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Even if your family is not yet shown in the items here, there is another way to connect to your families from Greene Co., Tennessee.  You can join the Greene County Genealogical Society!  If you have articles or brief family histories that you would like to share, just send to me and they will be posted promptly. 
Note: The Greene County Genealogical Society is in the process of collecting articles for a NEW HERITAGE BOOK.  Please read the particulars and participate in this important work if you have Greene County ancestors.
Family of Ellen “Nelly” Van Vactor, a Woman of Property and Means Stevie Hughes
Matthew Cox of Greene Co., TN - Revised John W. Cox
Family Record of Benjamin Brown with related families James W. Patrick
Family Record Valentine Sevier of Greeneville Pat Sabin
Biographies from  Goodspeed History of Greene Co. Nola Duffy
Photo and notes on Babb family of Greene Co. Becky Menzel
Kerbaugh Family of Greene Co., Tennessee Stevie Hughes*
Foster Family of Greene Co., Tennessee Stevie Hughes
Cooper Family of Greene Co., Tennessee Stevie Hughes
Cox Family of Greene Co., Tennessee Stevie Hughes
Hatley Family of Greene, Tennessee Stevie Hughes
Maloney Family of Greene, Tennessee Stevie Hughes
Johnson - Morgan Families of Greene Co., Tennessee Stevie Hughes
Willis Family of Greene Co., Tennessee Stevie Hughes
Perkins of Greene Co. and Kentucky Nola Duffy
  The following represent more fabulous contributions from Stevie Hughes. They are fully searchable PDF files but you will need a .pdf reader from Adobe which you can find here if you do not already have the latest version.
Jotham Brown, Sr.  
Jotham Brown, Jr.  
David Brown  
Zopher Johns(t)on the Elder  
Zopher Johns(t)on, Senior  
Zopher Johnston, Junior  
Joseph Johns(t)on  
John Johns(t)on  
*The family history pages submitted by Stevie Hughes are all from a book to be published shortly. The articles are copyrighted by Stevie Hughes and or the individual contributors as noted. Nothing from these articles is to be reposted or republished in any form without the express written consent of Stevie Hughes.
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