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Lawrence County
Military Records

Pensioners of Revolutionary War or War of 1812 from Lawrence County

          Note: Unless otherwise noted, the men listed below drew pensions from
Lawrence County, TN.
Source of this transcription: compiled lists at the Lawrence County Archives.

  1. Bentley, Jeremiah; 1818 list age 75; also 1840 census; served in VA line; drew pension in 1832 in Giles Co., TN.; drew pension in 1840 in Law. Co. (Army)
  2. Crow, Thomas; 1818 list age 75; served in SC troops, (Army)
  3. Estes, Thomas; 1832 list age 73; served in VA line (Army)
  4. Evans, John; 1840 census age 77; (Army)
  5. Horton, Isaac; 1818 list age 75; 1840 census; served in Mass. troops; drew pension in 1818 in Law. Co.; drew pension in Wayne Co., TN 1840. (Army)
  6. Kendred, Palmer; 1840 census age 95; (Army)
  7. Markham, Lewis; 1840 census age 71; served in VA Mil.(Army)
  8. McCann, Joseph; 1832 list age 77; served in SC line; (Army)
  9. Philips, John; 1818 list age 74; served in NC troops; died 7 Sep 1828; (Army)
  10. Redding, William H.; 1840 census age 81; (Army)
  11. Rogers, Wilson; 1840 census age 82; (Army)
  12. Spears, Joseph; 1818 list age 74; served in NC troops (Army)
  13. Stone, John; 1818 list age 73; served in Pa. troops (Army)
  14. Stricklin, Frederick; 1818 list age 83; served NC troops; died 1 Nov 1825 (Army)
  15. Thomas, Joseph; 1832 list age 71; served in PA line (Army)
  16. Tippitt, Erastus; 1832 list age 70; served in VA line (Army)
  17. Wakefield, Abel; 1832 list age 70; served in VA line (Army)
  18. Waters, John Sen.; 1818 list age 86; also on 1849 census; served in VA troops (Army)
  19. Williams, Hickman; 1818 list age 67; served in NC troops; (Army)
Known soldiers of War 1812:
Johnson, Robert (1777-1856) married Mary McLaren; 1st.Lt., Capt. Andrew McCarty's Co., Col. Richard C. Napier's 1st. Rgt. W. T. Mil.

The Mexican War (Lawrenceburg Blues)



Alexander, A.H. ~ Alexander, H. ~ Abernathy, M.C. ~ Allen, William B. ~ Askue, L. B. ~ Billindley, E.G. ~ Billingsley, Jacob ~ Brashears, Jesse ~ Black, Robert ~ Bailey, John M. ~ Boswell, A. ~ Calloway, W.H. ~ Carvel, William ~ Crook, William A. ~ Curtis, A.G. ~ Crook, Z. ~ Curtis, Isaac W. ~ Cunningham, M. T. ~ Camfield, Simeon ~ Campbell, J.W.L. ~ Dotson, Henry H. ~ Duncan, William F. ~ Farris, John ~ Ferguson, T.J. ~ Fielder, J.T. ~ Freeman, William ~ Gray, Joseph M. ~ Goodson, Joseph ~ Goodson, W.G.. ~ Garrett, Leroy ~ Glover, Finley ~ Hail, W.P.A. ~ Hiihouse, R. S. ~ Hilton, WW. ~ Hubbard, David ~ Hamlet, J.C. ~ Helm, G.W. ~ Hunt, William H. ~ James, Willis H. ~ Kirk, Lewis M. ~ Kirk, W.F. ~ Keltner, S.G. ~ Lea, William ~ Lindsey, W. W. ~ Liles, D. A ~ Lindsey, A. J. ~ Long, T.C. ~ Maulin, H.N. ~ McCrory, Thomas ~ Murrell, W. W. ~ McWhirter, D.Y. ~ Richardson, F. ~ Richardson, W.M. ~ Richardson, A. O. ~ Rhodes, William ~ Ramsey, Thomas C, ~ Snow, A.J. ~ Tacker, John B. ~ Watson, M. D. ~ Turnbow, A. A. ~ Walker, J.W. ~ Wilson, G.W. ~ Wilbanks, William

Lawrence County's first recruits of the Civil War.
The Third Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Company K.
Later known as "The Invincibles."



