Unknown[No date][No date]01/01[Unmarked]
Mitchell, E. C.03 Feb 186119 Aug 195701/02
Cox, Mary R.J. BowmanSep 1853Sep 190201/03Wife of Rev. E. D. Cox
Cox, E.D., Elder14 Jan 185323 Feb 192301/04
Diddle, Samuel Edson17 May 1939[No date]01/05[Shares marker with Julia Stone Diddle]
Diddle, Julia Stone18 Aug 194120 Feb 200301/06[Shares marker with Samuel Edson Diddle]
Diddle, Dixie C.1908199801/07
Diddle, Oran M.1907197801/08
Kegley, Bessie M.1894198701/09[Shares marker with John D. Kegley, Helen D. Kegley, Ernest C. Kegley]
Kegley, John D.1919196301/10[Shares marker with Bessie M. Kegley, Helen d. Kegley, Ernest C. Kegley]
Kegley, Helen D.1912191601/11[Shares marker with John D. Kegley, Bessie M. Kegley, Ernest C.Kegley]
Kegley, Ernest C.1889195801/12[Shares marker with Bessie M. Kegley, John D. Kegley, Helen D. Kegley]
Laws, A. Jean Craig19 Sep 192917 Nov 198901/13
Cox, Leon Archer, II09 Oct 195106 Aug 200901/14
Prince, Wm Buford26 Mar 190528 Mar 190501/15
Unknown[No date][No date]01/16[B at lot corner]
Burleson, Martha J.01 Oct 186127 Mar 192101/17
Burleson, Grover G.03 Feb 189119 Oct 191301/18Loving remembrance of…Son of R.P. and Martha J. Burleson
Burleson, Bessie1887191901/19[Shares marker with Claud J. Burleson]
Burleson, Claud J.1915194201/20In memory of…Lost in Caribbean Sea [Shares marker with Bessie Burleson]
Camp, C.F.1854191601/21
O’Brien, George B.29 Dec 184920 Dec 191501/22Woodsmen of the World Emblem [Shares marker with Lydia E. O’Brien]
O’Brien, Lydia E.13 Oct 184909 Apr 193501/23Woodsmen of the World Emblem [Shares marker with George O’Brien]
Applegate, J. Raymond20 Oct 188217 Oct 194601/24
Applegate, Ray, Jr.06 Jun 191424 Sep 191601/25Son of Ray & Pearl Applegate
Heatherly, Marjorie07 Apr 190521 May 190501/26[Shares marker with Robert Heatherly, Jr]
Heatherly, Robert, Jr.01 Apr 190525 May 190501/27[Shares marker with Marjorie Heatherly]
Price, HelenNo Date18 Jun 190501/28Appalachian Funeral Home Marker
Johnson, Vera L.28 Mar 1908[30 Oct 2000]01/29[m. 24 Nov 1928] 1988 60 yrs.
Johnson, Floyd05 Jun 1905[No date]01/30
Owens, Nettie E.20 May 192526 Jun 199701/31Daughter of Frank and Effie [Owens]
McKinney, Grace Brandon 29 Jan 191502 Aug 199201/32Mammie
Archer, Paul27 May 192725 Feb 200101/33
Archer, Rosa K.18 Feb 188910 Nov 197101/34
Archer, Elmer Eugene16 Aug 188815 Jul 195301/35
Brownlow, Frank B.11 Sep 185325 Mar 194301/36[Shares marker with Ella C. Brownlow]
Brownlow, Ella C.26 May 187505 Aug 192001/37[Shares marker with Frank B. Brownlow]
Barlow, Adelaide Morrison16 Sep 185009 Jan 193101/38
Barlow, James Smith08 Jan 183310 Nov 191701/39[2nd marker] James S. Barlow 1833-1917. Fellow The Royal Society of Musicians born in London, England
Barlow, Emily Taylor Miller22 Feb 189428 Jun 198501/40
Barlow, James Stanley27 May 188716 Nov 192401/41
Bolton, R.S., Dr.1862192001/42
Bolton, Dora Range1874194501/43M. 2 Jun 1897, Wife of Dr. R. S. Bolton
Bolton, S. [C.]1848192101/44[Masonic Emblem] [Shares marker with Sarah E. Bolton]
Bolton, Sarah E.1853194101/45[Shares marker with S. P. Bolton]
Maden, Martha Ann12 Mar 186324 Oct 194301/46
Gray, Leola M.26 Jul 188405 Feb 197001/47
Dove, Conrad1868191801/48
