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Year: 1887

NOTE: Not all issues are available. Sixteen issues are missing between Vol. XVII. #2, & Vol. XVIII. #19, Aug., 25, 1887

Vol. XVIII. #19 Thurs., Aug. 25, 1887

Maupin, Elizabeth J.
Elizabeth J. Maupin was born in Charlottesville, Albemarle Co., Va., December 22, 1816 and was married to her bereaved husband, William Hilbert, on Nov. 1, 1838. They resided in Virginia until 1847, then removed to Tenn. with their family, and lived near by or on Boon’s Creek until three years ago when they moved to Jonesboro. She was aged seventy years, seven months, and seven days. She was the mother of nine children, having raised seven sons and one daughter. She united with the Christian Church at Boon’s Creek in 1849. She died July 29, 1887, at her home one mile east of Jonesboro and was buried at Boon’s Creek cemetery on the 30th. Rev. S. H. Millard, officiating.

Newell, W.C.
Died at Mt. Vernon, Arkansas, on July 29, 1887, Rev. W.C. Newell, for many years a prominent devine of East Tennessee, and who resided at Fall Branch, this county for several years. Rev. Newell left for Arkansas in 1872. He leaves a widow and four children, two boys and two girls. The latter are both married, one living near him, the other, Mrs. E. S. Crouch, living in Texas.

Note: All issues are missing between Vol. XVIII. #19 and Vol. XVIII. #31 – Nov. 17, 1887.

Vol. XVIII. #31 Thurs., Nov. 17, 1887

Boothe, Wesley
(Garber’s Mill dateline 14th) The suicide of Wesley Boothe, on Monday last (10th), instead of Saturday as reported in the H & T was a sad surprise to his many friends here.

Glaze, Moses
(The Republic-Bricker’s Dist.-14th) Died in Georgia a few days ago, Moses Glaze, a native of Tenn., and raised in this county. He leaves many relative living in this section.

Carey, Henry B.
Carey, Joseph E.
Death has visited the home of Benjamin Carey and wife and revisited it. Son, Henry B. Carey, member of the M. E. Church at Jonesboro, was born Feb. 5, 1860 and died Aug. 30, 1887, aged 27 years, 6 months, and 24 days. Joseph E. Carey was born Nov. 5, 1861 and died Nov. 2, 1887, aged 25 years, 11 mo. & 25 days.

Note: issue #32 is missing.

Vol. XVIII. #33 Thurs., Dec. 1, 1887

Lyon, Dr. —
(Hominy Branch-Nov. 28th) We are sorry to hear of the death of Dr. Lyon, of Leesburg.

Sexton, Infant Son
(Bricker’ Republic item) The infant son of Hiram Sexton, the little midget to whom we referred two weeks ago, is dead. 

Lusk, Miss —
On Monday, of typhoid fever, Miss Lusk, daughter of Dr. T.H.H. Lusk, of Johnson City. Interment was made on Tuesday, deceased well know in Jonesboro.

Year: 1888

Note: All issues are missing between Vol. XVIII. #33 and Vol. XIX. #43, Thurs., Dec. 27, 1888.

Vol. XIX. #43 Thurs., Dec. 27, 1888

Burgner, Daniel
(Pilot Hill item) Daniel Burgner died Dec. 2nd at his residence and was buried at Plesant Hill in Greene Co., on the 3rd inst.

Spurgeon, John
John Spurgeon, son of Peter Spurgeon of this place, was killed in a train wreck on Sunday last that happened four miles this side of Morristown.

Murray, John
John Murray, of Carter’s Depot, died on last Friday and was buried on Saturday.

(My note: In this issue was a news item of the Golden Wedding of Benj. F. and Margaret L. Swingle, who married Nov. 13, 1838. Mr. Swingle was born in Washington Co., May 11, 1816, his wife, Mrs. Swingle, dau. Of James Cochran, was born in Green Co., Tenn., Sept. 11, 1822. The had 10 children, 6 living and all present – give names of children, etc., etc., —WAB) 

Sinclair, Child of Ed
Three-month-old child of Mr. And Mrs. Ed. Sinclair, died Wednesday night. Funeral services at their home Thursday at 10 o’clock by Rev. J.W. Mann.

Russell, John
John Russell died last Friday morning at 6 o’clock and was buried on Saturday.

Murray, John L.
John L. Murray, of this district (judge it to be #15-WAB), died Friday morning.

Year: 1889

Note: All issues missing between Vol. XIX. #43 and Vol. XX. 35, Thurs. April 18, 1889.

Vol. XX. #5 Thurs., April 18, 1889

Britton, Mary
Mrs. Mary Britton, wife of Wm. Britton, of Greene County, died at her home on Camp Creek, Tuesday, April 2, 1889. Mrs. Britton, was born in Jonesboro, the daughter of Jere M. and Elizabeth Smith, and to the time of her marriage made this place her home.

West, Emma C.
Emma C. West, member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and wife of Hon. James A. West, was born May 20, 1855, was married April 29, 1875, and died March 26, 1889.

Hyder, Mrs. Nicholas
(Elizabethton, Carter Co., Item) Mrs. Nicholas Hyder at her home on Gap Creek last Sunday.

