Births, 1881

Obion County Birth Index, 1881 (Only 1 page of Births are recorded)

Birth Records were not kept for each year in Obion County, TN. The 1881-1882 list was the only early ones that Gay Mathis has found. Law did not require that records be kept and the counties could do as they choose. The Birth & Death Index for the years 1925-1938 exists, Birth Index does Include parents names.

Gracey Pearl Hazelwood
Born: 5/23/1881 (Dist 10)
Father: J. T. Hazelwood (Born Obion Co, TN)
Mother: E. T. Hazelwood (Born Obion Co, TN)

(Male) Clemons
Born: 7/22/1881 (Dist 4)
Father: W. J. Clemons (Born TN)
Mother: Mattie Clemons (Born KY)

(Male) Caudle
Born: 7/20/1881 (Dist 4)
Father: Jesse Caudle (Born TN)
Mother: Jane Caudle (Born KY)

(Female) Calhoun
Born: 8/4/1881 (Dist 12)
Father: James Columbus Calhoun (Born Obion Co, TN)
Mother: Margaret Jane Blasingame (Born Obion Co, TN) (Listed as 2nd cousins)

William Burks
Born: 10/5/1881 (Dist 12)
Father: William Louis Burks (Born TN)
Mother: Julia Ann Smith (Born TN)

(Male) Kelly
Born: 8/9/1881
Father: William Kelly (Born TN)
Mother: H . L. Kelly (Born TN)

(Male) Haislip
Born 9/16/1881 (Dist 4)
Father: Laban Haislip (Born Alabama)
Mothr: R. H. Haislip (Born TN)

(Female) Gore
Born: 9/16/1881 (Rives)
Father: Robert J. Gore (Born KY)
Mother: Rosie B. Gore (Born KY)

Born: 9/4/1881 (Dist 4)
Father: Elias Callis? (Born TN)

(Male) Moffatt
Born: 9/18/1881 (Rives)
Father: T. B. Moffatt (Born SC)
Mother: N. A. Moffatt (Born TN

(Female) Harris
Born: 4/10/1881 (4 miles west of Rives)
Father: Selmo Harris ?? (Born TN)
Mother: Mary Harris (Born TN)

(Male) Cummings
Born: 4/9/1881
Father: J. Cummings (Born TN)
Mother: Florence Cummings (Born TN)

(Female) Wisdom
Born : 6/22/1881
Father: Frank Wisdom (American)
Mother: Nancy Wisdom (American)

(Female) Carter
Born; 7/3/1881 (Dist 4)
Father: J. V. Carter (Born TN)
Mother: S. V. Carter (Born TN)

(Male) Benton
Born: 9/6/1881 (Dist 4)
Father: J. M. Benton (Born TN)
Mother: C. M. Benton (Born TN)

(Female) Starkey
Born: 9/1/1881
Father: Samuel Starkey (Born TN)
Mother: M. J. Starkey (Born TN)

( Male) Chappell
Born: 8/23/1881 (Dist 7)
Father: T. A. Chappell (Born TN)
Mother: N. A. Chappell (Born TN)

A. Douglass (male)
Born: 5/7/1881 (Dist 7)
Father: Joe Douglass (Born TN)
Mother: Nannie Douglass (Born TN)

Jessie Jane Prather
Born: 6/21/1881 (Dist 2)
Father: William Prather (Born TN)
Mother: Annie Lyh Prather (Born TN)

Louise Frances Harris
Born: 7/6/1881 (Dist 2)
Father: Thomas Harris (Born TN)
Mother: Mollie Cawley Harris (Born TN)

Thomas Hamilton, Jr
Born: 8/8/1881 (Dist 2)
Father: Thomas Hamilton (Born TN)
Mother: Laurale Harris hamilton (Born TN)

Sarah Frances Hillard
Born: 12/24/1881 (Dist 2)
Father: James Hillard (Born TN)
Mother: Rachel Buss? Hillard (Born TN) (Listed as cousins)

Samuel E. Williams
Born: 4/23/1881 (Dist 2)
Father: (No Name) (Born Marshall Co, TN)
Mother: S. C. Johnson (Born Gibson Co, TN)

Oscar R. Stone
Born: 4/25/1881 (Dist 2)
Father: John A. Stone (Born Sumner Co, TN)
Mother: Nancy Robinson (Born Sumner Co, TN)

Hester Ann Hamlin
Born: 10/13/1881
(No other info added)

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