Logan's Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery 2002

Logan’s Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery

On the corner of Logan’s Chapel Road and Jackson Road in the Harmony area of Washington County.

The cemetery is fenced and well kept.

GPS Location:  36°23.39N  082°35.63W

Archer, Billy M.19451955Son of Mr. & Mrs. R. K. Archer]
Archer, James M.12 Jul 190202 Mar 1989[Same stone as Jimmie Hazel Archer]
Archer, Jimmie Hazel11 Sep 190722 May 1986[Same stone as James M. Archer]
Archer, Jo Gladys10 Jan 1919No date[Same stone as Rufus K. Archer]
Archer, John David08 Sep 187610 Jul 1963[Same stone as Lillie May Archer]
Archer, Joyce Ann13 Mar 19412000[Funeral home marker has death date]
Archer, Lillie May Hite15 Jun 188713 Jan 1968[Same stone as John David Archer]
Archer, Rufus K.17 Oct 191314 Oct 1989[Same stone as Jo Gladys Archer]
Armstrong, Edmond C. 27 Dec 189307 Nov 1955Tennessee PVT 2 Co. 164 Depot Brigade World War I
Armstrong, Edna 18531940[Same stone as John M. Armstrong]
Armstrong, John M.18501923[Same stone as Edna Armstrong]
Arnold, James H.01 Dec 192119 Apr 1998[Same stone as Juanita Arnold]
TEC5 US Army World War II
Arnold, Juanita B.07 Aug 1924[No date][Same stone as James H. Arnold]
Bacon, Billy [Only one date]1935[Same stone as Mildred Bacon]
Infants of Mr. & Mrs. Pat Bacon
Bacon, Glenn20 Apr 190920 Apr 1909[Same stone as Jessie R. Bacon]
Bacon, Jessie R.03 Feb 190303 Aug 1903[Same stone as Glenn Bacon]
Bacon, Judy1947[No date]Married Mar. 26, 1966
[Same stone as Nilon Bacon]
Bacon, Mildred[Only one date]1926[Same stone as Billy Bacon]
Infants of Mr. & Mrs. Pat Bacon
Bacon, Nilon Kay16 Jun 194526 May 1968Married Mar. 26, 1966
[Same stone as Judy Bacon]
Tennessee PFC US Army Vietnam PH
Bacon, Noah18701945[Same stone as Sarah Bacon]
Bacon, Sarah 18711933[Same stone as Noah Bacon]
Baines, Infant son[Only one date]01 Jan 1933Infant son of Ralph & Pearl Baines
Baines, Lilly Kate19121936
Baines, Mable S.17 Oct 1918[No date]
Baines, Mariah Gibson21 Nov 186914 Feb 1960[Same stone as Nathan K. Baines]
Wife of Nathan K. Baines
Baines, Nathan K.06 Oct 186804 Jun 1935[Same stone as Mariah Gibson Baines]
Baines, Ralph Miles14 Apr 190412 Mar 1986[Same stone as Ruby Pearl Baines]
Baines, Ralph Milton13 Apr 193405 Jan 1937[Photos on stone]
Baines, Ruby Pearl16 Feb 190922 Nov 1968[Same stone as Ralph Miles Baines]
Barnes, Charlie T.18991983[Same stone as Ida C. Barnes]
Barnes, Ida C.19031966[Same stone as Charlie T. Barnes]
Barnes, J. Beryl18 Mar 192723 Feb 1993[Same stone as Juanita G. Barnes]
Barnes, J. W. (Shorty)26 Aug 1916[No date]“Wed Jun 23, 1936”
[Same stone as Verna Mae Barnes]
Barnes, Juanita G.16 Feb 193202 Jan 1981[Same stone as J. Beryl Barnes]
Barnes, Verna Mae09 Apr 1921[No date]“Wed Jun 23, 1936”
[Same stone as J. W. Barnes]
Baxter, Ada L.18941995[Same stone as William M. Baxter]
Baxter, William M.18801939[Same stone as Ada L. Baxter]
Blevins, Justin C.19241972[Same stone as Marjorie M. Blevins]
Blevins, Marjorie M.1923[No date][Same stone as Justin C. Blevins]
Brandon, Charles H.27 May 188412 Dec 1941
Brown, Jewel Rhea18 Sep 192702 Aug 1930
Brown, Joan C.10 May 194007 Jan 1990[Same stone as Leroy Brown]
