Wayne County, Tennessee

Church Records

Last Updated 10 November 2003

From the creation of Wayne County, Tennessee in 1817, religion has played a vital part in the lives of the people who called Wayne County home. The first recorded church in Wayne County, Tennessee was the Salem Primitive Baptist Church located in the Topsy Community on Buffalo River. This church was founded in 1819. By 1820, according to Goodspeed's History of Wayne County, there was a Methodist Church on Green River opposite the present site of Waynesboro. To date, the records of these earliest churches have not been found.

Church records are often difficult to locate. Many of the church records for churches in Wayne County, Tennessee have not survived the ravages of time. If any of our readers have information on either individual church records or organizational records of denominations, please let us know. You can contact us at Edgar D. Byler, III or Jerry W. Murphy.

The earliest continual church record found to date has been the record for the Union Baptist Church which was located in the Sorby Community on Hardin Creek. The record is being published in the "Wayne County Historian" and is available at the link below in its entirety.

Union Baptist Church Records

Providence Baptist Church Petition 1833

Short History Of Memorial Baptist Church

Green River Baptist Church Records 1866 - 1949

History of the Martins Mills / Lutts Baptist Church

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