Antioch Baptist Church


1875 to Present

Old Antioch Baptist Church

(Old) Antioch Baptist Church

New Antioch Baptist Church

(New) Antioch Baptist Church






1014 Antioch Road, Johnson City, TN


October 3, 1875, eighteen people from the First Baptist Church in Jonesborough, Tennessee met in Bell’s School, Washington County, Tennessee, on the now Mayfield Drive, Johnson City, Tennessee, for the purpose of organizing a new church. They were: David W. Leach, William Vines, Nancy W.E. Vines, William C. Carr, Oadarial T. Lee, John Killy, Eliza Killy, Landon S. Leach, Louisa C. Leach, Sarafine Leach, Mary E. Killy, Mary Cassanda, Jacob T. Carr, Sarah L. Carr, Emaline Carr, Mary D. Huffine, George W. Fine and Elizabeth R. Bayless.

The meeting time was set for the first Saturday night for business and the first Sunday for regular worship service each month. By January 1, 1876, the Bell’s Schoolhouse had burned and the church moved to Mayes’ School, which was located near what is now Eden Methodist Church in Greenwood Community. April 1889, a “comity” of seven was appointed to find a location to build a church. A new location was found on the Henry Price property. May 1892, a deed was made to the trustees of the church. The property contained one acre. This is the property where Antioch is now located. Over the years the boundaries were expanded in April 1943, July 1959, and May 1983.

The records do not indicate when the building was completed but it is assumed in 1892. In April 1893, money was collected to buy a bell for the church. This same bell is in the church today. August 30, 1942, Antioch dedicated a new brick church building. In 1953, Antioch needed a larger building and another building program was begun. The old brick building was torn down and services were held in the Bernard School on West Walnut Street. The present building was completed in September 1954. A new family life center was added in 1984.

Pastors for the first 125 years

E.D. Silver, Nov. 1875 - Dec. 1877Harry G. Brockus, Mar. 1930 - Apr. 1924C.W. Jones, Oct. 1972 - Oct. 1975
T.H. Crouch, Dec. 1877 - Sept. 1882R.R. Carrier, Apr. 1934 - May 1934E.J. Hall (interim), Oct. 1975 - Dec. 1975
J.C. Davidson, Oct. 1882 - Nov. 1884George Combs, May 1934 - Feb. 1935Clifford West, Jan. 1976 - Jun. 1977
E.P. White, Dec. 1884 - Oct. 1892A.E. Carder (Assistant), Jun. 1934 - Nov. 1934Robert Cutshaw, Aug. 1977 - May 1978
T.F. Roberts, Nov. 1892 - Aug. 1893Aden Childress, Feb. 1935 - Jun. 1938Phil Hoskins, Jul. 1978 - Oct. 1979
E.P. White, Sept. 1893 - Sept. 1894A.A. Carlton, Jul. 1938 - Oct. 1938Jerry Hall (Interim), Oct. 1979 - Nov. 1979
W.S. Harvey, Oct. 1894 - Jan. 1895H.W. Farris, Oct. 1938 - Apr. 1940Kenneth Kyker, Nov. 1979 - Feb. 1990
T.L. Hale, Sept. 1895 - Dec. 1895Roy Burgner, May 1940 - May 1945Richard Long, Aug. 1990 - Jul. 1991
E.P. White, Jan. 1896 - Mar. 1897Harold Polk (Assistant), May 1942 - May 1945Joe Frazier (Associate Pastor), Jul. 1991 - Apr. 1995
W.C. Patton, Mar. 1897 - Mar. 1898Harold Polk, May 1945 - Aug. 1946Pete Tackett (Associate Pastor), Jul. 1991 - May 1996
James Case, May 1899 - Jul. 1901C.W. Jones, Sept. 1946 - Dec. 1951Allen Farris, June 1992 - Jul. 1997
E.D. Cox, Jul. 1901 - Sept. 1902E.W. Barnes, Jan. 1952 - Aug. 1962Jerry Hall (Interim), Aug. 1997 - Jan. 1998
E.P. White, Apr. 1903 - Mar. 1904Phillip Fletcher (Interim), Sept. 1962 - Feb. 1963Allen Roberts, Jr., Jun. 1998 - 2000
James Cox, May 1899 - Jul. 1901J.L. Shoun, Feb. 1963 - Jan. 1965
T.L. Hale, June 1905 - Sept. 1910J.T. Pardue (Interim), Feb.1965 - Sept. 1965
J.M. Whitaker, Nov. 1911 - Nov. 1922James Allen, Oct. 1965 - Aug. 1968
E.M. Johnson, Jan. 1923 - Jun. 1924Earl Hopson (Interim), Oct. 1968 - Jun. 1969
J.M. Whitaker, Jan. 1926 - Dec. 1929Phil Gass, Nov. 1969 - Aug. 1972

Source:  History of Antioch Baptist Church:  Celebrating 125 Years of Ministry.

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