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NOTE: Not all issues are available.

 Year: 1893

Vol. XXIV. #45 Thurs., Feb. 16, 1893 

Brown, Thomas G.

Thomas G. Brown, son of James and Rachel Brown, deceased of Jonesboro, Tenn. was born June 4, 1833, and died Oct. 26, 1892. He was a Confederate officer in the late Civil War. 

Keebler, Child of Dave

Sunday afternoon, child of Dave Keebler, who lives four miles north of town. 

Vol. XXIV. #46 Thurs., Feb. 23, 1893 

Carrier, Mrs. William

(Bluff City item) Thursday night of consumption, Mrs. William Carrier, and was buried Saturday afternoon, leaving a husband and a small boy. 

Miller, Emma

(Telford item) Miss Emma Miller died at her home near here on Thurs., 16th. 

Rhudy, Child of John

(Hardup Community item) one of the beloved children of John Rhudy. 

Vol. XXIV. #47 Thurs., March 2, 1893

Chase, John

(Douglas Shed item) John Chase, aged about ninety, died at his home the 14th inst., with paralysis.

Rhudey, Son of  John

(New Hope item) a son of John Rhudey’s died Friday night Feb. 17th and was buried Sunday 19, at Maple Grove. 

Fulkerson, Baby

(Keebler’s X Roads item) A baby of Martin and Sarah Fulkerson died and was buried at Pleasant Valley last week. 

Lyle, John Sr.

John Lyle, Sr., who lived five miles east of Jonesboro, died Tuesday morning and will be buried in the home cemetery. Mr. Lyle was a successful farmer and brick mason, about 83 years old. 

Vol. XXIV. #48 Thurs., March 8, 1893 

Lyle, John

(Piney Flats item) J. K. Miller and wife went to Johnson City Wednesday to attend the burial of her Uncle John Lyle. (See just above). 

Miller, Girl of P.A.

(Sixteenth Dist. Item) A little girl of P.A. Miller’s passed quietly to rest last Thursday night. 

Bernard, R.F.

The death of the wife of Col. R.F. Bernard occurred at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, the 24th Dec. 1882 (Note: not doubt this is a typo error and should be 1892-WAB). She was the Colonel’s second wife and they had only been married about a year. She left an infant, a boy, seven days old. 

Vol. XXIV. #49 Thurs., March 16, 1893 

Bair, Mary

(Washington College item) Mrs. Mary Bair, on last Thursday evening. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Willoughby at Old Salem church. 

Bucannon, Mrs. —

(Persimmon Hill item) The burial of Mrs. — Bucannon, an aged lady who lived near Bowmnantown, took place at Leesburg, on the 10th inst.

Keebler, Elihu

Elihu Keebler, two miles northwest of town, died Friday morning and was buried Saturday. 

Wiley, E.E.

Dr. E.E. Wiley, of Emory and Henry College, died at his home at Emroy, Va., Monday morning, March 13, 1893. He was over 80 years old, was President of the College for 27 years, but had retired some years ago. Dr. Wiley was Capt. L. E. Reeves’ brother-in-law. 

Vol. XXIV. #50 Thurs., March 23, 1893 

Carroll, Mrs.–––

(Christie item) Near the Washington and Greene County line on March 15th ins., Mrs. ––– Carroll 

Burnett, John

Sheriff John Burnett, of Campbell County, was killed on the Knoxville and Ohio passenger train last Saturday morning, at Hell’s Point, near Newcomb, in Campbell County. His murderer, Jesse Jones, was placed in the Jackboro jail and Saturday night about ten or eleven o’clock, he was lynched by a mob of citizens.

Vol. XXIV. #51 Thurs., March 30, 1893

Basket, John

(Christie item) John Basket, of Roane Co., Tenn., was recently shot and died from his wounds. He was the son of Clark Basket, a former resident of this section. 

Bayless, Child of Luke E.

Sunday night, a month old child of Luke E. Bayless died rather suddenly and was buried in the new cemetery Monday. 

Vol. XXIV. #52 Thurs., April 6, 1893 

Bacon, Jesse

(Keebler’s X Roads item) Jesse Bacon, and aged citizen of this place, died Monday and was buried on Tuesday.

