YOUNG, Charles C.

Charles C. Young, a well known and enterprising merchant of Sparta, was born in this town February 25, 1845. He is the son of William M. and Matilda (Wallace) Young. His parents were married December 1, 1842. Mr. Young’s father was of Scotch descent and was born in Jackson County October 23, 1807, and died […]

YOUNG, Oliver F.

Oliver F. Young, a prominent merchant and farmer of Simpson’s mills, was born January 4, 1825, in Jackson County, Tenn., a son of James and Elizabeth (Draper) Young. The father was born in North Carolina about 1787, and immigrated to Tennessee in 1797 with his parents, John and Sarah Young. John Young, when six years […]


E. Winstead, a prominent farmer of the Fifth District, was born November 17, 1822, in Hawkins County, Tenn., the fifth child of Ephraim and Margaret (Martin) Winstead. They were of Irish-Welsh descent. The father was a farmer and stock raiser. He was a Whig, and his death occurred in Hawkins County October 27, 1832. The […]


H. B. Ward, a prosperous farmer and lumberman of Wards Station, was born April 26, 1844, in Milan, Ohio; a son of Elam and Christianna (Byard) Ward. The father was born in Connecticut, in December, 1806, and moved to Ohio in 1809 with his parents. His father was Col. Jared Ward, a native of England […]

TURNER, William

Wm. Turner, a prominent farmer and stock raiser of the Eighth District, was born in White County March 13, 1839, the third child of James and Ann (Lyda) Turner. The father was born about 1814, in Tennessee. He was a successful farmer of White County; he died in 1840. The mother is of Dutch descent, […]


J. H. Towles, a leading merchant of Onward, was born May 1, 1854, in Warren County, a son of John W. and Lucinda (Wilson) Towles. The father was born March 31, 1819, in Warren County, Tenn., where his father, Joseph Towles, a Virginian, emigrated in 1818. The mother was born November 4, 1824, and died […]


J. W. Taylor, a prominent manufacturer of jeans and woolen goods, and proprietor of a grist-mill, was born in September, (smudged) in White County, Tenn., of Irish descent. His father, Creed A. Taylor , as born about 1809, in Virginia, and immigrated to White County about 1818. His death occurred in 1857. The mother, Sarah […]


W. F. Story, of Story Bros., lawyers, was born in Fentress County, December 20, 1846, the son of Noah W. and Catherine (Woolsey) Story, both of English ancestry. The paternal ancestors came over with William Penn, one of whom, Thomas Story, assisted in the colonization of Pennsylvania. The father, born in North Carolina, died in […]


T. W. Stewart, a well known farmer of the Third District of White County, was born March 3, 1843, in Person County, N. C. When about seven years of age he immigrated to Tennessee with his mother and located in Hawkins County, E. Tenn., and came to White County in 1859. His mother, Frances (Epps) […]

SMITH, Col. W. G.

Col. W. G. Smith, lawyer, of the firm of Snodgrass & Smiths was born in Granville County, N. C., September 25, 1828, a son of George C. and Martha (Gooch) Smith, the former of German-French ancestry and the latter of Welsh descent. The father was born in Virginia in 1806, died at his son’s, Dr. […]