Washington Co. Civil War Veterans, 2nd NC Mtd Inf

Washington Co. TN Men in the 2nd North Carolina Mounted Infantry 

The service records of the following men enlisted in the Second North Carolina Mounted Infantry (Union) show that they were born in Washington County, TN.

BROWN, Jasper; age 20; Co. C
BROWN, Reubin; age 25; Co. C
HARIS, Armstrong; age 20; Co. E
HARTSELL, Charles A.; age 25; Co. C
HENSLEY, Kensley; age 18; Co. A
KIRK, Daniel; age 18; Co. C
KIRK, Francis M.; age 18; Co. C
LEMONS, Washington A.; age 30; Co. C
McCLELAND, Oliver B.; age 17; Co. E
RUNNION, Hiram E.; age 16; Co. F
SQUIBB, George W.; age 23; Co. E

Source:  National Archives Microfilm Publications, Microcopy No. 401. Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers who served in Organizations from the State of North Carolina. Second Mounted Infantry, roll 13 A-Bo, roll 14 Br-El, roll 15 En-Ji, roll 16 Jo-O, roll 17 P-Sh, roll 18 Si-Y.

Note:  The Second North Carolina Mounted Infantry was organized at Knoxville, Tennessee in October, 1863. The above service records show age at enlistment, which would have been between 1863 and 1865. The unit was composed of around 1000 men, most of which were from North Carolina, but many from Tennessee and other states. I just thought this information might be helpful to someone searching their Tennessee ancestor’s role in the Civil War; as most people would never think to look for a Tennessee man in a North Carolina Union army unit.
Nov. 7, 1998

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