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SEARIGHT, Frank Malone

City:  Nashville SEARIGHT, Frank Malone; born Nashville, Tenn., September 19, 1867; Scotch-Irish descent; son of George and Fannie (Malone) SEARIGHT; father, wholesale grocer; educated at Nashville, Tenn., High School, 1886; early in life he engaged in the grocery business, also brokerage; married Annie M. SHANNON, in 1893; member Masonic Lodge, […]

SCHUERMAN, William Henry

City:  Nashville SCHUERMAN, William Henry, educator; born Cincinnati, O., November 8, 1859; son of Christian Frederick and Henrietta (Woesten) SCHUERMAN; German descent; father, retired manufacturer; educated Cincinnati public schools, University of Cincinnati, Johns Hopkins; graduated University of Cincinnati, C.E., June 1881; began his business career as Civil Engineer; is now […]

ALLISON, Marshall Lafayette

City: Shelbyville ALLISON, Marshall Lafayette, farmer; born Marshall County, Tenn., October 30, 1860; son of Robert and Sarah (Elzie) ALLISON; father was a farmer; paternal grandparents Thomas and Mildred (Whiffield) ALLISON, maternal grandparents Abraham and Jane ELZIE; Scotch descent; educated Cornersville, Marshall County, Tenn.; married Elizabeth WILMOT, September 22, 1892; […]

ARCHIBALD, William Whallon

City: Shelbyville ARCHIBALD, William Whallon, lumberman; born Corry, Pa., October 17, 1868; son of Charles Edwin and Mary (Whallon) ARCHIBALD; paternal grandparents Varnum and Martha (Allen) ARCHIBALD, maternal grandparents Samuel Smith and Maria (Bell) WHALLON; Scotch-Dutch descent; father’s occupation, railroad conductor; educated and graduated at De Veaux College, Niagara Falls, […]

BEARDEN, Walter Scott

City: Shelbyville BEARDEN, Walter Scott, lawyer, Chancellor Fifth Chancery Division; born Petersburg, Lincoln County, Tenn., January 10, 1843; son of Benjamin Franklin and Susan Margaret (Blake) BEARDEN; father’s occupation, physician; paternal grandparents Benj. F. and (Wright) BEARDEN, maternal grandparents John W. and Mary (Morgan) BLAKE; Scotch, Irish, French and Huguenot […]


City: Memphis WINKELMAN, Henry T., manufacturer “Staff of Life Bread;” born Memphis, Tenn., October 25, 1870; son Henry and Marie (Schlatter) WINKELMAN; German descent; educated Memphis Public Schools; married Arra Belle COWGILL October 16, 1906; was elected on the Reform ticket November, 1905, member of the Board of Public Works; […]

HASKINS, Edward T.

City: Newbern HASKINS, Edward T., physician; born Newbern, Tenn., April 25, 1874; son of Aaron B. and Pattie (Tucker) HASKINS;paternal grandfather Edward T. HASKINS paternal grandmother Harriet Jane (Foster) HASKINS, material grandfather Richard W. TUCKER, maternal grandother Ella (Tucker) TUCKER; Scotch-­Irish descent; educated Newbern, Tenn., University of Tenn. and Vanderbilt […]

McCORKLE, John Edwin

City: Newbern McCORKLE, John Edwin, farmer, surveyor, and banker; born in Dyer Co., Tenn., May 17, 1839; Scotch-Irish descent; son of Edwin A. and Jane Maxwell (Thomas) McCORKLE; father’s occupation farming; paternal grandparents Robert and Margaret (Morrison) McCORKLE, maternal grandparents, William and Elizabeth (Purviance) THOMAS; graduated at Bluff Springs, Tenn., […]