Col. William Johnson



Captain Andrew Lawson’s Company
20 September 1814–3 May 1815

Lawson, Andrew; CPT
Miller, Peter; 1LT
McKee, Robert; 2LT
Humphreys, Lesly; 3LT; disch 25 September 1814
Buckingham, Thomas C.; SGT
McCray, Philip; SGT
Lyon, Asher; CPL
McNeal, John; CPL

Arwood, John; subst for Jesse Arwood

Balenger, James
Ball, Joseph
Been, Russel; subst for Cullen Cotton
Bell, Joseph E.
Bitner, Samuel
Bowman, William
Brown, David
Brown, Jacob
Brown, Solomon
Boring, Greenbury; subst for Henry Bowers

Collins, Jonathan; subst for Thomas Thacker

Douglas, Thomas

Early, Samuel
Early, Thomas; subst for Jacob Varner
Edwards, Morgan; subst for John King
Ellit, Thomas T.W.; disch by doctor 24 September 1814

Fawbush, Thomas; subst for Henry McCracken
Flowers, William; subst for Urias Martin
Ford, Horatio; subst for Valentine DeVault

Gaines, John
Gaines, Joshua; subst for Ephraim Drake
Gann, Joshua; subst for William Patton
Guinn (Gunn), William

Hale, Bird
Hale, James
Hathaway; Abraham; disch 24 September 1814
Henry, Eli
Holtsinger, John
Huffman, Jacob

Jackson, Isaac; subst for Benjamin Jackson
Justus, John

Kennedy, Isaac
Kirk, George; subst for Asa Eppis

Martin, James
Massingale, George
May, Peter
Mitchell, James; reported sick at home
Mitchell, Nelson; subst for Thomas Mitchell

Nelson, James; subst for James Harvey
Nelson, Southway

Robertson, Enoch
Rogers, Elijah; subst for Enoch Job
Rogers, Jeremiah
Ryland, John; subst for Joseph Shields

Sands, Edmund
Shipley, James; subst for Joseph Crouch
Sliger, Adam; subst for Henry Sliger
Somers (Sowers), William
Springs, James; subst for James Ford
Squibb, Caleb

Teague, Jacob; subst for Zacheus Routh
Tharp, James
Thresher, Isaac; subst for David McGinnis
Tittle, John
Trotter, Joseph

Whitlock, John
Williams, Green
Whittiker, Thomas
Williams, James

Abstracted with permission from History of Washington County Tennessee, 1988 by The Watauaga Association of Genealogist, PO Box 117, Johnson City, TN 37605-0117.