Telford United Methodist Church



1775 Old State Rt. 34, Telford, TN 27690


The church at Telford was first known as the Methodist Episcopal Church founded in the mid-1800s. The original building was a large wooden structure with two doors on the front. It was lost to a fire in the early 1950’s. Many of the church records were lost in this fire and could not be replaced.

The first service in the new church was held on May 18, 1952. Pastor M.F. Gross, District Superintendent Rev. Woody Stone, and bishop Roy H. Short were present and participated in that first service in the new building. The land in which the original and the present structure stand was a gift. The contractor for the structure was Richard Ellis Sr. who worked close with the building committee of Guy Wiseman, Horace Hartman, Sr., Robert Hunt Sr, Guy Maloney, J.L. Murr, Roy Mauk and E.O. Shanks.

 The current name of Telford United Methodist Church was adopted in 1958 when the Methodist Episcopal Church united with the Evangelical Brethren Church. Through the years Telford United Methodist Church has been a beacon in the community. As progress was made in evangelism notable additions were required &endash; a new fellowship hall on the west end of the building, the paving of the parking lot, and a new front entrance with a handicap ramp.

There has been an association and alignment with a number of other churches in the area to form “charges” for shared pastors. The last charge was a two-point charge with new Victory United Methodist Church, which ended in 1996. Other churches that Telford has been on “charges” with are Limestone, McCarty, Mt. Wesley and others. 

Telford United Methodist church has an active youth program and active membership. One of the most active groups is the “Keenagers” which is comprised primarily of senior citizens, however, everyone is invited. This group meets the third Thursday of each month for a meal and fellowship and to work together on church projects. The membership, as of September 16, 2000, is 160.

Source: Files of the Holston Conference of the Methodist Church Archives, Kelly Library, Emory & Henry College, Emory, VA, 2004.

“J.J. Yearger and J.R. Hughs in 1868, in my presence, got Josiah Earnest to fix deed to Earnest Chapel Church, it merged into Methodist Church at Telford Depot.”

Source: John Fain Anderson Collection, 1796-1938 (b. 1844), East Tennessee State University, Archives of Appalachia, Box 70295, Johnson City, TN 37614-0138