Dyer, Phil Anderson1914191801/49
Dyer, Thomas H.1882195701/50
Dyer, Myra B.1888196601/51
Meredith, Gladys17 Dec 190701 May 191901/52
Meredith, Theodocia E. Owen03 May 187621 Sep 193001/53Wife of J. W. Meredith
Meredith, John W.21 Sep 187428 Oct 193301/54
Gourley, Wife [No name]1886[No date]01/55Wife [Shares marker with John W. Gourley & Mother Gourley]
Gourley, John W.1882192101/56[Masonic Emblem] [Shares marker with Wife Gourley & Mother Gourley]
Gourley, Mother [No given name]1856[No date]01/57[Shares marker with Wife Gourley & John W. Gourley]
Swadley, Henry Hunter1877192001/58[Shares marker with Geneva Burton Swadley]
Swadley, Geneva Burton1884197501/59[Shares marker with Henry Hunter Swadley]
Baldwin, Sidney J.A.30 May 190229 Apr 192301/60
Ross, Elmer A.30 Jan 185030 Jul 192301/61
Ross, Susan Turner09 Jun 187008 Nov 195301/62
Greer, Joe W., Jr.11 Apr 192822 May 199302/01
Greer, Maude P.1896195402/02[Shares marker with Joseph W. Greer]
Greer, Joseph W.1890195002/03[Shares marker with Maude P. Greer]
Unknown[No date][No date]02/04[Unmarked]
Cox, William H.1880191002/05
Cox, Earl Lofton1877194402/06
Unknown[No date][No date]02/07[Concrete base]
Parkey, Infant SonNo Date03/31/5902/08Infant son of James & Margaret Parkey
Unknown[No date][No date]02/09[Unmarked] [With Diddle monument]
Kegley, Karl E.1931200102/10Morris Baker Funeral Home marker
Allison, Anna M.1877197502/11[Shares marker with James A. Allison]
Allison, James A.1870194802/12[Shares marker with Anna M. Allison]
Kimbrough, Curtis R.23 Aug 189904 Jan 194702/13Georgia Cpl Trp E
6th Cavalry,
Barron, Walter B.02 Jan 189325 Sep 196502/14Tennessee Pfc
US Marine Corps,
Arney, Edward J. 27 May 184604 Mar 192602/15Father
Arney, Susan E.29 Dec 185004 Jan 191602/16Mother
Regan, Blanche M.16 Oct 187003 May 191502/17Our daughter
Adams, Jas. E.[No date][1912]02/18Co. I 23 U.S.C. 1
Burleson, Howard12 Jan 191728 Jan 191902/19
Clark, Mary E.1862191802/20Wife of Geo. E. Clark
[m. 24 Apr 1884]
Clark, G. E.1863192202/21[Shares marker with Ethel Lady Clark]
Clark, Ethel Lady1896[No date]02/22Wife [Shares marker with G. E. Clark]
Hughes, Josephine31 Aug 191221 Dec 191302/23
Hughes, Fred H.19 Mar 188425 Oct 191602/24
Hughes, Josephine27 Jan 185808 Dec 192602/25Wife of T. R. Hughes
Owens, Frank W.1899196602/26[Shares marker with Effie T. Owens]
Owens, Effie T.1900196602/27[Shares marker with Frank W. Owens]
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]02/28[Unmarked]
Birchfield, Allie B.19 Nov 190328 May 198502/29
Gallagher, Marguerite Z.09 Jan 190125 Jan 199302/30
Smith, Julie W.1906198502/31[Shares marker with W. Bart Smith]
Smith, W. Bart1905197502/32[Shares marker with Julie W. Smith]
Fulkerson, Martha1893197602/33[Shares marker with Monroe Fulkerson]
Fulkerson, Monroe1894196402/34[Shares marker with Martha Fulkerson]
Thompson, Anna Barlow07 Nov 188401 Nov 193802/35
Barlow, Grace Miller19 Aug 192019 Sep 192102//36
Barlow, Emily Rush10 Jan 191928 Nov 200402/37
Mallett, Edith Bolton[No date]26 Oct 194702/38
Bolton, Hugh Kyle17 Oct 187825 Jun 194402/39
Bolton, Robert S.12 Aug 188409 Feb 197002/40Tennessee, Cpl Quartermaster Corps, WW I