Sevier, Henry Valentine

(Jacksonville, Fla., Mar. 31st dateline) Henry Valentine Sevier, formerly Editor of the Evening Telegram of this city, and more recently of the Times-Union staff, died of pneumonia at 10 o’clock this morning. He was a native of Greeneville, Tenn., 39 years old, and had been connected with newspapers in Greeneville and Knoxville, Tenn. and at Macon and Atlanta, Georgia, prior to his coming to Florida in 1889. He leaves a wife and three children. 

Smith, Kirby

Kirby Smith, 28th March, at his late home in Sewanee, Tenn., and this death removed the last of the full Generals of the Confederate Army. He was 73 years old and left a large family. 

Lacy, Thomas

(Johnson City item) Thomas Lacy, age about 25, met with a fatal accident Saturday night while walking on the E.T.V. & G. railroad track just east of 3C’s crossing. 

Vol. XXV. #1 Thurs., April 13, 1893 

Hartman, H.N.

(Cherry Grove item) At the residence of J.C. Hartman, the 7th inst., of consumption, H.N. Hartman, age 29. He leaves a wife and one little boy. Remains interred at Pleasant Grove cemetery on the 9th inst. 

Allen, Catherine

(Sixteenth Dist. Item) of Catherine Allen will be preached at New Hope on the second Sunday in June. 

Mann, Jonathan L.

The wires a few mornings ago announced the death of Rev. Jonathan L. Mann, of California, former resident of East Tennessee and a Pastor of Knoxville. He was a Chaplain in the Ninth Tenn. Cavalry of the Union Army. 

Grimes, Mrs. James

James Grimes wife died Sunday night and was buried Monday. 

Keebler, Elihu

Elihu Keebler, who died March 9, 193, was born June 15, 1821. He was the son of John Keebler. He first married a Fitzgerald and after her death, a sister of Nathan Shipley and an Aunt of E. A. Shipley. He left a wife and three children. 

Vol. XXV. #2 Thurs., April 20, 1893 

Ball, Mother of Isaac

(Persimmon Hill item) On last Wednesday morning, the beloved mother of Isaac Ball. 

Vol. XXV. #3 Thurs., April 27, 1893 

Wagner, Mrs. Matthias

(Cherry Grove item) we are sorry to not the recent death of Mrs. Wagner of High Health, Johnson County. She was the wife of Matthias Wagner who, five years ago, was a resident of this section. Since his residence in Johnson County, he has buried six of his family, one son, four dau. & wife. 

Walker, William

(New Hope item) William Walker, at his home last Saturday. He was laid to rest in the Maple Grove cemetery. 

Hale, Landon C.

Landon C. Hale, of Haw’s X Roads, died April 19, 1893. He was born 1812 and has always resided in this county. He raised a large family of children; among the members is James E. Hale, Esq. 

Vol. XXV. #4 Thurs., May 4, 1893

Eutsler, Noah

(Dove’s Mill item) Noah Eutsler, an old and respected citizen of this community, died at his home near Dove’s Mill last Tuesday morning of paralysis. 

Vol. XXV. #5 Thurs., May 11, 1893 

No deaths recorded.

Vol. XXV. #6 Thurs., May 18, 1893

Issue is missing.

Vol. XXV. #7 Thurs., May 25, 1893 

French, J.L. Jr.

Tribute of Respect: Of the Limestone Lodge, #1132, Knights of Honor (dated April 16th) to our much esteemed and beloved brother, Rev. J.L. French, Jr., (deceased). (No death date stated – WAB) 

Boring, Mrs. John

(Garber’s Mill item) Mrs. Boring, wife of John Boring, departed this life last week and was buried at Union. She leaves ten children. 

Vol. XXV. #8 Thurs., June 1, 1893 

Thompson, Rebecca

(Unaka View item) The funeral services of Mrs. Rebecca Thompson will be preached at Unaka View on third Sabbath is June, 10; 30 a.m. 

Cochran, Mrs. John

(Christie item) At her home near Christie, the 8th inst., Mrs. John Cochran, her remains were interred at maple Grove cemetery, the 9th inst. She leaves a husband and four little children. 

Nave, Samuel

Samuel Nave died Friday afternoon at 3:30

Note: Next four issues-#9 — 10 — 11 — 12 are missing, also note change in publication day.

Vol. XXV. #13 Wednesday – July 5, 1893

Thompson, Elbert S.

(Fairview item) Elbert S. Thompson departed this life, Thursday 22nd inst. (Note error: inst. should have been ult. – WAB) 

Butler, Mr. –––

(Red Bud Valley item) Mr. ––– Butler died at his home near Cedar Hill Friday night and was buried at May’s graveyard Sunday. 

