College Heights Methodist Church



The College Heights Church was near the East Tennessee State Normal School, “just up the hill a piece from the school.” The Church is now used as a two-unit apartment residence on the corner of College Heights Dr. and Southwest Ave. with its small cemetery along side.


The Journal of the 81st Session of the Holston Conference of the Methodist Church, Oct. 15-19, 1924 recorded that a mission known as the Normal Heights Church had been established at Johnson City. The church was dedicated on July 11, 1926. The church’s name was changed to the College Heights Methodist Church because the Normal School, by an act of the Tennessee State legislature changed the school name to East Tennessee State Teacher’s College in 1925.

The Methodist Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church, South merged in 1939.

The last funeral to be held in the church before the merger was that of Rev. W.G. Lee.


Harshbarger, W.Z.1924-1926Lee, W.G.1947, 1949
Matney, Green W.1927-1934Steffner, Ed B.1948
Watkins, John1934Allgood, C.B.1950-1951
Harrell, Dillard L.1935-1937Kilgore, L.E.1952
Dobbs, Cicero1938Barthlomew, Charles1953
Ramsey, P.E.1938Green, James R.1955
Jackson, Frank Y.1939Wampler, George1956-1957
Crowder, I.G.1940-1942Church Closed.
Ferguson, C.H.1943Members moved1958
Lee, W.G.1944to Speedwell Church
February, Frank1945, 1954
Wilson, Reid1946