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This information was handwritten and is copied as written and spelled

Alvin Smith, overseer of mill George Moore, lumber grader
Albert Long, second boss, lumber grader Morton Monroe, store manager & office
Kinith (Kenneth?) Walker, boss George Cortelour, office worker
Bill Renalds, office Doctor Love, camp doctor
Edd Strong, boss over store & office Erven Hannah, lumber grader
Bill Clowers, watchman Silverene Hambright, lumber grader
Linwood Bagley, store Bill Knisley, lumber grader
Dock Chambers, mill right Bill Mathis, run the loader to load logs until he got killed
Harve Pearson, edger, plaining mill John King fired boiler nights and night watched
Gellum Jones, night watch Fred Jones, nightwatch man
John Clowers, worked timber in pond Johnney Clowers, worked logs in pond
Joe Hopkins, block setter Bill Redecure, hauled wood for the camp from the fire hole, then cut it in stove linth blocks
Orlando Sharp, block setter Wilburn Scott, worked on train
Dee W. Jones, lumber stacker Calven Adams, worked at mill
Fred Rose, drove little mule to haul the lumber on the dock to be stacked Bill Owens, worked at mill
Oscar Barton, took care of horses Earl Barton, took care of horses
Ellis Summers. graded lumber Clyde Summers, worked atmill
Frank Dougles, brakeman on log train, hauled logs from mountain Otie Griffith, cut timber and worked in company store before store closed
Geddy Miller, burned slabs at the fire hole Crat Hatmaker, log cutter
Charley Melton, worked on log train
Section workers:
Alford Taylor
Went Morgan
Harling Norris
Willard Goodman
Early Freels
Ernest Maden
Grab drivers:
Chick Griffith
Ray Freels
Alison Freels
Caz Hamby

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