Abernathy, L. A. ~ Alford, Robert N. ~ Angel, J.M. ~ Anthony, W.W. ~ Bailey, Joe E. ~ Bird, William ~ Brashears, Robert ~ Busby, J.J. ~ Callahan, S.V. ~ Caperton, F.G. ~ Caruthers, John A. ~ Cobb, John Phil ~ Cobb, William ~ Cook, Sam G. ~ Defoe, T. Carroll ~ Dail, J. D. ~ Durbin, Tom A. ~ Edministon, Jasper N. ~ Edministon, William S. ~ Ellison, John D. ~ Emberson, W. Hardy ~ Ferguson, George ~ Ferguson, H.J. ~ Ferguson, T.H. ~ Ferguson, W. A. ~ Fisher, John. ~ Foster, John ~ Foust, John M. ~ Foust, Richard ~ Freemon, John L. ~ Freemon, L. ~ Garrett, S.A. ~ Green, John ~ Green, John L. ~ Green, Logan ~ Green, V. A. ~ Green, W. A. ~ Hall, J. P. ~ Hare, F.A. ~ Hardin, James ~ Harwell, B.W. ~ Harwell, J.M. ~ Herbert, Duck ~ Herbert, R.M. ~ Herbert, W.J. ~ Harrin, B.F. ~ Herrin, James L. ~ Hickman, N. S. ~ Holt, V.B. ~ Howard, A. ~ Hudson, J. Monroe ~ Hudson, Sam ~ Hughes, S. D. ~ Johnson, D. T. ~ Johnson, Ed ~ Johnson, V.B. ~ Jones, Anderson ~ Jones, J.S. ~ Keeton, John ~ Kirk , Lewis ~ Laymaster, W. ~ Lewellan, I.H. ~ Liles, L.L. ~ Littleton, A.M. ~ Littleton, C.F. ~ Littleton, J.W. ~ Littleton. R.F. ~ Lovell, B. Frank ~ Lyles, F. ~ Lyles, J.L. ~ May, T. B. ~ Maxey, John C. ~ McAllister, F.C. ~ McAllister, N. A. ~ McAllister, O.P.H. ~ McAllister, W. A. ~ McLean, John L. ~ McMillion, A. A. ~ Miles, F. M. ~ Morris, I. L. ~ Neal, W. W. ~ Norman, W.F. ~ Nowlin, David L. ~ Osborne, James ~ Paine, Jerry ~ Pillow, Richard A. ~ Pryor, W.J. ~ Ray, T. ~ Richardson, A.J. ~ Riddle, J. A. ~ Roberts, John G. ~ Scott, F. P. ~ Shannon, James ~ Smith, Gov ~ Smith, Green ~ Smith, William A. ~ Springer, Aaron ~ Springer, Annanias ~ Stribling, John B. ~ Tanner, H.J ~ Tays, James ~ Tracey, Nat F. ~ True, Nimrod ~ Vaughan, T.D. ~ Walker, George ~ Walker, John ~ Weatherford, M. ~ Willis, John ~ Wisdom, J.L. ~ Wisdom, John

Civil War Tidbits:
The Third Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Company K. was the only complete unit from Lawrence County to serve during the Civil War.. There was a large number of men going to Nashville to join up. But before they got there the battle forced them to split up and join different units.

The last battle of the Civil War in Tennessee was at Sugar Creek near Appleton in Lawrence County in December, 1864.

The Lawrence County Courthouse was spared from being burned late in 1863. Because Major Gibbon and the Union soldiers feared damage to the Mexican War Monument erected beside the courthouse.

