Babb Family Photo


This is a photo of the Babb family. The father, Emmanuel Babb, was born in 1860 in Tennessee and died in Colfax, WA in 1930. His wife, Mary Ann (Lane) Babb was born about 1863 in Greene County, Tennessee and died fairly soon after this portrait was taken. I would estimate that the photo was taken right before the turn of the century. The youngest child, Martha Elizabeth Babb, was born in 1894 and she is about three or four in this photo. The son is William G. Babb, born 1884 and the middle daughter is Margaret Babb, born in 1891. Emmanuel was the son of William Carroll Babb and Susannah Thomason. After Mary Annís death he remarried and moved to Washington around 1904.
This photo with the above notes, was submitted by Becky Menzel, Genealogy Librarian, Spokane, WA Public Library.  If you have any information on this family, Becky would love to hear from you.  We hope you will also share any information with us so that it might be posted here as well.

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