The yearbooks included in the index are drawn from various sources - most are online at the Internet Archive.

To see the specific list of which yearbooks are included in the database so far, view the Yearbooks Included page.

What years are included?
Most of the entries are from 1930s and earlier, but this will be expanded over time.

Why do you only include seniors?
Usually, students progress through each year of college and then graduate. For sake of time, we are including the senior classes; though we understand there are times when students may not complete all four years at one institution. There are some exceptions in the index to the general rule of indexing only the senior class.

Where are the pictures?
If there is an online yearbook available you will need to go to the yearbooks directly to view the pictures. This site is an index only. When available, there are hyperlinks to the online yearbooks within each person's record

What if I find mistakes?
If you find a mistake, please email use the Contact Us page on this site.

The yearbook says a person is from a town that I know is an error, what do I do?
Sometimes we have made a mistake in the transcription, and sometimes the yearbook publishers make mistakes. If you find a mistake in the yearbook, use the Contact Us page to let us know and we may be able to figure out how to best represent that person in the database.

How do I know when you add new listings?
We will soon add an option for you to sign-up to receive updates when new information is added.

We would like to acknowledge Linda K. Lewis for her assistance with creating the user-search interface forms for this site. We are also grateful for our volunteer indexers Bernice Hoyle, Debbie Hyland, and Sharon Kletzien.

Last updated: January 31, 2015

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