Lawrence County Officials During the Wars Years 1860- 1865

Justice of the Peace


Deputy Sheriff


Bailey, Joseph E. 1860Blair, Harrison 1860
Bunch, Bradley 1865 Choate, Thomas D. 1865
Dennis, John W. 1860 Dotson, J.N. 1860
Guthrie, James T. 1861 Johnson, William K. 1860
Kelly, Thomas E. 1860 Kirk, William P. 1860-1861
McAfee, G. B. 1865 Morrow, William A. C. 1865
Pennington, Jacob M. 1860 Pierce, Samuel 1860
Rochell, H.B. 1860 Smith, A.H. 1860
Smith, W.B. 1862 Tidwell, D. M. 1860-1863
Voss, Eli 1860 Wells, James G. 1860
White, John F. 1860 Wright, P.M. 1860.
Circuit Court Judge

County Court Judge

Rose, R.H. 1864

The State of Tennessee, Lawrence County. Opened and held an election in all 15 Civil Districts in the county of Lawrence. According to an act of the Legislation to ratify or reject a separation of the State of Tennessee from the Federal Union and within list of the votes polled.

District Separation Reject Representation No

Union Civil War Soldiers Buried in

Lawrence Co., Tennessee Cemeteries

Baker Cemetery

Thorn, James T. Pvt. Co. "E" 6th IL Cavalry 12-17-1861 12-1-1864

Blair Cemetery

Weaver, J.J. Pvt. Co. "H" 6th Tennessee Cavalry 1-1862 1-1865

Bumpass Cemetery

Teas, Francis M. Co. "I" 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry

Calvary Cemetery

Runabaum, Henry Pvt. Co. "A" 58th Ohio Infantry 1-28-1862 1-6-1865

Schade, George W. Pvt. Co. "H" 58th Ohio Infantry 2-23-1865 9-16-1865

Cedar Grove Cemetery

Williams, Lytleton P. Co. "E" 2nd Tennessee MTD Infantry

Dunn Family Cemetery

Dunn, Thomas Pvt. Co. "A" 5th Kentucky Infantry 11-1-1861 11-4-1864

Ethridge Cemetery

Brown, P.W. Co. "K" 3rd Michigan Cavalry

Gallimore, Timothy Co. "A" 71st Ohio Infantry

Griffin, Jasper B. Pvt. Co. "E" 3rd Wisconsin Infantry 4-18-1861 7-6-1865

James, Lindsey Co "A" 73rd Ohio Infantry

Lewis, Harvey Co. "F" 4th Michigan Infantry

North, Ira Jr. Sgt. Co. "A" 10th Tennessee MTD Infantry 10-6-63 10-14-64

Fishtrap Cemetery

McLane, Benjamin 2nd Tennessee MTD Infantry

Freeman Cemetery

Daughtry, J.W. Pvt. Co. 45th Illinois Infantry 9-25-1864 12-8-1865

Fuller Chapel Cemetery

Liles, John B. Co. "G" 10th Tennessee Infantry

Lutts, Joseph M. Pvt. Co. "D" 2nd Tennessee MTD Infantry 10-6-63 10-14-64

Wilhite, J.W. Co. "I" 1st Alabama Cavalry

Gibbons Cemetery

Martin, James P. Pvt. Co. "D" 1st Alabama Cavalry

Houser Cemetery

Clifton, Nathaniel Pvt. Co. "F" 6th Tennessee Cavalry

Crews, William R. Pvt. 29th Illinois Infantry

Hughes Cemetery

Moore, William Rudy 2nd Lt. Co. "A" 46th Illinois Infantry

Kidd Cemetery

Pyles, Ithmar Pvt. Co "E" 92th Ohio Infantry 11-1863 5-18-1865

Lay Cemetery

