Downtown Christian Church


1871 to PresentDowntown Christian Church


335 East Main Street, Johnson City, TN


The history of the Christian Church in downtown Johnson City dates form November 12, 1871, when a small group met in the home of William Hyder Young. Since 1871, several congregations have grown from the original effort.

From 1872 until 1879, the church met in Science Hill School. The first Christian Church building, established near the present site at 124 East Main Street, opened for regular worship services in 1879. In 1905 the building was destroyed by fire, and the church bell disappeared, never to return. Following the fire, the congregation met in the Jobe Opera House until it was condemned, then they met in a temporary chapel on the corner of Main and Roan Streets. In 1906 a new building was dedicated on the present site. The building still stands as part of the current facility, housing the Historical Room, the Hospitality Room and the Chapel.

In 1951 the current sanctuary and gymnasium facility was dedicated. In 1972 a part of the congregation moved to north Johnson City as First Christian Church. Those choosing to continue meeting at the Main Street location became known as the Downtown Christian Church.


Jack Bliffen, Jul 7, 1975

Lee Olmsttead, Mar 7, 1975–Jun 27, 1976

Henry Emerson Hill, Jul 4, 1976–Jul 26, 1988

Thomas Craig Van Meter, Oct 2, 1988–Apr 1991

Michael Thurston Dunn, Mar 28, 1992–Aug 2, 2000

Jess W. Johnson, Aug 20, 2000–June 3, 2001

W. Edward Fine, Jun 3, 2001 to present (2005)

Source: In the Footsteps of Faith: A Tour of 14 of Johnson City’s Century-old Churches, 2005. Posted 22 Oct 2005