HENRY, Freeland A.

City: Ripley HENRY, Freeland A., insurance; born Woodville, Tenn., Oct. 31, 1856; son of James O. and Martha (Hendren) HENRY; paternal grandfather Alexander HENRY, paternal grandmother Elizabeth (Caruth) HENRY, maternal grandfather John HENDREN, maternal grandmother Nancy (Hudson) HENDREN; scotch descent; educated Ripley, Tenn.; father’s occupation, mechanic; married first, Mary PORTER, […]

HALE, Joseph S.

City: Ripley HALE, Joseph S., farmer; born Ripley, Tenn., Aug. 4, 1853; son of John Clem and Pamelia Wardlaw) HALE; father, commission merchant and farmer; was educated at Ripley, Tenn., he worked as a salesman in dry goods house and farmer in early life; married Ida Mildred KELLER, Feb. 22, […]

HAWES, Robert Rush

City: Woodbury HAWES, Robert Rush, merchant, farmer; born Cookeville, Tenn., Aug. 14, 1861; son of James Oscar and Harriet N. (Cooke) HAWES; father, merchant; paternal grandparents, William and Tabitha (Quarles) HAWES, maternal grandparents, Richard F. and Margaret (Cox) COOKE; educated at Hughes and Mims Male Academy, Edgefield, Tenn.; in early […]

HULING, Matthew Marshall

City: Winchester HULING, Matthew Marshall, physician; born Concord, Tenn., July 8, 1872; Scotch-Irish and French descent; son of D. C. and Cynthia A. (Keith) HULING; father, carpenter; paternal grandparents, Thomas A. and Julia A. (Holt) HULING; educated at Ewing and Jefferson College, Ewing, Tenn., and graduated from same A. B. […]

HANNAH, Harvey Horatio

City: Oliver Springs HANNAH, Harvey Horatio, lawyer; born Louisville, Ky., Aug. 30, 1868; German-Scotch-Irish descent; son of John H. and Lillie L. (GERDING) HANNAH; father soldier, lawyer and planter; paternal grandparents, John F. and Grace (TELFORD) HANNAH; maternal grandparents George F. and Eliza M. (LOWE) GERDING; graduated from University of […]


City: Obion HOWELL, J. W., merchant; established grocery business in Obion, Tenn., eighteen years ago, and is the oldest merchant in place at this time; served as city Councilman of Obion, Tenn., several terms; now City Recorder and has held office four years. Source: Who’s Who in Tennessee: A Biographical Reference […]

HARGROVE, John Andrew

City: Oakley HARGROVE, John Andrew, merchant and farmer; born Overton Co., Tenn., July 20, 1872; Irish descent; son of Milton R. and Margaret M. (NELSON) HARGROVE; father’s occupation, farming and dealing in live stock; paternal grandparents William E. and Elizabeth (BAKER) HARGROVE, maternal grandparents William and Annie (HATCHER) NELSON; educated […]

HENRY, Percy Dumville

City: Oakland HENRY, Percy Dumville, banker; born Arthur, Ill., March 12, 1882; Scotch-Irish descent; son of William M. and Susan (JACKSON) HENRY; father, physician; paternal grandfather George HENRY; maternal grandparents Charles K. and Sarah (DUMVILLE) JACKSON; educated at Slaughtersville, Ky.; Entered banking business Oct. 1901; at present he is cashier […]