(Wife of ) Gwattney, John T. Cpl Co. "G" 4th Tennessee Infantry

2-3-1864 6-14-1865

Loretto Cemetery

Cleveland, William A. Musician Co. "H" 57th Ohio Infantry

Loretto Scared Heart Cemetery

Dierolf, Mr. Co "E" 54th New York Infantry

Macedonia Cemetery

Garland, Joseph Co. "E" US Vol. Infantry

Mimosa Cemetery

Finny, Matthew M. Pvt. Co. "I" 85th Ohio Infantry 6-9-62 9-23-62

McKinn, George W. Sgt. Co. "A" 172th Ohio Inf. 4-16-61 8-18-61

Richter, Oliver Pvt. Co."E" 17th Ohio Infantry 4-61 8-61

Starr, John W. Lt. Co. "C" 48th US Col. Inf. 8-22-62 1-4-65

Mt. Zion Cemetery

Powell, M.M. Pvt. Co. "E" 2th Tennessee Infantry 11-63 5-18-65

Nelson Cemetery

Potter, Francis M. Pvt. Co. "H" 15th Indiana Inf. 5-8-61 7-8-61

Old Henryville Cemetery

Crum, Peter Cpl. Co "B" 32th Indiana Infantry

Viets, Elijah Pvt. Co. "I" 152th Ohio Infantry 7-7-63 12-15-64

Pleasant Garden Cemetery

Madison, Harrison O. Co. "H" 10th Michigan Infantry

Porter, Cyrus Pvt. 23rd Indiana Infantry 12-6-64 6-1865

Shephard, Alfred R. Cpl. Co. "E" 14th Michigan Infantry

Pleasant Grove Cemetery

McNally, john Co. "F" 146th Indiana Infantry

Miller, Isaac Co. "D" 176th Ohio Infantry

Tinsley, Joseph S. Pvt. Co. "C" 154th Indiana Inf. 3-21-65 8-4-65

Lutts, Joseph W. Pvt. Co. "H" 2nd Tennessee MTD Inf. 1-13-1864 4-17-1865

Pleasant Point Cemetery

Brown, James D. 6th Ohio Cavalry

Shannon, Ruel O. 6th Ohio Cavalry

Second Creek Cemetery

Williams, Lytleton P. Co. "I" 2nd Tennessee Infantry

Shiloh Cemetery

Mackey, Charles Cpl. Co. "A" 2nd Tennessee MTD Infantry

McKey, James H. Co. "H" 6th Tennessee Cavalry

Quillen, William M. Pvt. Co. "D" 3rd US 10-15-64 11-25-65

Simms Ridge Cemetery

Shaffer, George W. Pvt. Co. "H" 14th Iowa Inf. 3-23-63 6-1865

Smith Cemetery

Franks, Green, Co. "I" 2nd Tennessee MTD Infantry

Spann Cemetery

Redford, Joseph 1st Lt. 8th Kentucky

Summertown Cemetery

(Wife Of) Blakelee, Henry   Union Soldier

Brooks, Daniel D. Pvt. Co. "F" 18th Ohio Inf. 2-23-64 5-16-65

Crawford, George W. Pvt. Co. "G" 18th Michigan Inf. 8-5-62 7-11-65

Gady, John R. 5th Ohio L.A.

Hammond, H.L. Co. "A" 31th Wisconsin Infantry

Mason, F.C. 7th Michigan Infantry

Skillern, Napolean B. Sgt. Co. "H" 2nd Tennessee MTD Infantry 12-15-63 1-1-1865

Smith, J.C. Co. "F" 5th Wisconsin L.A.

Sweetland, Ovis B. Pvt. Co."G" 6th Michigan Infantry 8-20-61 8-20-1865

Tunnicliff, William W. Co. "C"13th New York

Wagoner, James Co. "H" 21th Michigan

Wharton, J.E.P. Co. "I" 8th Michigan Cavalry

Wolf Creek Cemetery

Cross, Joel J. Pvt. Co. "A" 2nd Tennessee Infantry


Names and information came from the Lawrence County 1890 Veterans Census and Lawrence County "At Rest" Cemetery book.


