War of 1812
Capt. Robert Maloney Company

Transcribed and submitted by  Stevie Hughes

The following is a transcription of the Muster Rolls and Pay Rolls of Captain Robert Maloney's Company, War of 1812. The Muster Rolls are more or less in alphabetical order. The Pay Rolls are first by Rank; then by alphabetical order. Many of the names are often difficult to read because of the age of the document, the microfilming process and the printed copy that I received from the Tennessee State Archives (Roll No. 2, MF#1459, 1812, pp 51-55). The transcription below relies on both documents to fully capture each name.  

Captain Robert Maloney was a tailor by trade, and at the time of the War, he lived in the town of Greeneville. He also maintained a farm in northern Greene County near the Cross Anchor area. Many of his recruits lived in or near this area. When the Civil Districts were later created in the year 1836, the Cross Anchor area, about three miles north of town, was situated in Districts 11 and 12.  

The dates of service were from October 14, 1813 through February 8, 1814, inclusive. These dates of military service are to be presumed, unless otherwise annotated. Men who did not serve their full term will have their discharge date and explanation following their name. The men were paid based on their Rank. If their pay was prorated because of an early discharge, their pay will also be annotated following their name.


A "tally sheet" summarizing the Company's roster was prepared on February 8, 1814 and signed by Robert Maloney, Capt. Unfortunately, a portion of the "tally sheet" is not readable, but included the following statistics:
Capt. 1st Leut. 2nd Leut. Ensign Sergt Corpl. Private Total  
1 1 1 1 4 4 61 73 Present for (unreadable)
          10 10 Previously discharged
           1  1 Deserted
           1  1 Attached to (unreadable)
Muster Roll:

"Muster Roll of a Company of Volunteer militia under the Command of Captain Robert Maloney in a Regiment of Tennefsee militia under the command of Colo. William Lillard. In the service of the United States from the 14th day of October 1813 untill (sic) the 18th day of February 1814 inclusive."

Pay Roll Roster:
(by Rank, with pay annotated)
Capt.       $   153.54    
Robert Maloney      
1st Leut.       $    115.    
Peter Harmon      
2nd Leut.      $       96.    
David Rice      
Ensign $       76.77     
Alexander Rufsell (Russell)      
Sergt. $      42.22    
William A. Hankins      
Joseph Holt      
Andrew Parks      
Vincent Anderson      
Corpl. $      38.38    
John Gass      
Alfred Hunter      
William Guin      
John Armitage      
Private $       30.70   (for those who served the entire period)
John Adams $         4.90   "Discharged October 29, 1813, "Unable to perform duty."
David Allison      
Alexander Brown      
John Britten      
Daniel Britten      
Jotham Brown      
William Brown      
George Brown     "Deputy Quarter Master Pro Tem"
James Callihan      
Ellis Carter      
Jerrimiah Casteel      
James Campbell     Deserted October 29, 1813
Elijah Carter $         4.12    
George Cunningham      
Emanuel Dyke      
Nicholas Dunnigan      
Edward Day $         4.12   Discharged October 29, 1813 "unable to perform duty"
Thomas Davis      
Robert Foster      
Richard Foshea      
Jesse Foshea      
John Frushur ??(Frushour??)      
James Gooden      
John Givin      
James Gladdin      
John E. Hankins      
John Harden      
Daniel Harty??      
David Hartley      
Ezekiel Howard      
John High $         4.12   Discharged October 29, 1813 "unable to perform duty"
John Hybarger      
Caleb Jones      
Joseph Johnston      
James Jackson      
John A. Jones      
John Johnston $         4.90   "Discharged October 31, 1813 "unable to perform duty"
Samuel Keller      
John M. Kyle      
Robert McCamish      
James McPherran      
Andrew McPherran      
John Malony      
Samuel Mitchell      
Samuel (??) McCamish      
John McKee      
William Mitchell      
Benjamin Muncufs?(Muncos)      
Thomas McCamish      
Cosrwell (??) A. Martin      
William McPherson $         4.12    
Samuel McPherson $         4.12    
William McNeece $         4.12   "Discharged October 29, 1813, "Unable to perform duty"
David Noggle $         4.12   "Discharged October 29, 1813, "Unable to perform duty"
John Price      
Constan?? Pratt      
William Pierce      
Clement Reynolds      
Owen Ragan      
Robert Rufsell      
Edward Rufsell      
Thomas Rufsell      
John Shields     "Waggoner his team entered service 20th October 1813"
James Shelby      
James Temple      
William Weston      
George Worley? or Wosley ?      
Ephraim Wilson      
John W. Wilson      
William White      
Mathew Winkle $       4.12   "Discharged October 29, 1813 "unable to perform duty"
Benjamin Wise $       4.12   "Discharged October 29, 1813 "unable to perform duty"
John Wright     "Waggoner, his team enterred service 20th October 1813"
Joseph Gladden      
Total $2,711.92       $2,709.76  
  $2,710.80       $     30.00 Deduct for blankets
Overpayments $       1.04      $2,679.76  

Captain Robert Maloney died in Greene County, Tennessee on June 16, 1848, and he is buried at the Cross Anchor Presbyterian Church Cemetery on Babbs Mill Road at Old Baileyton Road. His descendants included an Alderman, a County Clerk, and the esteemed teacher, historian and author, Richard Harrison Doughty (1923-2003).


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