Howser, J.J.

J.J. Howser died at his home, Limestone, Tenn., June 3rd. He would have been 60 (note: the “60” was marked through and written in ink “66” – GMO) years old at his next birthday. He spent his life in Washington and Greene counties, was a member of the M.E. Church and leaves a widow. 

Jones, Claude

Claude Jones, infant son of I. S. N. Jones, died June 28th at Austin Springs, and was buried at Erwin, June 30th. 

Asbury, William

William Asbury was shot and killed last Saturday night in Mountain City, by Charles Luttrell – too much whisky. 

Lady, James R.

(Crookshanks item) The funeral of James R. Lady will be preached the second Sunday (July 9th) at Sulphur Springs, by Rev. Geo. Cox.

Vol. XXV. #14 Wednesday, July 12, 1893 

Cox, Calvin

(Free Hill item) One of our oldest citizens, Calvin Cox, died July 7th, and was buried on the 8th. 

Thompson, Elbert

(Unaka View item) Elbert Thompson died June 23rd, leaving a wife and five children. (Note: in last week’s issue above, death date was given as the 22nd – WAB). 

Shanks, Thomas

(Christie item) The remains of Thomas Shanks, son of Kelly Shanks, of Milburntown, Greene county, Tenn., was buried the 4th. He was a traveling salesman and had died in N.C. with typhoid fever. 

Carr, Mrs. J.M.

Mrs. J.M. Carr died Monday last at her home in Johnson City. 

Dooley, William A.

William A. Dooley, of Sullivan County, died Monday night at his home. He was Mrs. J.W. Hoss’ father. J.M. Dooley, his son, is attending the World’s Fair. 

Ross, Mary P.

On last Friday afternoon, Mrs. Martha J. Murry received a telegram announcing the death of Mary P. Ross, of Athens Tenn., Mrs. Ross was Mrs. Murry’s last living sister. She was for many years a resident of this town and at her death had reached the ripe old age of eighty or more. Mrs. Murry and Rev. J.L. Burson, of Bristol, are the last of a family of twelve. Mrs. Burson has passed the time allotted to man by five years and Mrs. Murry is sixty-seven.

Vol. XXV. Wed., July 19, 1893 

Emmert, W.C.

The Erwin Magnet last week came to hand in mourning over the death of Col. W.C. Emmert, of Erwin, which occurred July 7th. He was one of the leading citizens of Unicoi County, at one time State Senator from this district (Jonesboro 15th) and by profession a lawyer. He was married Jul 2, 1837 to Amanda Renshaw of Jonesboro, and has lived to see his six children grown and married, all of which survive him. 

Butler, Ira E.

Ira E. Butler was born June 2, 1811, died July 1, 1893, aged 82 years, 29 day. Brother Butler was a father of twelve children, ten of which, and also many grandchildren are left to mourn. He had never connected himself with any branch of the Christian church, but was a Methodist in principle.

Stout, J.M.
Waddell, E.D.
Fine, Ross

In last weeks issue we failed to take notice of the following esteemed citizens: Dr. J.M. Stout, E D. Waddell, of Limestone: and Ross Fine, of the 8th dist. 

Brown, Mrs. R.C.

Mrs. R.C. Brown, of Rankins’ Depot, Tenn., died last Friday at her home and was buried Saturday afternoon at the same place. Mr. & Mrs. Brown were for many years residents of this place. 

Bally, Mrs. I.N.

Mrs. I.N. Bally of Boon’s Creek, died last week at the home of her parents in North Carolina, leaving a number of little ones and her husband. 

Vol. XXV. #16 Wed., July 26, 1893 

Worley, Emma

(Johnson City item) Miss Emma Worley died last Friday at 10 o’clock and was laid to rest in the old cemetery Saturday morning. 

Carr, Lilburn

(Watauga Flats item) Lilburn Carr, a young man nineteen years old, was drowned here the 6th of this month. 

Newland, Mrs. –––

In Sullivan County, a few days ago, Mrs. ––– Newland, mother of Mrs. J.P. Doggett. 

Self, Mora Gillespie

Died, July 18, 1893, Mora, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Gillespie, and wife of Duncan Self, in the thirty-fourth year of her age. 

Patrick, Mrs. J.H.

Mrs. J.H. Patrick, daughter of ex-Governor, William G. Brownlow, died at her father’s late residence in Knoxville last Friday.