Maden, Raleigh E.22 Nov 189412 Jul 195902/41
Maden, W. Arthur03 Jul 189211 Nov 196602/42[Shares marker with Minnie Cox Maden]
Maden, Minnie Cox25 Dec 189405 Jan 198402/43[Shares marker with W. Arthur Maden]
Dyer, Roberta M.19 Mar 187704 Feb 192802/44
Brumit, Ruby M.01 Oct 190526 Jul 197502/45[Children: Betty, Edward, Carroll] [Shares marker with Walter Phillip Brumit]
Brumit, Walter Phillip01 Aug 190027 Jul 197602/46PVT US Army
[Shares marker with Ruby M. Brumit]
Bowers, Herman J.17 Nov 192005 Jan 199902/472nd Lt US Army Air Forces
Brumit, Margaret13 Dec 191012 Dec 199202/48
Burleson, William S.24 Apr 187827 Aug 192102/49[Shares marker with Senia Jane Greene Burleson]
Burleson, Senia Jane Greene11 Feb 187906 Jan 194502/50Wife [Shares marker with William S. Burleson]
Collins, Ada Milhorn12 Nov 188103 Apr 196002/51
Collins, Henry[No date][No date]02/52Co . 2 Tenn Inf
Sp. Am. War
Johnson, Harrison B.05 Apr 188807 Apr 192302/53
Pardue, John Houston04 Apr 188628 Nov 195002/54[Shares marker with Pearl Murray Pardue]
Pardue, Pearl Murray23 Mar 188619 Jul 196202/55Wife [Shares marker with John Houston Pardue]
Baldwin, Sidney R. H.1879194902/56[Shares marker with Esther J. Baldwin]
Baldwin, Esther J.1877196902/57[Shares marker with Sidney R. H. Baldwin]
Crowe, John W.03 Feb 189515 Nov 196102/58Tennessee WAGR 19 CO 137 Depot Brig
[Shares marker with Myrtle U. Crowe]
Crowe, Myrtle U.31 Mar 190913 Dec 199502/59His Wife [Shares marker with John W. Crowe]
Bullock, Charles Fain05 Oct 188114 Feb 190903/01
Smith, Mary K.1875191103/02[Shares marker with William S. Smith]
Smith, William S.1867195003/03[Shares marker with Mary K. Smith]
Unknown[No date][No date]03/04[Unmarked]
Sneed, Willie Edith21 Feb 190109 Jun 191403/05
Sneed, Georgia E.1882195803/06
Sneed, John K.1876192403/07
Patterson, Ada Diddle1875193903/08
Diddle, D. E., Sr.1871194703/09
Diddle, Emma Giles1873196203/10
Kegley, Ernest Clyde, Jr.24 Oct 191422 Aug 199903/11US Army
Cook, Grace Depew13 Feb 189705 Mar 191603/12Wife of H.M. Cook
Depew, Mattie S.1904199203/13[Shares marker with Hillard Depew]
Depew, Hillard1903197703/14[Shares marker with Mattie S. Depew]
Unknown[No date][No date]03/15[Unmarked]
Dickson, Florence Sitton16 Oct 189317 Jan 198403/16
Sitton, Florence Loyall1860193503/17[Shares marker with George W. Sitton]
Sitton, George W.1851192303/18[Shares marker with Florence Loyall Sitton]
Sitton, Dabney B.1901191503/19
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]03/20[Unmarked]
Lane, Sarah Elizabeth Willett26 Mar 184708 Nov 192503/23
Unknown[No date][No date]03/24[Unmarked]
Willett, Geo. W.10 Mar 184106 Oct 191503/25
Hill, Cora Burleson07 Mar 188427 Jun 199103/26Married J. Curtis Hill
Hill, J. Curtis1884191903/27Married Cora A. Burleson 1904
Godsey, Harry E.08 Aug 191915 Jun 194403/28
Godsey, Dorothy C.21 Jun 192510 Aug 193403/29
Godsey, Estis C.18 Mar 189626 Apr 196803/30
Godsey, Clyde S.12 May 189219 May 195503/31
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]03/32-35[Unmarked]
Heaberlin, Marjorie Beryl1915191703/36Dau of J.C. & Emma Heaberlin
Fulwiler, Frances28 Feb 190931 Mar 198603/37
Fulwiler, Dayton Issac03 Jul 191420 Jul 198703/38