Brown, Leroy G.27 Nov 1935No date[Same stone as Joan C. Brown
Brown, Roy L.09 Oct 190321 Apr 1947
Burke, Mae S. 03 Jul 1923[No date][Same stone as Roy Burke
Burke, Roy F.30 Apr 192213 Sep 1997Military footstone PFC US Army
World War II
[Same stone as Mae S. Burke
Carberry, Johnathan14 Dec 185607 May 1930[Same stone as Mira Carberry
Carberry, Mira [Jobe]14 Sep 186203 Apr 1930[Same stone as Johnathan Carberry
Carpenter, Arthur H.18951973[Same stone as Vena C. Carpenter
Carpenter, Vena C.18991980[Same stone as Arthur H. Carpenter
Chambers, Blanche S.19111981[Same stone as Fred E. Chambers
Chambers, Fred E.19071978[Same stone as Blanche S. Chambers
Chatman, Anna L.17 Apr 191623 Oct 1993
Chatman, Anna Pearl Cross19101935Wife of J. M. Chatman
Chatman, Cecil Paul11 Aug 190918 Jan 1983
Chatman, Jackie L.15 Mar 194316 Jun 1943Infant son
Chatman, James 19192001Funeral home marker
Chatman, James C.31 Mar 188123 Feb 1961[Same stone as Nannie Chatman
Chatman, Jesse J.19071954
Chatman, John M.25 Dec 190222 May 1976[Same stone as Laura Chatman
Chatman, Johnny Matthew15 Dec 192614 Mar 1991[Same stone as Mary Stout Chatman
Chatman, Laura E. 06 Nov 190730 Jun 1982[Same stone as John M. Chatman
Chatman, Mary Frances19121934
Chatman, Mary H.19291999[Funeral home marker]
Chatman, Mary Stout11 May 1923[No date][Same stone as Johnny Matthew Chatman
Chatman, Nannie Fulkerson16 Sep 188322 Nov 1948[Same stone as James Chatman
Chatman, Tempie A.16 Jan 190524 Jul 1974
Cline, Beatrice18861937[Same stone as Tolbert Cline
Cline, Cecil T.19111945
Cline, Christeen Cox11 Apr 185719 May 1943
Cline, Elbert L.24 May 189214 Jul 1919
Cline, J. W. 09 Jul 185511 Nov 1927
Cline, John A.18821945[Same stone as Rhea V. Cline
Cline, Rhea V.18861987[Same stone as John A. Cline
Cline, Tolbert A.18831955[Same stone as Beatrice Cline
Cline, Virgil A.19161974“Wed Oct. 9, 1940”
[Same stone as Willie L. Cline
Cline, Willie L.1922[No date]“Wed Oct. 9, 1940”
[Same stone as Virgil Cline
Cochran, Clyde H.24 Apr 191427 Dec 1973[Same stone as Elsie S. Cochran
Cochran, Elsie S.20 Mar 1920[No date][Same stone as Clyde H. Cochran
Combs, Enos J.20 Jan 188312 Feb 1979[Same stone as Minnie Combs
Combs, Iva E.19171996[Funeral home marker]
Combs, Minnie B.24 Aug 188530 Mar 1962[Same stone as Enos Combs
Combs, Ray Deane04 Dec 190503 Apr 1921Son of E. J. & M. B. Combs
Conkin, Mollie J.18681918
Copas, Anna Lee06 Sep 191401 Jun 1984[Same stone as Earl J. Copas
Copas, Axie Day07 Nov 190618 Nov 1916
Copas, Earl J. 22 Aug 191518 Dec 1981[Same stone as Anna Lee Copas]
Copas, Elizabeth 11 Nov 186201 Oct 1926[Same stone as Nathan Copas]
Copas, Elmina 18821966[Same stone as John H. Copas]
Copas, James M.18991969[Same stone as Myrtle Copas]
Copas, John H.18681941[Same stone as Elmina Copas]
Copas, Myrtle C. 19011976[Same stone as James M. Copas]
Copas, Nathan 16 Mar 186601 Mar 1924[Same stone as Elizabeth Copas]
Copas, Rhodia05 May 183710 Dec 1914
Cox, Addie E. Trevitte25 Aug 189801 Jan 1928Wife of Walter J. Cox
Cox, Angle Luke06 Mar 190005 Sep 1917Son of J. H. & Mattie A. Cox
Cox, Bertha M.18841980[Same stone as Noah Cox]
Cox, Bessie E.18921988[Same stone as Orval T. Cox]
Cox, Clarence Edgar14 Jan 192012 Mar 1921Son of Walter J. & Addie Cox