Note: Publication must have ceased for 3 weeks — #17 picked up with Aug. 23, 1893 dateline.

Vol. XXV. #17 Wed., Aug. 23, 1893 

Taylor, Mrs. Jas. P.

(Johnson City Comet item) the news of the death of Mrs. Taylor, wife of Gen Jas. P. Taylor, which occurred at her home at Clarkson, this county, was received in this town last Friday with surprise and regret. The funeral services were held at the late residence Sunday and the remains taken to the old family burying ground, at Happy Valley, in Carter county, for interment. 

Slonaker, Mother of D.N.

(Telford item) Death visited the home of D.N. Slonaker on July 31st and took from him his dear mother. 

Sifford, Mrs. George

Died: Mrs. George Sifford, of the fourteenth district, died last Thursday night and was buried at Pleasant Valley Sunday. 

Jarvis, Sallie

Mrs. Sallie Jarvis, widow of A.M. Jarvis, died Monday morning and was buried at Speedwell in the eighth District.

Cox, Mrs. Jas. H.

Returning from Texas Monday, were he has resided the past two years, Jas. H. Cox, of this county, reports his wife died in June, and that he is done with Texas.

Vol. XXV. #18 Wed., Aug. 30, 1893 

Beckett, Mrs. C.W.

(Garber’s Mill item) a few days ago, Mrs. Beckett wife of C.W. Beckett 

Brown, Jane

(Cherry Grove item) on the morning of the 26th at 6 o’clock, Mrs. Jane Brown, an aged and highly respected lady of this community passed away, leaving a family of five children, three boys and two married daughters.

Vol. XXV. #19 Wed., Sept. 6, 1893 

Powell, Mollie M.

Mrs. Mollie M. Powell, wife of Joseph L. Powell, died at her home in Bristol Monday night. She was a daughter of the late Dr. E. Murray, of Jonesboro, and leaves a husband, three small children, a mother, and brothers and sisters. Her remains were brought to this place, and after funeral services at the First Presbyterian Church by Rev. C.A. Duncan were taken to the family graveyard on Cherokee for interment. 

Jackson, Samuel D.

Samuel D. Jackson, of Mountain City, died last Friday morning 6:30 o’clock, at the age of sixty-six. Mr. Jackson was the oldest brother of Mrs. Eliza Murphy, of this place, and the son of the late Gen. E.A. Jackson. He leaves a wife & 9 children. 

Vol. XXV. #20 Wed., Sept. 13, 1893

Johnson, James

(May Day 8 item) the angel of death has again visited our community and claimed for it’s victim, James, the son of Andrew and Matilda Johnson.

Vol. XXV. #21 Wed., Sept. 20, 1893 

Johnson, James

(Garber’s Mill item) James Johnson, who has been lying at point of death, died and was buried at Bethesda a few days ago. (See above) 

Story, Mrs. –––

(Garber’s Mill item) Died recently in this community, Mrs. ––– Story.

Watson, Mrs. —

(Harmony item) Mrs. — Watson, of Cherokee, came last Monday to visit with Jasper N. Lewis, ate a hearty supper Tuesday night and Wednesday morning (13th) she was dying, passing away in a few minutes. (She was the mother of Mrs. Lewis – WAB) 

Gann, Jimmie

(Gladstone item) Uncle Jimmie Gann died Thursday morning at 3 o’clock and was buried Friday at Asbury. 

Green, Geraldine

Mrs. Geraldine Green, living near Washington College died yesterday morning.

Carson, James M.

James M. Carson (the “M” is marked out and “Alexander” written in ink – GMO) Died at his home in the Sixteenth District yesterday of Typhoid fever, and will be buried by the Masons at Leesburg today at 1 p.m. He was a member of the Limestone Masonic Lodge.

Vol. XXV. #22 Wed., Sept. 27, 1893

Hale, Infant

Cherry Grove item) infant of Mr. And Mrs. T.N. Hale was buried Sunday at Fairview. 

Swatzell, Joe

Joe Swatzell was drowned in Chucky River on Wednesday of last week while repairing the wire on the Ferry (excerpt from E. Tn. News)

Stout, J.N.

Limestone Loge, #1132, Knights of Honor, Limestone, Tenn., Aug. 30th, pays its respect of it’s recently departed Brother, Dr. J.N. Stout, worthy member was laid to rest in the Maple Grove cemetery, last Sunday. 

