1. unknown
2. Elizabeth Gibson Bullard Forrester: wife of Benjamin Bullard and John B. Forrester
3 John Johnson-son of Lillian Forrester Johnson
4 Marietta Forrester Douglas-m- Thomas Douglas
5. Beatrice Douglas-m- Robert L. Pickle in Knoxville TN.
6. Jennie Jane Bullard -m- James Allen Ferguson-in Knowville, TN
7 Matthew Forrester
8 Lucy Wyatt wife of Matthew
9. Unknown
10 A. D. “Pete” Forrester
11. Unknown
12 Unknown
13 Unknown

Courtesy of Judith Pitcock


Another copy of the above photo with more color. Courtesy of Shawn Broes.

Images from a family Bible of the Forester and Wray families of Sunbright. Photos courtesy of Shawn Broes.

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