Veterans of Spanish-American War

  • 1.Bentley, George T.; SGT.; Co. D
  • 2.Bloom, Calvin H.; CPL.; Co. D
  • 3.Cook, Joe B; 2LT.; Co. D
  • 4.Drake, Gooch W.; CPL.; Co. D
  • 5.Entrekin, J.G.; Lawrence Co.
  • 6.Gilbreth, William J.; CPT.; Co.D
  • 7.McNeal, Edward C.; 1LT.; Co.D
  • 8.McNely, Edson E.;1SGT.; Co.D

World War I "Honor List of Dead"

Brewer, Alva McK.; Pvt. ; ArmyBrewer, Robert L.; Pvt.; Army
Burks, Thomas C.; Pvt.; ArmyButler, Fletcher W.; Pvt.; Army
Chambers, William A.; Cpt.; ArmyDavis, Wallace H.; Pvt.; Army
Fowler, Will; Pvt.; ArmyGarrstson, Teddy; Pvt.; Army
Hardiman, Mack V.; Pvt.; ArmyHarlan, George; Pvt.; Army
Hill, Price E.; Pvt.; ArmyHine, Luther; Pvt.; Army
Hollis, John G.; Pvt.; ArmyHollis, Joseph F.; Pvt.; Army
Hulsey, Thomas W.; Pvt.; ArmyJacobs, Willie; Pvt.; Army
King, Oscar R.; Pvt.; ArmyLay, William J.; Pvt.; Army
McGeha, Carl; Pfc.; ArmyMcIntyre, William; Pvt.; Army
Merrow, Floavios J.; N/A; ArmyPatterson, Malcolm C.; Pvt.; Army
Plemons, Garrett W.; Pvt.; ArmySmith, Andrew J.; Pvt.; Army
Spivey, Ozro B.; Pvt.; ArmyStewart, Edward Sartor; Pvt.; Army
Sudduth, Noonon C.; Pvt.; ArmyWilcoxson, Jesse C.; Pvt.; Army
Wiley, Jonas. L.; Pvt.; ArmyWilsford, Robert; Pvt.; Army
Yarbrough, Carl Houston; Pvt.; ArmyYarbrough, Clarence H.; Pfc.; Army
No Casualties Reported by the Navy
No Casualties Reported in the Marine Corps

Of the 682 Lawrence County participants in World War I we have the 32 dead above along with:

28 Wounded
572 Army Veterans
17 US Army Officers
Officers: 1 Marine, 1 Naval
30 US Navy Enlisted
1 USA Nurse

World War II Casualty List

Total of 3083 Lawrence County men served. 2548 drafted and 535 volunteered. The casualties are:

Abrams, Benjamin A. ;Sgt.; FOD Arnold, Paul H.; 2Lt.; NBC Beasley, Leland V.; Pvt.; KIA
Bivins, Neal B.; Sgt.; KIA Fradley, William E.; Pvt.; KIA Brink, Robert J. ;Maj.; KIA
Bryant, Robert J. ;Pfc.; KIA Burgress, R.O. Wilford; Pfc.; KIA Busby, Clarence C.; Pvt.; KIA
Cobble, Harry L.; Pvt.; KIA Cothan, Willie C.; 2Lt.;KIA Daniel, William E.; Pvt.; KIA
Davis, Thomas H. ;Sgt.; NBC Davis, Namon T.; Sgt.; KIA Donaldson, Norman B.; Pvt.; NBC
Faught, Robert L.; Pfc. ; DOW Fitzgerald, Cecil M.; Pfc.; KIA Forsyth, Noah B.; Pvt.; KIA
Freemon, Julius J.; Sgt.; KIA Garner, James S.; SSgt.; KIA Gray, James C.; Pvt.; KIA
Hammond, Malcolm H.; Pfc.; KIA Hill, Joseph O. ; Sgt.; KIA Willard J.; Sgt.; KIA
Hollis, Samuel K.; SSgt.; NBC Honeycutt, Alfred C.; Pvt.; KIA Hood, Earnest W.; Pvt.; KIA
Hooie, Marshall D.; Pvt.; KIA Hoover, Charles E.; Pvt.; KIA Howell, Lindsey E.; Pvt.; KIA
Hudson, Arthur A.; Pfc.; KIA Hyde, Willie J. C.; Pvt.; KIA Kelly, Freelon F.; Pfc.; KIA
Lindsey, Arthur T.; 1Lt.; KIA Long, Luther B.; Pvt.; KIA Looney, Joe C.; SSgt.; KIA
Lumpkins, Marshal L.; Pfc.; KIA Mabry, Leonard J.; TSgt.; NBC Marston, Lilburn O.; Pfc.; KIA
Martin, Ben; Pfc.; KIA McCullars, Clayton J.; Pvt.; NBC McKinney, James T. Jr.; Pfc.; KIA
Pilkinton, Charles W.; Pvt.; KIA Pilkinton, Clyde S.; Pfc.; KIA Preston, Elmer V.; SSgt.; KIA
Ray, Herman B.; Pfc.; KIA Register, Virgil W.; SSgt.; KIA Roberts, Joel B.; Pfc.; KIA
Scott, Warren G.H.; Pfc.; KIA Sims, Joe M.; Pvt.; KIA Smallwood, James C.; Pvt.; NBC
Smith, Harvie L.; SSgt.; NBC Stinnette, Henry T.; Pfc.; KIA Thigpen, Robert C.; Pvt.; DOW
Thomas, James A.; Fl O.; NBC Thomas, Jerry M.; SSgt.; KIA Thornsberry, Robert W.; Sgt.; KIA
Tidwell, Burel W.; Pvt.; NBC Ward, Albert G.; Pfc.; KIA Ward, James E.; Pvt.; KIA
Weir, Jerry L.; Sgt.; FOD Wray, Granville H.; Teg/5 ; KIA Wynn, Homer D.; SSgt.; KIA
Yeager, Taylor J.; Pvt.; NBC