Laws, Child of Landon

Landon Laws child, near Ebeneezer, died Monday evening.

Chester, Katie

Miss Katie Chester died at her home below Jonesboro, Saturday evening, and was buried at the Lyle graveyard Monday.

Vol. XXV. #23 Wed., Oct. 4, 1893

Ester, Mrs. —

Mrs. Ester, cousin of Rufus Treadway, died and was buried at Bethesda a few days ago. Her sister, Mrs. Beckett, was buried about thirty days before. 

Vol. XXV. #24 Wed., Oct. 11, 1893

Houseer, I.

I. Houseer was born in Bedford County, Va., Dec. 22, 1829, and died June 3, 1893. He married Miss Ann Yeager, May 2, 1855. Four children were born to them, one son and three daughters. One son and two daughters still living, Maria, the oldest daughter, preceding her father in death. At age 18 he united with the Methodist Church at Abingdon, Virginia. 

Vol. XXV. #25 Wed., Oct. 18, 1893

Hartman, Ernest

(Cherry Grove item) Little Ernest, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gentry Hartman, was buried at Pleasant Grove Sunday.

Vol. XXV. #26 Wed., Oct. 25, 1893

Cooper, Ann

(Johnson City item) Mrs. Ann Cooper, a lady 98 years old, died Sunday evening and was buried on Sinking Creek Monday. 

Vol. XXV. #27 Wed. Nov. 1, 1893

No deaths listed.

Vol. XXV. #28 Wed., Nov. 8, 1893

Clark, Carrie R. Lintie

Died a t the home of her daughter at Telford, Tenn., Oct. 31st, Mrs. Carrie R. Lintie Clark, age 61 years, 9 months, 14 days. She leaves a son and daughter. In 1873 she became a member of the Brethren. 

Carson, Jas. A.

Resolution of Respect: By Arcana Lodge, #489, F. & A. M. in memory or our beloved Brother, Jas. A. Carson, who died Sept. 19, 193. (Note: written in ink “See Pg 22-Vol XXV-#21” – GMO)

Stuart, Sam. D.

Our town was shocked this morning with the announcement of the death of Sam. D. Stuart, about 7:30 o’clock. (Full account given next week).

Vol. XXV. #29 Wed., Nov. 15, 1893

Huffine, Mrs. Daniel

(Dove’s Mill item) Mrs. Daniel Huffine died at her home, on Little Cherokee, on the 4th of this month and re remains were laid to rest in Union Cemetery.

Stuart, Sam D.

Sam D. Stuart was born on Boon’s Creek, March 29th, 1866, died Nov. 8, 1893, age 27 years, seven months and nine days old. He married Sept. 20, 1892, Miss Mamy L. Fain, who survives him with a little son three months old. Funeral services were held in the Church at 10:30 Thursday morning and the body was buried in the old cemetery at Jonesboro. Card of thanks published in the paper just below: signed- A. M. Stuart and wife, Mrs. Mary L. Stuart, and Mrs. F.A. Fain.

Vol. XXV. #30 Wed., Nov. 22, 1893

Hunt, George Edwin

Died at his home near Fall Branch, on the 16th of April 1893, George Edwin Hunt, aged 30 years, 10 months and 11 days. His death was the first in his father’s family, and he was the youngest of six children of J. B. and Rachel V. Hunt. He was married on Dec. 14, 1886, to Miss Sarah Stacy Barnes. He leaves a devoted wife and little daughter, Lena Bell. He joined the Methodist Church about eight years ago.

Syra, Thomas

Thomas Syra, second son of James Syra whose home is at Johnson City, was out hunting near George Reeves Monday last and accidentally shot himself with a shotgun, dying from the effects that night at the residence of Dan Eden.

Dyer, Marion

Marion Dyer, son of Thomas Dyer of Buffalo Ridge, was killed last week by a falling tree. 

We thank Gladys Owens ,, for the transcription.

Source: The booklet, Death and Obituary Notices Appearing in the HERALD and TRIBUNE, compiled by William A. Burns was published in Jonesboro, Tenn. Washington County.

Vol. VI. #24, March 4, 1875 to Vol. XXVII. #41, Wednesday, Feb. 5, 1896, inclusive. was compiled by William A. Burns, ©1968. This is the second book of obituaries by Mr. Burns from the Herald and Tribune; the first one covers Vol. I, #1 Aug. 26, 1869 – Vol. VI. #24, Thur., March 4, 1875.