Swindell Bible

Transcribed by Tara Mitchell Mielnik Frontpiece reads: Walling, Tenn. June 26, 1909 Eva Swindell (Family pages have come loose and stuck back in.) R. H. Swindell and Eva Norris was married Oct 10 1897 Births: R. H. Swindell Borned Jan 2 1876 Eva Swindell Borned Dec. 31 1879 R.H. Swindell and Eva Norris Children Robt […]

Knowles Bible

Transcribed by Tara Mitchell Mielnik Notes on Bible: Fair Condition. Cover has been wrapped in material. First pages are missing, begins with Genesis Chapter 11. Family Record pages found between Old and New Testament. Family Record: (handwriting on this page all the same; possibly James A. Knowles?) James A. Knowles was born March the 19 1817 Matilda […]

Gillette Bible

Transcribed by Tara Mitchell Mielnik  (Bible is The Christian Workers Bible , copyright 1905) (handwriting believed to be Alice Knowles Gillette; births/deaths listed together on front piece; no Family Record pages) Henry Gillette and Alice Knowles was marred November the 5 1896 in White Co. Myrtie Irillah Gillette was born November the 8 1897 White Co. F.T.(?) Gillette […]