Afro-American History

Nelly, A Woman of Property and Means
Births, Deaths and Marriages

The Lost State of Franklin which included present Greene County. 
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History of the 13th Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry

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Church and Cemetery

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New Hope MM Church and Cemetery

The History of the Old Cooper Burial Ground, Greene County, TN

Transcription of WPA Cemetery Records
  Thanks to a lot of generous contributors, the WPA cemetery records are now complete!

Family Burials compiled and contributed by Carol D. Keith:
    Campbell Family Burials
    Harman/Harmon Family Burials
    James Family Burials - Part 1
    Jennings Burials In Various Cemeteries-Part 1
    Lambert/Lamberte/Lampert Burials In Various Cemeteries
    Lucas Burials in Various Cemeteries
    Mathew Family Burials
    Marshall Family Burials
    Mathes/Mathis Burials In Various Cemeteries
    Martin/Martyn Burials In Various Cemeteries
    May/Mays Family Burials
    Merriman/Merryman Burials In Various Cemeteries
    Middleton Burials In Various Cemeteries
    Miles/Myles Burials In Various Cemeteries
    Miller Burials in Various Cemeteries
    Milsap/Millsap/Millsaps Burials In Various Cemeteries
    Montgomery/Montgomerie Burials In Various Cemeteries
    Moore Family Burials in Various Cemeteries - Part 1
    Moore Family Burials In Various Cemeteries - Part 2
    Morgan Burials In Various Cemeteries
    Morris  Burials In Various Cemeteries 
    Moseley/Mosley/Mosely Burials
    Mullins Burials in Various Cemeteries
    Nicholson/Nicolson/Nickelson Burials In Various Cemeteries
    Norman Burials In Various Cemeteries - Part 1
    Parker Family Burials in Various Cemeteries
    Robinson/Robison Burials in Various Cemeteries
    Roger Family Burials in Various Cemeteries - Part 1
    Thomas Burials In Various Cemeteries
    Tucker Burials In Various Cemeteries
    Tyler Burials In Various Cemeteries
    Wall Burial in Various Cemeteries

Walton Burials in Various Cemeteries

    Waters Burials in Various Cemeteries
    Wilkins Burials in Various Cemeteries

Marriage Records

Marriages 1780 - 1837, Greene Co., Tennessee from WPA records.
  Note:  Please report any errors!! These are based on the WPA transcriptions and thus may not be completely accurate.  If you have any records you have personally documented that are different, please let us know.

Please send us any obituaries you might have for any Greene Co. related families!

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Tax List Data
Wills - If you have transcribed any wills, please consider allowing us to post them for the benefit of others!

Will of Samuel McPheron - 1848 Contributed by Sean Frances

Will of Jesse Davis - 1823 Contributed by Pat Sabin
Estate of Richard Woods Brown Contributed Stevie Hughes
Will of Martin Van Buren Brown Contributed Stevie Hughes
Please send along any records you may have transcribed for the benefit of other Greene Co., Tennessee researchers.  Shared genealogy data is the best possible way to find missing links. You may e-mail me with anything you might have to share and if you are a good typist, we have a number of projects we are working on and would appreciate any help!

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