Treadway, Mrs. John
(Elizabethton, Carter Co., item) Mrs. John Treadway died at her home last Sunday.

Roberts, Young
Young Roberts, who has been suffering from consumption, died last week and was interred Sunday in the Hyder burying ground.

Sanders, Henry
Mr. Frederick W. Sanders returned Friday from N.Y.C. whither he had been summoned by the death of his father, Henry Sanders, M.D. formerly a Surgeon in the Union Army. (Elizabethton news item)

Year: 1890

Note: All issues missing between Vol. XX. #5 and Vol. XXI. #27, Thurs., Oct. 2, 1890

Vol. XXI. #27 Thurs., Oct. 2, 1890

Moulton, Father of Mrs. J.W. 
Mrs. J.W. Moulton of this place was called away Friday to Fall Branch to attend the funeral of her father, who died there.

Shepherd, James A.
(Fall Branch item) James A. Shepherd, died last Sunday morning at his home. He was among the oldest settlers of this place, coming from Virginia to Fall Branch in 1855. He was buried on Monday evening last, at the M.E. Church cemetery, services conducted by his life-long friend, Rev. W. A. Keen.

Year: 1891

Note: All issues missing between Vol. XXI. #27 and Vol. XXII. #51, Thurs., Mar. 19, 1891.

Vol. XXII. #51 Thurs., March 19, 1891

Anderson , Hannah C. [Fain]
(Fron page-long item) Mrs. Hannah C. Anderson passed from her home in Broylesville, Tenn., to the better one above, Jan. 27, 1891. She was the oldest daughter and second child of John R. and Ellen Fain, born May 17, 1811. She joined the Presbyterian Church in Blountville, Tenn. in June 1827. She married Samuel Anderson, Sept. 8, 1835. Mr. Anderson died Feb. 9, 1849.

Harris, Napolean
On last Sunday morning at nine o’clock, Napolean Harris, from a hemorrhage.

Reynolds, John
(Limestone item) Mr. Jno. Reynolds, aged about 70 years, died at his home two miles east of this place, the evening of the 9th inst. Mr. Reynolds was one of the oldest and most higly-respected citizen in our community, and favorly known in Greene and Washington counties. He was a gallant soldier in the Union Army, was a pensioner, leaving an aged wife and several children, all of whom are married.

Osborne, Martha [Deakins]
Martha Osborne, a daughter of Richard and Isable Deakins of Washington Co., Tenn., was born in this county Jan. 1, 1831 and departed this life at her home in Jonesboro, Tenn., Nov. 17, 1890; aged 59 years, 10 months, and 16 days. She was converted when about fifteen years old, in a meeting conducted by Rev. Wm. A. Keen, at the residence of Jesse Hunt, and united with the Limestone Baptist Church in this county. On Feb. 14, 1850, she was married to James M. Osborne, and some three years thereafter the moved to Blountville, and for three years was a member of the Blountville Baptist Church. In 1868 they returned to this county and became a member of this church (Limestone Baptist) together with her husband. She has lived in our midst over 20 years, leaving a husband and six living children, two other proceeding her in death.

Year: 1892

Note: All issues missing between Vol. XXII. #51 and Vol. XXIV. #1, Thurs., Apr. 7, 1892 

Vol. XXIV. #1 Thurs., April 7, 1892

Wells, F.T.
Mr. F.T. Wells, a pioneer of James County died at Ooltewah recently, aged 78 years. (My note: I find no James Co. in Tenn. or surrounding states-WAB)

Lee, Atlas
Atlas Lee, a widely known resident of the sixth district of Carroll County, Tenn., died a few days ago of old age aggravated by lagrippe.

Sherrill, Caroline
Mrs. Caroline Sherrill died a few days since at Covington, Tenn., aged 82 years. Mrs. Sherrll was the last of eighty colonists who came from Iredell County, N.C., in 1834, as the first Presbyterian pioneers to settle in Tipton, Co., establishing the Mt. Carmel Church.

Adams, N.C.
Last Tuesday morning in Bristol (Tenn-Va) N.C. Adams was shot and killed by J.R. Jordan, who had been accused of being to intimate with Mrs. Adams.

Barnes, Mr. —
(Leesburg item) Dr. and Mrs. Thomas went to Carter Thursday, called to the beside of their Uncle, Mr.— Barnes, who died Thursday evening, the 1st inst.

Vol. XXIV. #2 Thurs., April 14, 1892

Molesworth, Mrs. A.N.
(Johnson City item) At her home on Myrtle Avenue, Monday morning at 6 o’clock, Mrs. A.N. Molesworth, funeral services conducted by Rev. Thomas R. Russell at residence Tuesday afternoon.

Hamilton, George
George Hamilton was drowned in the Holston River just above Yonkle’s Ferry last Thursday and buried Sunday at his home in Sullivan County.

Vol. XXIV. #3 Thurs., April 21, 1892

No deaths listed in this issue.