Unknowns[No date][No date]03/39-41[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]03/42[Unmarked] [base only]
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]03/43-45[Unmarked]
DeLoach, Dovie C.15 Aug 189402 Dec 198803/46[Shares marker with Joseph A. DeLoach]
DeLoach, Joseph A.06 Dec 188428 Feb 196103/47[Shares marker with Dovie C. DeLoach]
Pitts, Patty Rose26 Jun 191706 Aug 191803/48
Pitts, Bobby Pitts25 Nov 192225 Dec 192203/49
Pitts, Mary Etta Curtis28 Sep 187028 Mar 194203/50Wife of E. J. Pitts, m. 13 May 1893
Pitts, Eugene Jackson1872195403/51
Linville, Millard Wright1901197403/52Son of Jennie & J. T. Linville
Linville, Vera Johnson1913198303/53Wife of Millard Wright Linville
Fulwiler, Larry T.1950197503/54
Fulwiler, Fannie L.12 Jun 190820 Sep 198403/55
Fulwiler, Lonnie14 Oct 190015 Apr 198403/56
Morrell, Lillian Leach31 Jul 189816 Nov 191903/57
Morrell, Mary Ruth[One date]30 May 191903/58Age 7 months
HH[No date][No date]03/59-60[Concert block reserving spaces]]
Paddock, Helen Eunice12 Sep 188921 Feb 192003/61
Paddock, Ann Manson20 Nov 186318 Nov 194603/62
Paddock, Frank Smith02 Sep 186428 Dec 193003/63
Manson, Donald Andrew05 Feb 187316 Oct 197203/64
Bowman, Samuel A.1864192003/65[Shares marker with Bonnie B. Bowman]
Bowman, Bonnie B.1876194503/66[Shares marker with Samuel A. Bowman]
Smoot, Nora Miller15 May 188312 Sep 198303/67
Smoot, Marshall A.27 Jul 188126 Sep 194403/68
Ross, Mack24 Aug 191914 Nov 192003/69
Setzer, Glenn Warner03 May 188617 May 193503/70
VanGorder, Kate Setzer26 May 189219 Feb 197703/71
McCormick, William Steele1892198303/72SFC US Army WW I
McCormick, Elizabeth N.1864195103/73
Lipford, Louisa Anderson Dickson1834192303/74Wife of J. J. Lipford
McCormick, S.S.1862193603/76
Unknowns[No date][No date]03/77-80[Unmarked]
Grubbs, Gordon08 Jul 190414 May 199303/81
Grubbs, Bird Lusk22 Dec 188317 Apr 196603/82
Grubbs, Frank13 Apr 187126 May 192303/83
Good, Mary Louise03 Dec 191723 Mar 192403/84
Hickey, Maggie Latture1861193904/01[Shares marker with Rufus L. Hickey]
Hickey, Rufus L.1859195104/02[Shares marker with Maggie Latture Hickey]
Unknown[No date][No date]04/03[Unmarked]
Donnelly, Bessie1872194804/04Mother [Shares marker with Charles Donnelly]
Donnelly, Charles1909193904/05Son [Shares marker with Bessie Donnelly]
Unknown[No date][No date]04/06[Unmarked]
Gray, Thomas E.21 May 187926 Apr 193904/08Tennessee Pvt Co D 3 Regt Tenn Inf
Spanish American War
Unknown[No date][No date]04/09[Unmarked]
Trivett, Leslie H.18 May 192727 Sep 198304/10
White, Harold E.30 Aug 194112 May 197604/11
Mahaffey, Lloyd “Tot”22 Jan 191901 Jan 197404/12
Collins, Grace26 Dec 189521 Sep 198304/13
Collins, Richard Coy02 Oct 188709 Apr 195604/14
Unknown[No date][No date]04/15[Unmarked]
Depew, Jackie1930194504/16
Depew, Minnie K.1875194004/17[Shares marker with J.M. Depew]
Depew, J.M.1859192904/18[Shares marker with Minnie K. Depew]
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]04/19[Unmarked]
Simpson, Rev. Geo. Willette02 Apr 184631 Jul 193104/24
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]04/25[Unmarked]
Godsey, Kyle Melvin27 Jan 192229 Oct 199204/27US Army WW II
Sherfey, W. H.1872191704/28
