MALONE, William M.

City: Sharp’s Chapel MALONE, William M., farmer; born Hickory Valley, Tenn., Dec. 26, 1871; Irish and Dutch descent; son of James Fletcher and Sarah E. (Snoderly) MALONE; father, farmer; paternal grandparents John B. and Sally (Sharp) MALONE, maternal grandparents Daniel and Rachel (Whitten) SNODERLY; educated in the High Schools of […]

NELSON, Henry J.

City: Rogersville NELSON, Henry J., druggist; born Murfreesboro, Tenn., July 4, 1847; Scotch-English descent; son of Joseph and Mary E. (Graves) NELSON; father, druggist; educated at Murfreesboro, Tenn.; entered the drug business at Murfreesboro, Tenn., in early life; served a short while in Confederate army during civil war; married Lillie […]

HOBSON, William Langhorne

City: Memphis HOBSON, William Langhorne, wholesale grocer; born Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 16, 1877; French descent; son of Samuel and Lucy (Capers) HOBSON; father wholesale grocer; paternal grandparents William J. and Polly (Sims) HOBSON, maternal grandparents Benjamin and Rebecca (Graves) CAPERS; educated in Tennessee and Virginia; entered wholesale grocery business in […]