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“Morgan county, TN court minutes 1824-27
p182-recorded 17 JUL 1826…ordered by the court that the following persons be summoned at the court house in Montgomery on the first Mon in Sept next as jurors to the circuit court towit….Samuel Howard…

“Morgan Co, TN marriages 1862-1901”
Edward Dodson m. Ethel Allison lic 26 AUG 1893 m.13 SEP 1893
Nathaniel W. Hawn m. Nancy E. Potter lic 16 FEB 1877 m.23 FEB 1877
J.B. [I. B.] Haun m. Manerva Potter lic 12 JAN 1872 m.13 JAN 1872
Samuel Howard m. Susan Langley lic 18 DEC 1872 m.19 DEC 1872
N.  Hawn listed as JP marrying a couple 29 MAR 1877
Elvira Howard m. T.G. Bonham lic 01 FEB 1895 m.03 FEB 1895
Horace Howard m. Emma Nitzschke lic 06 MAR 1896 m.07 MAR 1896
G.A. Potter m. Leana Haun lic 28 MAY 1889 m.30 MAY 1889
Rufus Everett m. Belle Smith lic 26 MAR 1892 m.29 MAR 1892

“Morgan Co, TN Vital Statistics 1914-1925”
p11-Jones, John C. age 53 b.Morgan co fa-Jerry Jones (Morgan Co) mo Louise Stonecipher (morgan Co) d.1919 #377

p19-Laura Alberta Haun age 2 b. Catoosa TN fa-Maynard Haun (TN) mo Francis Potter (TN) d.1923 #329

p17-Potter, Bertie Louisa age 20 b.TN fa Gill Potter (TN) mo Leona Hawn (TN d.1922 #96

Howard, Horace age 43 b.Morgan Co fa Samuel Howard (Morgan Co) mo Susan Langley (NC) d.1922 #100

p22-Cox, Annie age 83 b.Clear Creek fa Samuel Howard (TN) mo Caroline Green (NC) d.1925 #344

p-12-Jones, Sam age 21 b.Morgan Co fa-John C. Jones (Morgan Co) mo Louverne -?-tson (Fentress Co) d.1919 #380

p2-Ashley, Sarah Ann. age 81 b.Washington Co, VA fa James O. Langley (VA) mo Margaret Graybill (VA) d.1914 #114  (see 120)

Ashley, Sarah L. age 80 b.NC fa James Langley (NC) mo Peggie Graybill (NC) d.1914 #120 (see 114)
Langley, James age 35 b.Washington Co, VA fa James O. Langley (Ashe Co, NC) mo Margurette Grabel (Ashe Co) d.1917 #486
Stonecipher, W.M. age 52 b.TN fa Ezra Stonecipher (TN) mo Elizabeth Black (VA) d.1918 #556

p2-Potter, Olavus Kenneth age 3 b.Frankford TN fa G.W. Potter (TN) mo Kate Daugherty (Morgan Co) d.1914 #115

p-9-Goddard, Cellie E. age 73 v.VA fa James Langley (NC) mo Margret Graybeal (NC) d.1918 #498

p13-Langley, Hopy Caroline age 59 b.TN fa Wm R. Webb (TN) mo Annie Landrum (TN) d.1919 #487

History of Morgan Co, TN by Freytag & ott:
p51-06 OCT 1838 bill of sale from Edward Freels to John Potter, one female slave named Eliza.

P248-“the Southern Enterprise, a newspaper published at Deer Lodge dated 01 JUN 1899 carries an advertisement:  H.M. Smith-Deer Lodge, TN-groceries, tinware, dry goods, notions, hats, caps, drugs & shoes.  Glasses fitted to eyes.  Prescriptions carefully filled.


Morgan County, Tennessee Deeds

Book A-
Goddard, Thomas >  Goddard, Jesse 18 JAN 1819  p17-18
Goddard, Jesse >   Williams, John 25 JUL 1818  p38-9
Jones, Alban >   Harris, Benj. Et.al. 21 APR 1823 p58-9
Lavendar, Daniel >   Jones, Alban  14 AUG 1822 p57-8
Potter, Benj. >  Webb, John  21 APR 1818 p12
McClintock, James Shrf > Potter, Benj.  16 MAR 1822 p56-7
Stonecipher, Benj >  Bennett, James 21 APR 1818 p455
Stonecipher, Joseph > Stonecipher, Daniel  13 JAN 1821 p141-2
Stonecipher, Daniel > Stonecipher, John 15 JAN 1822  p151-2
Bennett, James >  Stonecipher, Benj. 20 APR 1818 p.203

