MORGAN COUNTY, TENNESSEE County Court Clerk Minutes Covering the years of 1852, 1853, and 1854

Copied from the TN State Library and Archives Microfilm Roll #9 by Wilma Gibson


Jan. term 1852

P. 176

G. W. KEITH this day ehibited a settlement he made with JONATHAN McPETERS adm. Of the estate of SAMUEL HALL, it was examined and ordered recorded.

P. 178

It was suggested by WILLIAM STAPLES and THOMAS H. DAVIS the death of JOHN M. DAVIS, they were appointed adms. of the estate.

P. 182

JOHN WHITE tended his resignation as adm. of the estate of JESSE TRIPLETT, it was accepted and he is ordered to file all the papers belonging to the estate with the County Clerk, before the next term of court.


G. W. KEITH exhibited in open court a settlement _____ as clerk of this court made with LARKIN B. SNOW as guardian of the minor heirs of WILLIAM CLIFT dec., which was examined and admitted to be recorded.

Feb. term

P. 185

Ordered by the court that JOHN WHITE be given until the next term of court to make complete his settlement of the estate of JESSE TRIPLETT dec.

March term

P. 186

It is made appear to the satisfaction of the court that NATHANIEL MELTON, late of the said county, a Rev. pensioner at the rate of $66.66 per annum, is dead, that he died 11-21-1851 and that he ledt the following named children: WILLIAM N., JOHN M., IS HAM M., MALONA and MELTON?? MELTON. And there being a remeant (sic) of pension due him at his death this day proved by the oath of MARTIN MELTON and LEWIS FAIRCHILD.

April term

P. 203

Motion of ERICUS HATFIELD for NANCY HATFIELD widow of JOSEPH HATFIELD dec. It is ordered by the court that R. A. DAVIS be appointed as surveyor in connection with SOLOMAN GREEN and ISAAC HOWARD, as commissioners to a lot and set apart her dower accordi ng to law and make report to law direct.

P. 205-06

ELIZABETH BYRD Defendant confessed in favor of the plaintiff for the sum of

Vs BASTARDY. $30 and cost of the sui, $20 of which is now due. The

JAMES B. SCHOOLER Remaining $10 is to be paid by 6 April 1853. Defendant enters into bond with J.H. BRILENT and JAMES H. JOHNSON his securities as to save the county from any expenses on the account of the male child the plaintiff charg es him with being the father.

May term


NANCY HATFIELD widow of JOSEPH HATFIELD received 34 a. as her dower.

July term (for some reason the page numbers changed)

p 120

Ordered by the court that CHARLES CHANEY be allowed $3 for making a coffin for POLLY BYRD dec. And the trustee pay the same our of any money in his hands, otherwise not appointed.

G. W. KIETH clerk of this court exhabited settlement he made with JOHN WHITE adm. of the estate of JESSE TRIPLETT it was examined and ordered to be spread upon the inventory book.

P. 123

On motion it is ordered by the court that WILLIAM P. SCARBROUG be released from workin(sic) road, the court being satisfied of the lack of eyesight.

August term

P. 125

GENNETT UNDERWOOD Defendant appears in open court and upon his ________

Vs BASTARDY Had this cause cont’ until next term of court. He entered

JAMES B. SCHOOLER Into a $500 bond with W.L. SCHOOLER security.

Sept. term

P. 128

Upon the suggestion of RILEY HAMBY and others that JOHN HAMBY late of the county is dead and he that he died possessed of good, chattles, rights and credits. By the concerns of RILEY HAMBY and others the court appoints WILLIAM LEWALLLEN adm. of the es tate.

Oct. term

P. 132-33

G. UNDERWOOD The plaintiff failed to appear to prosecute and the defendant

Vs BASTARDY appeared and exhabited a receipt for $200 in full satisfaction

JAMES B. SCHOOLER of said plaintiff for both said cases. The defendant confesses for the cost of both cases. He enters into bond to relieve Morgan County of all damages which may occur in consequences of said children becoming paupers.

P. 134

JOHN WHITE enters into bond to become adm. Of the estate of PAZNERAZ WIESS.

Dec term

P. 139

It appearing to the satisfaction of the court that WILLIAM LIVELY is dead and that he died in the County of Huston Texas about the year 1839 and he died instate. And DAVID ALLY appeared in open court and exhibited powers of attorneys from the heirs and interested parties and applied for letter of adm. And the court being satisfied as to his claim thereupon ordered that he be appointed adm. Of the estate of said deceased.


Jan. term

P. 244

JOHN WHITE adm. Of the P. Wiess estate reported to the court , the property not sold , for lack of a bidder.

P. 245

Court met pursuant to adjournment. JAMES B. JONES corner of Morgan County returned a report of a jury of inquest held on the 6th of Nov. 1852 over the body of a small? woman of color, the property of J. W. LEWALLEN and on their oaths state agreeable to the evidence of the said cause she came to her death wickedly, unlawfully, and voluntarily killed herself. The juy was: R. M. BENNETT, V.V. CROMWELL, JOHN WALLACE, WILLIAM CAMPBELL, H. HUMAN, V. H. JOHNSON, V. S. GEASLON, HIRAM KEY, HIRAM VESTON?, HIR AM STEWARD, C. H. _________ and J. F. SCOTT.



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