Cumberland University

SHANNON, James Edward

City: Sharon SHANNON, James Edward, physician and surgeon; born near Sharon, Tenn., June 23, 1864; Scotch-Irish descent; son of Henry Jefferson and Anna Eliza (Tansil) SHANNON; father, physician and surgeon; paternal grandparents James and Mary (Shannon) SHANNON, maternal grandparents Edward Albert and Caroline (Jenkins) TANSIL; educated in the country schools, […]

WILKES, Walter Stewart

City: Pulaski WILKES, Walter Stewart, lawyer; born Pulaski, Tenn., April 26, 1879; English descent; son of J. Summerfield and Florence Alabama (Barker) WILKES; father lawyer and member supreme court of Tenn.; paternal grandparents, R. A. L. and Judith (Harris) WILKES; maternal grandparents B. B. and Martha (Sample) BARKER; educated Wall […]

SMITH, John Robert

CITY: Watertown SMITH, John Robert, lawyer; born Statesville, Tenn., May 24, 1861; Irish and Dutch descent; son of R. T. and Amanda (Doss) SMITH; father’s occupation, farmer; paternal grandparents, John Y. and Leona (Shanks) SMITH, maternal grandparents, John P. and Lucretia (Threat) DOSS; graduated from Cumberland University, June 1889; was […]

BEARDEN, Edwin Whiteside

City: Shelbyville BEARDEN, Edwin Whiteside, public official; born Shelbyville, Tenn., March 23, 1875; Scotch-Irish descent; son of Walter S. and Margaret C. (Whiteside) BEARDEN; father, Chancellor of 5th Division Tenn.; paternal grandparents Dr. F. R. and Susan (Blake) BEARDEN, maternal grandparents Thomas C. and Margaret (Robinson) WHITESIDE; educated S. W. […]

ERWIN, Joseph Boyd

City: Shelbyville ERWIN, Joseph Boyd, minister;  born Williamson County, Tenn., January 23, 1846; son of Alexander Rogers and Louise Eleanor (Boyd) ERWIN; his father was a Methodist minister; Scotch-Irish descent; educated Florence University of Florence, Ala.; honorary degree D.D., June, 1886, by Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn.; married Fannie C. SMITH, […]