Book E-
Green, John >  Howard, S. & Lea, T.S. p301
Hamby, Lewis >  Basley, John   p200
Potter, John >  Moses, Sally (heirs)  p222
Potter, Daniel >  Potter, John   p227
Potter, John >  Lewellin, Andrew  p270
Edward, Fred >  Potter, John   p379

Book F
Howard, Samuel >  Frost, Micajah  p112
Howard, Lewis >  Wilson, James Shrf.  P136

Book G-
Jones, Jeremiah >  Jones, John   p270
Jones, John atty infact for Jeremiah > Bloomfield & Dury p275
Jones, John >  Gerding, Eliza M.  p291
Kindred, John >  Jones, ?Jeremiah  p273
Gibson, G. >  Jones, John   p265-6

Book H-
Jones, John >  Gerding, Eliza  p44
Jones, John >  Gauden, Paul et.al.  p131
Pile, Conrad >  Jones, John   p143

Book I or J?
Jones, John >  Staples & Safell  p60

Book K
Jones, Jeremiah <  Gelding, G.F. & wife  p381
Jones, Larkin <  Gelding, G.F. & wife  p383
Justice, Abraham <  Gelding, G.F. & wife  p367
Jones, James <  Gelding, G.F. & wife  p328

Book L-
Jones, J. >   Price, Edward  p84
Jones, J. <    Gerding, G.F.  p104

Book M-
Jones, Samuel <  Hurst, Wesley & wife p315

Book N-
Jones, J.B.   declaration deed  p93
Jones, J.B. >   Crittenden, Leary & Co.  p347

Book O-
Jones, John >  Pearce, F.P.   p624
Jones, J & M >  Stonecipher, Daniel  p471
Jones, Jeremiah <  Duncan, B.M.  p271
Jones, John <  Williams, W.R.  p622

Book P
Jones, John >  Pearce, F.P.   p421
Jones, Jeremiah >  Colbert, Geo. W.  p44

Book R
Jones, J.B. >   Jones, S.H. & J.S.  p574 or 674?

Book S-
Jones, Jeremiah >  Lewallen   p341
Jones, J.H. >   Grenter   p203
Jones, J.B. >   Langley, M.   p528
Howard, John <  Howard, Ag   p549
Jones, Samuel <  Stephens   p261
Jones, Samuel <  Hall, J.M.   p264
Jones, S.H. <  Stephens, M.   p64

Book T
Jones, Jeremiah >  Schart    p133

Book U
Jones, Samuel et al > Scott, John   p89
Morgan County, Tennessee Tax Lists

8th district-
Name:    acres  value  slaves  total tax
Smith, George  500  300

7th district-
Howard, Samuel  300  200    .60
Howard, Lewis  200  200    1.10
Howard, Nathan  302  300    .90
Howard, Samuel Jr.  200  100    .80

5th district-
Potter, John   90  200    1.10

4th district-
Howard, Samuel  100  100    1.30
Howard, Lewis  200  350    1.01

2nd district-
Stinecipher, Ezra  224  2000    6.00

District 2-
Jones, Samuel H. 318 acres, 1 slave, 1 poll

District 3-
Hamby, Reuben 300 a
Hamby, Levi  113.5 a
Jones, Jeremiah 100a
Jones, John  250a

District 4-
Hamby, Lewis 880a

District 7-
Howard, Samuel Sr. 500a
Howard, Samuel Jr. 350a, 1 poll
Hamby, Levi  100a
Hamby, Reuben 100a
Potter, Solomon 350a
Potter, Lewis  1 poll

4th district-
Hamby Lewis 1422a
Hamby, Frank 100a

5th district-
Jones, Jeremiah ____
Stinecipher, Ezra ____

7th & 8th districts-
Green, John  400a
Langley, James O. 300a
Howard, Samuel 100a
Howard, Samuel Jr. 170?a
Howard, Lewis ____
Haun, Nathaniel 260a
Haun, Jacob  150a
Potter, Solomon Jr. 3000a
Potter, Solomon Sr. 550a
Potter, John W. 157.5a
Potter, John Sr. 280a
Potter, John Jr. 107a
Potter, Nancy 50a

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