1918 VA US Bond Holders

From the Chief Clerks Book
Fiscal Years 1904 –17
National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, Mountain Branch

Bond Holders 

The Chief Clerks Book is a record of temporary employees at The National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, Mountain Branch, at Mountain Home, Tennessee, and it also contains the names of patients and employees who had invested in [U.S.] Bonds about the time of WW I. See the beginning of the Chief Clerks Book for the temporary employees.

In the back section of the ledger, an accounting for Bonds is recorded, listing their value and the name of the owner. Entries that appear to be withdrawals are accompanied by the signature of the person holding the bond or designee; most of the dates following the signature are in the 1918s.

p. 131   Company A

White, Henry P
Kyle, Henry
Irvine, John C
Renner, Jacob
Hutchinson, Marcus
Hempel, Ernest
Mensdrof, John
Wadkins, Thomas
Perryman, Patrick
Reese, C E
Crabtree, T W
Sullivan, Aaron
Gerherdt, Henry
Sage[?], Ned
Johnson, Thomas
Orr, Charles A
Husemance, W H
Hutchinson, Marcus


p. 133–134  Company B

Dixon, John
Artemas, James
Peoples, Peter
Harris, Kension
Duteter, Alexander
Bridges, Samuel
King, Absalom
Hall, Charles
Cummings, Isaac
Hampton, William
Williams, William
Waters, W F
McLain, B W
Lillard, Isaac
Hesrue, John
Ford, Benjamin
Washington, George
Hall, Green
Yancy, Clarence
Myers, Frederick
Wilkes, Thomas
Eaton, O M
Irvine, W C
Stafford, Charles H
Davis, Lester P
Montgomery, Thomas
Corbin, L R
Kemp, G O
Smith, Henry
Robinson, William
Hyatt, D P
Johnson, Livin

p. 135-136   Company C

Nichols, Levi
Connor, Dennis
Boyd, Allen
Thompson, Andrew S
Cox, William
Dutton, James M
Taylor, Thomas D
Butler, James W
Malone, William
Pond, Clifford E
Carroll, Patrick
Catterson, John
Peery, Marcus L
Ferry, Henry L
Bord, James
Wormwood, E A
Dougherty, John O
Lauer, John
Dougherty, W H
Smith James M
Porter, Robert
McNarne, John
Watts, John
Tophar, J(oseph) L
Linder, Rudolph L
Burt, John H
Callaghan, David
Oliver, Peter
Brooke, David
Cox, William

p. 137–138   Company D

Benson, William S
Middaugh, James K P
Fish, Henry S
Hodgman, Daniel
Cooper, Allen B
Petterson, John C
Beckley, Phillips
Rihl, John
Hillas, Joseph
Agnew, Edward
Oliver, Henry C
Bodie, William
Skannall, Thomas
Empson, John G
Ritter, John J
Gribble, Andrew J
Churchill, Benjamin M
Shannon, J B
Agnew, James C
Taylor, Richard A
Robbins, James C
White, James
Kinley, Oliver C
Frazier, James
Healey, James
Jones, George M
Tobin, John S
Murray, Patrick
McClennean, Samuel
Call, C
Baldwin, C S
Empson, John D
Dyer, Marion
Moore, Daniel H

p. 141   Company F

Sweeney, Edward
Lellibridge, J O
Underland, Thomas
Swain, S T
Childress, John C
McGee, John
Collins, Thomas
McKerrna, James I

p. 145    Member Officers and Civilian Employees

Deaderick, Charles Y
Corfrew, Walter
Greenawalt, David
Campbell, William F
Miller, J K
Murray, J(oseph) B
Whitlow, Clarence
Dueswall, W E
Goodman, J H
Henson, George
O’Neil, Denny
Ensey, Nelson R
Mathes, B A
Hoover, Walter
Gray, J S
Rowe, R L
White, Samuel
Hartell, Maggie
Fuqua, Mae
Murphy, George H
Hawley, E C
Lyle, Chas H
Patterson, Edgar
Meredith, R H
Carter, John
Carter, Charles
Fine, Kenneth
Treadman, Chas E
Almany, Pearl E
Dennis, Edgar

p. 146    Civilians

Wall, Mary O G
Brownlow, F B
Laird, Sam B
Taylor, Miss E C
Overton, Sallie T
King, H H
Nevins, A C
Harrington, E S
Coleman, George D
Sargent, Lola
Bailey, Robert H
Britton, J B
Ezell, A N
Cooke, Thomas H
Cox, Webster
Hodge, Mrs. J V
Cullivan, John J
McIntyre, W P
Cooke, R B
Donnelly, J C
Lyle, Mary G
Hineley, J A
Parshall, Frank
Smith, Miss Elfie
Smisch, Mrs. John P
Vines, Lena

The Chief Clerks Book is found in the Museum at Mountain Home, PO Box 984, Mountain Home, Tennessee 37684.

Photographed and abstracted by M. Hougland, August 2008. Posted Sep 11, 2008

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