Fairhaven Methodist Church


1960 to Present Fairhaven Methodist Church

McKinley Methodist Church

The McKinley Methodist Church began sometime between 1870 and 1875. Early on this congregation met at the Bell School House, located not far from the present Seaver’s Bakery. In 1900, the present site of the McKinley Methodist Church was acquired from Mr. H.H. Hise, and most of the present building was constructed by 1901. Within a few years, a small tract of Vines property was annexed and used mostly for a cemetery. During construction of the church, Mr. Hise wrote President William McKinley for a donation. When the President of the United States responded with an offering, the church was named after him. McKinley Methodist Church Cemetery

Tiners Hill Methodist Church

The Tiners (Tyners) Hill Methodist congregation began shortly before 1920 with a few interested persons meeting in homes. The present site, known in 1920 as 800 Tyners Street, was purchased and the present sanctuary and basement were constructed in 1921. Rev. Henley served the congregation before the church was built. After the church was completed, it was placed on a large circuit and served by Rev. W.I. Hannah.

Tiner’s/Tyner’s Hill Methodist Church Cemetery

The Merger – Fairhaven Methodist Church

On Oct. 26, 1960, a joint quarterly conference was held by Dr. R. Frank Porter, Johnson City District Superintendent, where the merger of the Tiners Hill and McKinley congregations was approved. There were 347 members in the newly merged church, the Fairhaven Methodist Church.

Attempts were made to purchase land between the two church sites, but none was available. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Allison offered as a gift the beautiful tract of land where the new church is now located on the Old Jonesboro Highway. Construction began in 1961.