Peabody College

PORTER, James Davis

City: Paris PORTER, James Davis, attorney-at-law; born Dec. 7, 1828; son of Thomas Kennedy and Geraldine (Horton) PORTER; father physician; paternal grandparents William and Hanna (Kennedy) PORTER; maternal grandparents Josiah and Nancy (White) HORTON; educated at Paris, Tenn., graduated from Univ. of Nashville, A. B., 1846; LL.D. conferred 1880; married […]

WEST, Perry Bunyan

City: Lafayette WEST, Perry Bunyan, traveling salesman; born Walnut Shade, Tenn., Dec. 22, 1872; Scotch-Irish descent; son of Jesse and Sarah F. (HUDDLESTON) WEST; father’s occupation farmer; trustee and clerk and master of Chancery Court, Macon county; educated at Lafayette, Tenn. and Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn.; in early life taught […]

YOUNG, Bertrand Edward

City: Nashville YOUNG, Bertrand Edward, teacher; born Louisville, Ky., January 2, 1875; English and Scotch descent; son of Cyrus H. and Kate Dunlap YOUNG; father’s occupation banker and broker; paternal grandfather Daniel YOUNG, maternal grandparents Carson P. and Elizabeth (Dunlap) STROUSE; educated Louisville Training School (Kentucky), Vanderbilt University, University of […]

WALKER, Bradley

City: Nashville WALKER, Bradley, attorney-at-law; born Columbia, Tenn., October 14, 1877; son W. Q. and Alice (Cabler) WALKER; Scotch-Irish descent; graduated from Peabody Normal College, University of Nashville, 1898, University of Virginia, 1902; L.I., A.B., and B. of L; married Ethel MATHEWS Dec 17, 1903; member of Trinity Consistory No. […]

TOLMAN, Herbert Cushing

City: Nashville TOLMAN, Herbert Cushing, educator; born South Situate, Mass., November 4, 1865; ninth descendant from John ALDEN; son of James T. and Mary T. (Briggs) TOLMAN; father, manufacturer; paternal grandfather, Col. Samuel TOLMAN, maternal grandfather Cushing Otis BRIGGS; educated Yale University, University of Berlin and University of Munich; graduated […]

FRANTZ, Frank Flavius

City: Nashville FRANTZ, Frank Flavius, teacher; born Daleville, Va., August 23, 1874; German and French descent; son of Thornton P. and Sarah J. (Petit) FRANTZ; father’s occupation, farming; paternal grandfather Jacob FRANTZ; graduated from Central College, Fayette, Mo., B.A. degree, 1900; Vanderbilt University, M.A. degree, 1902, Ph.D., 1910; entered the […]

HAMBLEN, Annie Wray

City: Nashville HAMBLEN, Annie Wray, teacher; born Neely’s Bend, Tenn., October 30, 1883; English, Scotch and Irish descent; daughter of  J. K. P. and Mattie (Wray) HAMBLEN; father, farmer; paternal grandparents, William Henry and Varina (Fowlkes) HAMBLEN; maternal grandparents James M. and Mary Agnes (Bagwell) WRAY; received education at Neely’s […]

ARMSTRONG, Charlotte Morgan

City: Nashville ARMSTRONG, Charlotte Morgan, teacher; born Shelbyville, Tenn., May 16, 1880; Scotch-Irish descent; daughter of Archibald S. and Virginia Belle (Matthews) ARMSTRONG; paternal grandparents Archibald and Isabella (Davison) ARMSTRONG, maternal grandparents Robert and Mary (Blackwell) MATHEWS; father, merchant; educated  Nashville public schools, Peabody College, University of Chicago, Teachers’ College, […]


City: Nashville ANDREWS, D. Moore, teacher; born Franklin, Williamson County, Tenn., April 20, 189; English, Scotch and Irish descent; son of John Threat and Amanda Horton (Moore) ANDREWS; father was County Court Clerk; paternal grandparents Rev. Mark L. and Eliza (Dean) ANDREWS, maternal grandparents David and Frances (Ashlyn) MOORE; educated […]

ANDERSON, Arthur Blythe

City: Nashville ANDERSON, Arthur Blythe, Attorney General Tenth District; born Chapel Hill, Marshall County, Tennessee, September 29, 1869; son of Thomas H. and Mary E. (Langston) ANDERSON; Scotch-Irish descent; educated Peabody College, Nashville, University of Nashville, Cumberland University at Lebanon, Tennessee; L.L degree Peabody College 1890; B.S. University of Nashville […]