King, Blanche Sherfey1902192404/29[Shares marker with Herman, Jr. King]
King, Herman, Jr.16 Jan 192029 Jan 192004/30[Shares marker with Blanche Sherfey King]
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]04/31-32[Unmarked]
Sparks, Carrie Lee04 Jan 189507 Sep 197504/33
Sparks, Rebecca1868193804/34
Sparks, Frank Paul1872192504/35
Sparks, Mary Frances07 Apr 190729 Oct 191704/36Dau of F.P. & Rebecca Sparks
Unknown[No date][No date]04/37[Unmarked]
Shell, Fred Range03 Mar 189830 Aug 194804/38Virginia BM 2 USNR WW II
Shell, Fatha Range186719__04/39
Shell, Nathan Dempsey1850192404/40
Unknown[No date][No date]04/41[Unmarked]
Evans, Willard S.08 Mar 188822 Oct 196004/42California BM 2 USNRF
Craig, Bessie C.30 Nov 190822 Mar 200504/43[Shares marker with Robert E. Craig]
Craig, Robert E.09 Oct 190823 Jan 200204/44[Shares marker with Bessie C. Craig]
Cialona, Pauline B. (Susie)15 Aug 193824 Oct 197604/45
Bunton, Coy E.19 Jan 190130 Jul 197504/46[Shares marker with Minnie R. Bunton]
Bunton, Minnie R.02 Feb 190419 Mar 198204/47[Shares marker with Coy E. Bunton]
Bunton, C. L. (Dock)08 Feb 194112 Mar 196004/48
Unknown[No date][No date]04/49[Unmarked]
Honeycutt, Alma Peters25 Dec 192306 Dec 198604/50
Fulwiler, Paul John08 Jul 193024 Aug 199404/51
Unknown[No date][No date]04/52[Unmarked]
Morrell, Mollie O[nks]28 Aug 187720 Jan 196304/53[Shares marker with James A. Morrell]
Morrell, James A.26 Nov 186824 Feb 192004/54[Shares marker with Mollie O[nks] Morrell]
Unknown[No date][No date]04/55[Unmarked]
Morrell, Sheyler Minton05 Jun 189616 Aug 194804/56
Paddock, Winifred24 Jan 189319 Nov 197004/57
Page, Catherine P.27 Oct 190414 Jun 198504/58
Unknown[No date][No date]04/59[Unmarked in Paddock plot]
Laws, Ted L.1910199204/60[Shares marker with Barbara Laws]
Laws, Barbara1917[6 Dec 1998]04/61[Shares marker with Ted L. Laws]
Miller, William John31 Dec 191318 Oct 200704/62US Army Air Forces
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]04/63-65[Unmarked]
Haney, Anna South1905192604/66Wife of Mark Haney
Strickland, Elizabeth1855193004/67
Ellis, Amanda15 Oct 185414 Jun 192304/68Wife of Joseph Ellis
Sellars, Martha01 Sep 185820 Jun 193304/69
Hogan, Margaret Grubbs22 Jan 190606 Jun 198804/70
Hogan, William Bailey, Jr.09 Aug 190729 May 198704/71
Unknown[No date][No date]04/72[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]05/01[Unmarked]
Heatherly, Deborah L.1951195105/02Baby Heatherly
Unknown[No date][No date]05/03[Unmarked]
Willett, Dorothy A.23 Jun 192302 Mar 200805/04[Shares marker with Charles F. Willett]
Willett, Charles F.12 Apr 191927 Oct 196705/05TENNESSEE CPL. 106 ORD MAINT CO WORLD WAR II KOREA 3rd AR RECONN SQ 6th CAV [Shares marker with Dorothy A. Willett]
Unknown[No date][No date]05/06[Unmarked]
Heatherly, Viola1895198305/07[Shares marker with Robert, Sr. Heatherly]
Heatherly, Robert, Sr.1890194605/08[Shares marker with Viola Heatherly]
Gervin, Michael William28 Aug 194605 Oct 199105/09
Gervin, Mamie H.16 Mar 188117 Oct 196505/10[Shares marker with Sidney A. Gervin]
Gervin, Sidney A.26 Sep 188015 Aug 196005/11[Shares marker with Mamie H. Gervin]
Gervin, Sarah L.1850191405/12
