City: Memphis WARING, Roane, lawyer; born in Shelby C0., Tenn., July 20, 1881; English-Scotch descent; son of Thomas Roane and Elizabeth Bell (Ashe) WARING; father’s occupation, merchant; paternal grandparents Robert P. and ___________ (Henry) WARING, maternal grandparents Sheppard M. and Martha (Rogers) ASHE; educated at Christian Bros. College, Memphis, Tenn., […]

HENRY, Freeland A.

City: Ripley HENRY, Freeland A., insurance; born Woodville, Tenn., Oct. 31, 1856; son of James O. and Martha (Hendren) HENRY; paternal grandfather Alexander HENRY, paternal grandmother Elizabeth (Caruth) HENRY, maternal grandfather John HENDREN, maternal grandmother Nancy (Hudson) HENDREN; scotch descent; educated Ripley, Tenn.; father’s occupation, mechanic; married first, Mary PORTER, […]

HENRY, Percy Dumville

City: Oakland HENRY, Percy Dumville, banker; born Arthur, Ill., March 12, 1882; Scotch-Irish descent; son of William M. and Susan (JACKSON) HENRY; father, physician; paternal grandfather George HENRY; maternal grandparents Charles K. and Sarah (DUMVILLE) JACKSON; educated at Slaughtersville, Ky.; Entered banking business Oct. 1901; at present he is cashier […]

POTTS, Theodore Semmes

City: Memphis POTTS, Theodore Semmes, minister; born Red River Co., Texas, in 1859; son of Rev. Ramsey D. and Mary (Pickett) POTTS; descent Scotch; educated Waco, Texas; graduated Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; married Annie HENRY June 16, 1884; member Masonic Lodge; has been pastor Baptist churches at Bonham and Dallas, […]

HENRY, Howell Meadors

City: Nashville HENRY, Howell Meadors, instructor; born Newberry, S. C., August 18, 1879; Scotch, Irish and German descent; son of Hugh P. and Martha H. (Boozer) HENRY; father, farmer; paternal grandparents James and Annie (Wright) HENRY; maternal grandparents John and Margaret (Taylor) BOOZER; graduated from Newberry (S. C. ) College, […]

DUNN, Samuel Houston

City: Townsend DUNN, Samuel Houston, lawyer; born Tuckaluchee Cove, Dec. 17, 1876; Scotch-Irish descent; son of William H. and Dorothy C. (Snider) DUNN; father’s occupation, farmer; paternal grandparents Greene and Rachel (Henry) DUNN, maternal grandparents George and Susannah (Handley) SNIDER; educated at Porter Academy; began career as a teacher; admitted […]

TAVEL, Albert Benjamin

City: Nashville TAVEL, Albert Benjamin, public official; born Neuchatel, Switzerland, May 20, 1843; Swiss and Italian descent; son of Paul Frederic and Marie Helene (Sabbatino) TAVEL; father’s occupation, bookseller in Naples and Neuchatel, farmer and bookbinder in Tennessee; paternal grandparents, Paul Frederic and Esther (Henry) TAVEL; educated in Stewart and […]

THORNTON, Gustavus Brown

City: Memphis THORNTON, Gustavus Brown, physician; born Bowling Green, Va., Feb. 22, 1835; English descent; son of James Bankhead and Marianna T. (Horner) THORNTON; fathers occupation, lawyer; paternal grandfather James Bankhead THORNTON, of Caroline Co., Va., maternal grandfather Dr. Gustavus Brown HORNER of Warrenton, Va.; educated in Memphis, Tenn., and […]

HENRY, Charles William

City: Maryville HENRY, Charles William, educator; born in Blount Co., Tenn., Sept. 30, 1878; Scotch-Irish descent; son of Capt. W.H. and Martha R. (Tedford) HENRY; father’s occupation, merchant, farmer and real estate dealer; paternal grandparents James M. and Ann (Hutton) HENRY; maternal grandparents, David W. and Sarah J. (Norwood) TEDFORD; […]