law, L. E. Mathis, in Jackson. Mexican War veteran; a former magistrate. Left 2 daughters, Mrs. L. E. Mathis of Jackson and Mrs. Kimmons of Corinth, Miss.


December 21, 1906

Mrs. E. C. NANCE died Dec. 20 at home of her mother, Mrs. Allen Anderson, Jackson; left a husband and 4 children.


December 30, 1906

Mrs. E. M. MOFFITT died Dec. 28 while visiting with her sister, Mrs. P. J. Donlan on East Baltimore St. in Jackson; left husband and 3 children.


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