Abrams, Louella; YM1c; NBC Campbell, Hooper; SM2c; NA Gallaher, Robert Neal; PM1c; D/K POW
Griffin, Warren G.; SM2c; NBC Kemper, Henry Gerhart; CM2c; NBC Land, Arnold Leon; SM2c; NA
Marks, Mitchell Henry; RM3c; NA Menendez, Raymond Robert; AOM3c; NA Mink, Wilson Elmo; PM2c; NA
Moore, Bernard Hewitt; SM2c; NBC Pigg, Lewis Henry; SC2c; NA Potts, Jasper D.; SM1c; NA
Thompson, Walter Nigel; PM2c; D/K POW Tice, William Lester; SC1c; NA West, Robert Henry; CFCM; NA
White, Taylor Ostine; Sm1c; NBC Wright, James Edward; HA1c; NBC

Goode, Fred H.; Pvt.; NA Hyde, Preston F.; Pfc.; NA
Jackson, Norval E.; Pfc.; NA Rochell, Bruce O.; Pfc.; KIA

"KOREAN conflict" Honor List of Dead and Missing

Total of 23 Lawrence County men lost their lives.

Busby, James E.; CPL; KIA Collins, James R.; PFC.; KIA Eells, Floyd Jr.; SGT.; KIA
Evers, Leonard; SGT.; KIA Greene, Howard B.; MSG.; KIA Jackson, Robert H.; PFC.; KIA
Marcus, Adrian T.; PV2.; KIA Marston, Bobby R.; PFC.; KIA Miller, George J.; SGT.; KIA
Morrow, Carl N.; 1LT.; KIA Prince, Gene C.; CPL; DOW Shedd, Harold; CPL. DIE

Vietnam Casualty List

Bosheers, James Larry; LCPL.; Leoma, TN. Burdette, Larry Wayne; PFC.; Summertown, TN. Hall, Gary Van; SP4.;
Ethridge, TN.
Quillen, Roger Dell; PFC.;
St. Joe, TN.(Missing)
Ratcliff, Jerry Scott; SSG.; Summertown, TN. Thompson, Johnny W; PFC.; Lawrenceburg, TN.
Brady, David Harvey; PFC.; Leoma, TN. Dickson, Kenneth O.; SP4.; Ethridge, TN Clifton, Randy Lee; SP4.; Lawrenceburg, TN.

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