Civil War 47th Co A

47th Tennessee Infantry CSA Muster Rolls, Company A
Muster Roll, No Date

Company A, was organized 16 December 1861 of Obion County men with James R. White who enlisted 3 December 1861 at Troy. He received his commission as captain on 16 December 1861. Captain White was relieved of his command on 8 May 1862. 1st Lt. William Stacey became captain and T.R. Shearon, a private in the company, was promoted to major. The company was reorganized 8 May 1862, consolidated with 12th Infantry Regiment, October 1862, and later formed part of Co. D, 2nd Consolidated TN Inf. Reg (date not available).  The original company was enrolled at Troy and were paroled at Greensboro NC, 2 May 1865.

This unit (regiment) was composed of men from West Tennessee and organized at Camp Trenton in December from companies enrolled in November and December of 1861.


  • Captains: James R. White; William Stacy, Thomas B. Moffatt
  • First Lieutenants: S. S. Dickey, William Stacy
  • Second Lieutenants: William Stacy, T. B. Moffatt, Gibson Dickey
  • Third Lieutenant: John McDonald
  • Fourth Lieutenant: L. Adams
  • First Sergeants: Joel B. Faulk, J. R. Oliver
  • Second Sergeant: O. R. Brown
  • Third Sergeant: S. S. Neal
  • Fourth Sergeant: H. McDonald
  • Fifth Sergeant: G. V. Canaday
  • First Corporal: J. C. Nivin
  • Second Corporal: J. Calicott
  • Third Corporal: L. Reeves
  • Fourth Corporal: D. W. Stewart


  • S. A. Branan
  • H. N. Brock
  • N. D. Brown
  • O. R. Brown
  • T. O. Brown
  • T. Buchanan
  • J. B. Buchannan
  • J. N. Buchannan
  • W. F. Calis
  • M. K. Caudle
  • M. R. Caudle
  • S. H. Fry
  • N. P. Groves
  • G. Guy
  • J. H. Guy
  • C. Harmon
  • H. A. Harris
  • S. A. M. Harris
  • J. A. Head
  • M. A. Head
  • F. M. Herring
  • W. A. Hogue
  • E. G. Isom
  • S. J. Mills
  • James Jamison
  • N. F. Jarmon
  • T. C. Kirk
  • John Latimer
  • John McDonald
  • William McRee
  • W. P. Montgomery
  • J. R. Moore
  • J. T. Morris
  • H. P. Mullins
  • S. P. Philips
  • B. Patterson
  • W. C. Phillips
  • John Polk
  • J. R. Pride
  • H. N. Ramsey
  • J. N. Reaves
  • B. S. Riley
  • W. D. Rivers
  • J. Roberts
  • William Ross
  • H. H. Sanford
  • G. M. Simmons
  • J. M. Smith
  • J. M. Stacey
  • W. N. Sturgis
  • J. H. Turnberry
  • John W. Griggs
  • B. Wade
  • Clayton Wade
  • T. Wallman
  • J. P. Wells
  • A. West
  • J. W. Wicker
  • K Williams
  • R. Wilson
  • S. D. Wilson
  • W. Wright
  • Joseph Younger
  • L. Younger1

1 Could be, L. YOUNG. 4 Sept 1909, Hugh McDonald’s affidavit (in his handwriting). L. Young enlisted in Co A 47th Tenn Infantry in December 1861 at Troy Tenn, Obion Co. I enlisted with him at the same time and place and served in the same command. I never knew of any other soldier in that company by that name. Affidavit by T. P. Callicott attests to the same.

Organized at Camp Trenton, Dec. 1861 from companies of West Tennessee men enrolled in Nov. and Dec.; Was in Battle of Shiloh; reorganized 8 May 1862 as part of the 2nd Consolidated TN Inf. Reg. Co. D; in Gen. Kirby Smith’s invasion of KY and suffered many days of hard marching; present at the battle of Perryville, but possibly not engaged in fighting; battles of Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Atlanta campaign and Johnston’s return to Tennessee, retreat to North Carolina; Captain James R. Oliver of I Company assumed command of the consolidated 11th, 12th, 13th, 29th, 47th, 50th, 52nd and 154th regiments in March of 1865; paroled at Greensboro NC 2 May 1865. Companies composed of Obion County Men: Co. A, Co. H, Co. I.

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