May the 29 1862 
Camp Cumberland  —–  Kentucky  Knox County 
Dear father and mother, brothers and sisters  it is with plesur that I take my pen in hand to let you all know that I am well at this time  hopeing when thies pen lines may find you all well i want yo all to do the best you can i want you all to rite to me how you arm getting along rite  rit to me — the — is in Tennessee  i haven’t hurd from home since Josih Asley com from —- we have plenty to eas such as baken and crackers coffee and sugar rice beans i would like to —- varry well to see you all but I can’t at this —  but i think that we will all be at home be for long  it is — by the — of men —– that wen the fite come off at richmond and corrinth ——-Sc—-.  wish fiting day—-at bot places  So I will not rite one—at— you —- rit to me or (signature John E Jones?? 


Dear Mother 
I now take the opertinuty to write to you that I am well. Abraham is with me in camp and is well.  Wiley is at Barberville he has been sick but he is well now I suppose  I hered from him last mondy 
I would like to see you all and talk with you I could beter than I can write  I started some money to you when  we was at somersett by Calvin Stoncipher.  I sent eleven dollars and I understood you never got it and I want to know whether you did or not.  I have nothing of much importance to write at present 
I want you to write to me as soon as you can have a opportunity.  We have not drawed our money yet but I think we will draw in a day or two and as soon as I get my money I will send some to you. 
As soon as I have a chance so I will now come to a close no more at presnet this May the 29th 1862. 
(signed)  William H. Barger 

To mother Barger and Family 

Within this book so pure and wite let none but friends presume to write.


Edgefield near Nashville, Tenn 
Jan 17th 1865  My unforgotten Father 
I with much pleasure seate myself to write to you to let you know my where abouts and what I am doing.  I am on the north side of Cumberland River two miles fro the State House.  My health is not very good at the present time.  I hope these lines may come to hand in due time and find you and family in the best of health and I doing well.  I have no news that would intrust you more than that I am yet in the land of the living for which I feel to 
have great cause to Thank God the giver and preserver of life.  I will just say to you that our Regt. has had a —–rough times for the last 7 five (five is crossed out) months.  We were 5 months at and neat Decatur Ala during which time we were on duty nearly all the time scouting and marching or fighting.  We left Decatur on the25th of Nov. last arrived in Nashville Tenn on the 28th at the time Gen. Hoods were marching on Nashville.  Hood came on this city of Rocks so near all round on the south side of the river as to look in on the city on the 15th of Dec.  Gen. Thomas marched out of the city on Hood—— the gray backes fought like men all that day stood and defended there batterys amid the heaviest cross fireing from our —–  The schrmish lines——a constant lines of fire from there lines all that night  the —- 
opened heavy and constant all that day late in the evening of the 16th  we flanked them out of there works after a heavy cross fire on them for the two last days.  Hood then commenced his retreat southward.  His retreat soon became to be a wild stampeed.  I were in the fight followed Hood to Sugar Creek, Ala.  There I gave out and came back to this place. 
Hood crossed Tenn River with (15,000) men he lost two thirds of his men on this side Tennessee River.  I have not received letter from any of you in  great while  I would like to be there if I were consistent but I can not say when the time will be that I can be there but I still hope the day is not far distant that I will be blessed with the happy privilige to see you all and enjoy your company  I want you to write to me as soon you get this letter  Do the best you can for my children which I know you will do.  Give my love and respects  tell them I wish them to write to me 

I remain your son until death 
Farewell for the present 

W.A. Jones to John B. Jones & Family


From a collection housed in the Genealogy Room of the Morgan County Archive
Donated by Lee Cross


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