O’Brien, Lula Mae22 Nov 189217 Jul 194205/13
Lowry, John R.15 Jul 186908 Jan 195905/14[Shares marker with Mary Addie Brummitt Lowry]
Lowry, Mary Addie Brummitt 10 Feb 187716 Jun 192405/15M. 3 Feb 1889 [Shares marker with John R. Lowry]
Ellis, Angie Josephine22 Mar 191026 Sep 191505/16Dau. Of Jams M. & Lula Ellis
Unknown[No date][No date]05/17[Unmarked]
Cook, Lillie M.1904191405/20Dau. of J. D. & L. J. Cook
Ratliff, Henry R.3 Nov -05 Nov 191405/21Son of Jesse C. & Mary W. Ratliff
Rogerson, Mary Elizabeth16 Jul 185927 Sep 191605/22Wife of Henry Rogerson
Ratliff, Mary W. (Tot)31 Jan 189126 Dec 196005/23
Unknown[No date][No date]05/24[Unmarked]
Powers, Charlotte Vance1875193105/31
Powers, Herman Lenox13 Jan 190628 May 191705/32Son of W. B. & ? Lenox
Powers, Helena McIlwaine11 Mar 191424 Aug 192405/33Dau. of W. B. & Charlotte Vance Powers
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]05/34[Unmarked]
Coddell, Alice Hoss10 Aug 184517 Jul 191705/35
Unknown[No date][No date]05/36[Unmarked]
Brink, Mollie1869191705/37Wife of S.C. Brink
In Memoriam Woodman’s Circle Emblem
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]05/39-40[Unmarked]
Lowe, Robert08 Dec 191727 Jan 191905/41Son of R. F. & Fanie E. Lowe
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]05/42-46[Unmarked]
DeLoach, Shelby J.17 Feb 1938[No date]05/47[Shares marker with Max B. DeLoach]
DeLoach, Max B.17 Sep 193528 Feb 200805/48[Shares marker with Shelby J. DeLoach]
Unknown[No date][No date]05/49[Unmarked]
Layton, Elizabeth1845191905/50[Shares marker with Reba Layton Offinger]
Offinger, Reba Layton[No date]11/25/5005/51[Shares marker with Elizabeth Layton]
Campbell, Carlie G.1885196005/52[Shares marker with Eva M. Campbell]
Campbell, Eva M.1885196505/53[Shares marker with Carlie G. Campbell]
Webb, Louise Crumley1861192605/54
Webb, John Samual1862192605/55
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]05/56-57[Unmarked]
Smith, Orville S.22 Feb 188820 Dec 197405/58
Tipton, Jessie13 Mar 189321 Nov 195805/59
Tipton, Mary Jane10 Oct 185908 Nov 195005/60
Tipton, John T.10 Oct 188112 Nov 196305/61Tennessee PVT Co. H 36 US Vols Inf
Spanish American War
Spencer, Arch L.16 Apr 190416 Nov 193705/62
Spencer, Burnett H.20 Nov 187107 Jun 193505/63
Spencer, Ida S.17 Apr 187814 May 194805/64
Sublett, James E.1852192005/65
Unknown[No date][No date]05/66[Unmarked]
McNees, John C.1858192005/67[Shares marker with Jennie M. Beard McNees]
McNees, Jennie M. Beard1851192205/68[Shares marker with John C. McNees]
Unknown[No date][No date]05/69[Unmarked]
Dyer, Juanita E.1901192105/70
Dyer, Minnie J.1879195105/71
Dyer, Charles W.1874193905/72
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]05/73-76[Unmarked]
Day, Ella H.24 Jan 192522 Jun 192505/77Dau of J. H. & Nannie Day
Unknown[No date][No date]05/78[Unmarked]
Day, Harvey17 Mar 187923 Nov 196105/79Ohio Cpl Co. M 18 Regt Infantry
[Shares marker with Nannie B. Day]
Day, Nannie B.11 Sep 189308 May 198405/80[Shares marker with Harvey Day]
Kelly, Louis L., Jr.02 Mar 191626 Apr 198005/81[Shares marker with Vivian Day Kelly]
Kelly, Vivian Day12 Mar 192311 Oct 200705/82[Shares marker with Louis L. Kelly, Jr.]