Vol. XXIV. #4 Thurs., April 28, 1892 

Wilson, James
Esterlidge, Ransom
May, Frank
Three killed by the crashing of the (in construction) Courthouse vaults were: James Wilson (head crushed) was a brick mason about 21 years old, unmarried. His home was on the Watuga River, about 7 miles up from Elizabethton: Ransom Esterlidge, smothered to death, was about 29 years old, unmarried. His home was at Hyter’s Gap, Washington County: Frank May (crushed and smothered) was about 26 years of age and married, leaving a wife and two children. He was buried near Cherokee Sunday, his home being near Jonesboro. The above disaster occurred 12:30 p.m. last Friday, April 22nd.

Cary, Thomas
Thomas Cary was drowned in Copper Creek last week.

Kiersey, Charles
Charles Kiersey, of Dixon Springs (Smith Co.) while drunk, fell into a mud hole in Nashville and was drowned.

Tunnell, Sam
Last Sunday morning, Sam Tunnell of Anderson County, after being cut up by some unknown person on Friday night last.

Reynolds, Clinton
Last week at the home of his son near Erin (Houston Co.), Rev. Clinton Reynolds, in his 86th year.

Chrisenbery, James
(Chucky Valley item) Death calls away James Chrisenbery, about 76 years of age.

Vol. XXIV. #5 Thurs., May 5, 1892

Lovegrove, Mack
(Matuta item) Mack Lovegrove, who died in Georgia, was buried at the Dunkard Church Monday.

Weaver, L.H.
L.H. Weaver died at Buckhorn, the Col. F.H. Reeves’ farm east of town, April 27th and was buried Saturday afternoon, at Maple Lawn Cemetery.

 Lovegrove, J.M. (Mack)
The remains of J.M. (Mack) Lovegrove, who died from heart trouble at Mission Ridge, Ga., arrived here Sunday and was taken to his father’s, Dave Lovegrove, seven miles from town and buried in the afternoon at Limestone. (See Matuta item a few lines above – WAB)

Kelly, Child of Sam
Three-year-old child of Sam Kelly fell from a chair last week and for the effects died in three days.

Weaver, L.H.
Mrs. Weaver’s brother, C.C. Randleman, and sister, Mr. J.H. Ferre, arrived Sunday on #4, but to late for the funeral of L.H. Weaver. (See item on Mr. Weaver a few lines above – WAB.)

Mottern, Edaline
(South Watuga item): At Turkeytown, Mrs. Edaline Mottern, aged 70 years.

Vol. XXIV. #6 Thurs., May 12, 1892

Furguson, Mrs. Frank
(February item) Mrs. Frank Furguson, who lived near Jonesboro, died May 7th, and was buried at Union Church on the 8th.

Lewis, Mrs. Walter
Walter Lewis’s wife died at 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 10, 1892, at her home.

McClellan, Wm. B.
Wm. B. McClellan, one of Sullivan County’s oldest and best citizens, died at his home – Clover Bottom -Wednesday, May 4th. Mr. McClellan was a brother of Hon. G.R. McClellan, of Blountville.

Keebler, Samuel
On Monday about 12 o’clock, at his residence eight miles northwest of town, Samuel Keebler, one of the wealthiest citizens of the county. He was 87 years old, was raised in this county and lived in it all his life. He was buried Tuesday at his late home. He never married.

Vol. XXIV. #7 Thurs., May 19, 1892

Shanks, Emily
Miss Emily Shanks (Silas Cooper’s Aunt), died at her home on Blackley Creek, Monday at noon, and was buried Tuesday at Providence Church in the afternoon.

Miller, Mrs. Jerry
Mrs. Miller, widow of Jerry Miller, of Cherokee, died Tuesday afternoon of consumption. She was buried at her home Wednesday afternoon.

Vol. XXIV. #8 Thurs., May 26, 1892

Shank, Emily
Mrs. Emily Shank, Aunt of our Circuit Court Clerk, Silas Cooper, died Monday, the 16th and her remains were interred in Plesant Grove cemetery the next day. (This was a Christie item) (Also see last issue – WAB)

Glaze, William B.
William B. Glaze, one of our oldest and best citizens, died Sunday morning at his home in the lower end of the county.

Williams, Mother of S.C. 
S.C. Williams returned from his home in Middle Tenn. to be at the bedside of his mother who passed away a few days hence.

Hankle, Miss —
Miss Hankle, sister of Jim Hankle, who lived two miles south of town, died Wednesday, May 18th, and was buried in Boon’s Creek cemetery the 19th.

Hale, W.C.
W.C. Hale died Sunday night at his home on Buffalo Ridge, about 12 o’clock.

We thank Gladys Owens ,, for the transcription.
Source: The booklet, Death and Obituary Notices Appearing in the HERALD and TRIBUNE, was compiled by William A. Burns, ©1968. [Mr. Burns is now deceased.] and published in Jonesboro, Tenn. Washington County.

Vol. VI. #24, March 4, 1875 to Vol. XXVII. #41, Wednesday, Feb. 5, 1896, inclusive. was compiled by William A. Burns, ©1968. This is the second book of obituaries by Mr. Burns from the Herald and Tribune; the first one covers Vol. I, #1 Aug. 26, 1869 – Vol. VI. #24, Thur., March 4, 1875.