Stout, Ruby Greer03 May 191131 Mar 192905/83Wife of Ralph Stout
Unknowns[No dates][No date]06/01 – 02[Unmarked]
Dillinger, Elvira12/23/2211/29/9206/03
Swingle, David N.03/06/4704/10/8506/04[Independent Order of Odd Fellows Emblem]
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]06/05[Unmarked]
Carroll, J. W.[No date][24 Apr 1885]06/0760 yrs.
Co. D 13th Tenn Cav
Carroll, Nancy E.[No Date]28 Jun [1871]06/08Aged 43 yrs. Wife of Jacob W. Carroll
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]06/09[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]06/11[Unmarked]
Mitchell, H. J.29 Mar 1818[No Date]06/12Aged 12 yrs. 0 mo 9 Ds.
Unknown[No date][No date]06/13[Unmarked]
Genett, Illie[No date][No date]06/14[Unreadable, broken stone]
Unknown[No date][No date]06/15[Unmarked]
[Illigible], John A.[Illigible][Illigible]06/16
JCD[No date][No date]06/17[Footstone only]
Orr, Pearl12 Nov 188317 Feb 188406/18Dau of Geo. & Laura Orr
JDA[No date][No date]06/19[Footstone only]
Sheets, John1872193906/20
Ellis, James E.11 Jun 18[58]12 May 187706/21
Ellis, Mary F.12 May 183818 Feb 186906/22Aged 30 years 9 mos 6 days
Leib, Joseph S.12 Jul 189116 Aug 189906/23Son of G. F. & J. H. Leib
Walker, Clinton Fisk07 Jul 186715 Feb 186806/24Aged 7 mos 8 days
Son of Rev. T.S. & M.J. Walker
Cox, Richard A.1917191906/25Son of O. P. & Myrtle Cox
Unknown[No date][No date]06/26[Unmarked]
Cox, Omer Pembrook1873193306/27
Range, Blanche Vandalia02 Jul 190113 Jul 195306/28[Shares marker with Ella Mulkey Range]
Range, Ella Mulkey07 Jan 187929 May 196706/29[Shares marker with Blanche Vandalia Range]
Range, Peter Garner07 Sep 187614 Jul 182006/30O. R. G. Divis. No. 545
Spencer, Georgia Sublett25 Sep 190817 Apr 197906/31
Spencer, Della V.05 Nov 190102 Dec 198106/32
Rees, Mildred S.01 Jun 190604 Jan 194306/33
McNees, Charles J.1897197406/34[Shares marker with Lola P. McNees]
McNees, Lola P.1902198206/35[Shares marker with Charles J. McNees]
McNees, Robert A.19 Jul 188017 Jun 195206/36
McNees, Helen Eaton22 Feb 191618 Feb 199806/37
Cooper, Estella J.1918200206/38
Burgan, Eula H.1906198606/39
Unknown[No date][No date]06/40[Unmarked]
Younce, Ed1902196206/41
Easterling, Charles Donald01 Mar 193812 Jul 194306/42Son of Glenn & Ruby Easterling
Jones, Rosalee Constance12 Nov 192215 Aug 192306/43
Jones, Georgia W.06 Aug 190009 Feb 197106/44
Jones, Roy W., Sr.29 Oct 189706 Sep 197306/45
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]07/01[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]07/04[Fieldstone marker]
Dellinger, Rufus A.13 May 182219 Jun 189407/05
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]07/06[Unmarked]
Granite BenchIn memory of Samuel T.McKinney and Chester Willis
Unknown[No date][No date]07/08[Unmarked]
Butler, David[No date]09 Sep 189807/14Aged 11 yrs
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]07/15[Unmarked]
Banner, P. F.[No date][No date]07/19Co F 3rd N.C. Mtd Inf
Whitlow, Mildred Pauline[No Date]17 Mar 192407/20Infant dau. of T. M. & J. B. Whitlow
Barker, Vivian Louise21 Jun 192118 Jun 192307/21Dau. of Jas & Mae Barker
Price, James F., Jr.10 Nov 192205 Jul 192307/22Son of James & Lovie Price
Webb, Eunice Hunt15 May 189405 Nov 197907/23
Webb, Ross A.23 Jul 189113 May 197807/24
Wolf, G. Bradley, Jr.No dateNo date07/25
Obrien, MargaretNo date23 Mar 192107/26
Lancaster, Solomon27 Dec 184218 Mar 192507/27Sgt Co C 9th Ky Inf
Jones, Amanda1873192107/28Age 48 yrs.
Jones, Hobert B.14 Feb 189607 Oct 191807/29Sgt Co F 117th Inf 30th Div, killed in action at Montbrehaine France while serving the world war
Wilson, Taylor H.25 Nov 191401 Jul 193907/30
Miller, Martha A.27 Apr 183920 Sep 192007/31
Miller, Mary E.22 Aug 183813 Nov 193107/01
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]07/33-34[Unmarked]
Canipe, Olvina H.30 Aug 192026 Mar 199007/35
Hathaway, Betty J.1931197707/36
Hathaway, Anna J.1892195407/37[Eastern Star Emblem]
Hathaway, William A.13 Dec 188414 Jan 196507/38Tennessee Sgt Quartermaster Corps World War I
[Masonic Emblem]
Presson, William Shaw10 Jun 189524 Jul 195407/39North Carolina CPL 812 AERO Sq.
World War I
[Shares marker with Stella U. Presson]
Presson, Stella U.02 Jan 190503 Jul 198507/40[Shares marker with William Shaw Presson]
Butler, Frank188619__07/41[Shares marker with Nellie L. Butler]
Butler, Nellie L.1890195307/42[Shares marker with Frank Butler]
Headrick, Perry V.21 Sep 189721 Jun 192307/01
Headrick, John A.11 Mar 189606 Oct 193208/02
Leonard, Anna Pearl08 Jun 189922 Dec 192508/03
Leonard, Glenn B.23 Feb 189616 Jul 193208/04
Arney, Tempie Jane Carrier Perry30 Oct 187020 Dec 194308/05
Day, George William01 Sep 193029 Sep 199908/06S Sgt US Air Force
Day, Luster S.11 Jun 191122 Dec 199308/07
Williams, Willa Francis04 Nov 192404 Nov 192408/08
Unknown[No date][No date]09/01[Unmarked]
Harvey, Charles D.11 Aug 181307 Feb 188809/02Broken stone
Jones, Charlie E.[No date]03 Feb 188209/03Aged 3 yrs 24 days
Son of John E. & M.E. Jones
Harvey, Axie Onks01 Jun 183630 Aug 189209/04Wife of G. J. Harvey
Chandler, Merrill[No date]13 May 192309/05
Randolph, Suell E Bernie3 June ___25 Jul 192309/06Son of R. S. Randolph
Norris, Richard J.04 Feb 186901 Apr 193909/07
Norris, Arlene30 Oct 188230 Nov 193709/08
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]09/09[Unmarked]
Fields, Raymond1905196609/14[Shares marker with Gladys C. Fields]
Fields, Gladys C.191319____09/15[Shares marker with Raymond Fields]
Miller, Mary Leah01 Mar 188120 Jun 197009/16
Miller, Cora14 Aug 187128 Nov 193809/17
Miller, Belle26 Nov 187610 Jul 188709/18Dau of Wm R. & N. J. Miller
Miller, Wm. R.19 May 183702 Oct 191109/19[Shares marker with Nannie J. Miller]
Miller, Nannie J.20 Jun 184603 Dec 192009/20[Shares marker with Wm. R. Miller]
Miller, Charles Henry26 Feb 186625 Jan 193709/21
Miller, William Perry04 Mar 186920 Feb 193709/22
Hurley, BabyNo date24 Nov 193809/23
Campbell, Emma Miller30 Jun 187421 Jan 196409/24
Flannery, Margaret Campbell07 Mar 190108 Jul 197209/25
Flannery, Elmo06 Feb 189210 Dec 195709/26


Surveyed, transcribed and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web July 2010 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.

Copyrighted 2011 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team.

The following was obtained from the Oak Hill Cemetery files located at the Archives of Appalachia, Sherrod Library, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee and they are in unmarked graves.

Archer, Pauline, 27 May 1927 – 1927, M/1a/33, twin to Paul Archer, unmarked

Archer, Elmer, b&d 17 Mar 1926, M/1a/34 unmarked

Archer, Eugene b&d, 17 Mar 1926, M/1a/35 unmarked

Mallicote, Minnie J., 198?, M/1/55 Funeral Home marker, note found in 2010

Reeves, John, husband of Cleo Miller Reeves, M/4/55, unmarked

Younce, Blanzina Cox, 23 Jul 1911 – 2 Jul 1999, M/6/41 Hathawy-Piercy Funeral Home Marker

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