Cox, Cue Pickens18971968
Cox, Debbie Ann19131955[Same stone as John Cox]
Cox, Dr. Paul W.07 Mar 190515 Feb 1976[Same stone as Ivie Cox]
Capt. US Army World War II
Cox, Enos K.188119—[Same stone as Gertrude Cox; death date not inscribed]
Cox, Gertrude L. 18811950[Same stone as Enos K. Cox]
Cox, Glena B. 03 Sep 189819 Nov 1936[Same stone as Wilford Cox]
Cox, Hester M. Hays20 Dec 187925 Aug 1915
Cox, Infant Son[No date]21 Mar 1920Son of R. L. & Nita Cox
Cox, Ivie W. 10 Oct 190625 Jun 1982[Same stone as Paul Cox]
Cox, J. H. 13 Sep 185909 Jan 1931[Same stone as Mattie A. Cox]
Cox, J. Wesley 05 Aug 186203 May 1935[Same stone as wife, Mary Esther Walker Cox]
Cox, James 06 Feb 185118 Sep 1930
Cox, James O. 19141972[Same stone as Pauline Cox Waggoner]
Cox, John T.19141981[Same stone as Debbie Ann]
Cox, John W. 13 Mar 187406 Aug 1935[Masonic emblem; same stone as Ollie Cox]
Cox, Joyce James18 May 1938[No date][Same stone as Robert Lee Cox, Jr.]
Cox, Juanita Mae18971991[Same stone as Robert Lee Cox]
Cox, Julia Lurline 13 Sep 189829 Jul 1971
Cox, Leila Kate19092001[Dates taken from funeral home marker]
Cox, Mary Esther Walker30 Apr 186912 Mar 1932[Same stone as J. Wesley Cox]
Cox, Mattie A. 27 Jan 186220 Oct 1910[Same stone as J. H. Cox]
Cox, Nancy Crudgington01 Aug 185323 Jan 1924Wife of James Cox
Cox, Niles W. 02 Dec 191827 Jul 1980
Cox, Noah 18781959Married Aug 28, 1906
[Same stone as Bertha Cox]
Cox, Ollie Whitlock26 Sep 187908 Aug 1937[Same stone as John W. Cox]
Cox, Orval T.18901949[Same stone as Bessie Cox]
Cox, Paul W. Jr.29 Aug 193508 Dec 1935Son of Dr. & Mrs. Paul W. Cox
Cox, Raymond Bruce25 Nov 189618 Mar 1961
Cox, Robert Lee18901958[Same stone as Juanita Mae Cox
Cox, Robert Lee, Jr.24 May 193324 Apr 1996[Same stone as Joyce James Cox
Cox, Roland J. 09 Mar 190314 Mar 1959
Cox, Samuel E.25 Nov 188224 Feb 1959Son of James & Nancy Cox
Cox, Sarah Tunnell07 Nov 186510 Mar 1947
Cox, Tivis Gibson01 Jul 190231 Mar 1994
Cox, Walter J.26 Jul 189222 Jan 1921
Cox, Wilford04 May 188030 Mar 1961[Same stone as Glena B. Cox
Cox, Wilford L.18 Sep 1934No date[Same stone as Glenna Joyce Hicks
Cox, William Guy10 Jul 191220 Jan 1913Son of Orval & Bessie Cox
Cox, Willie D.04 Jun 190327 May 1909Son of J. W. & M. E. Cox
Crawford, Fred Elijah02 Dec 191327 Jan 1961Tennessee PFC 3 BN 422 Infantry World War II
Crawford, Guy Blaine11 Nov 191903 Aug 1961
Crawford, J. Blaine15 Mar 189001 Jun 1963
Crawford, Myrtle L.23 Sep 1889[No date]
Depew, Beatrice B.17 May 190018 Jun 1974[Same stone as Oscar Depew
Depew, Gaynell B. 05 Oct 1947[One date]
Depew, John D.18661938[Same stone as Jurusha Gibson Depew
Depew, Jurusha Gibson18651942[Same stone as John D. Depew
[maiden- Gibson; dau. of Ambrose Gibson]
Depew, Oscar B.23 Mar 189722 Dec 1965[Same stone as Beatrice Depew
Depew, Oscar B. Jr.15 Oct 193605 Jan 1975
Depew, Paul E.01 Jul 192505 Nov 1927Son of Oscar & Beatrice Depew
Dillow, Jeffery Scott[One date]26 Jun 1960Son of Thomas & Pauline Dillow
Ferguson, infant son[One date]06 Aug 1929Son of Bordia & Alma Ferguson
Ferguson, J. Alonzo19151970
Ferguson, James F.18831946
Ferguson, Sudie H.18841969
Forbes, Charles E.19221980[Funeral home marker]
Forbes, Nancy19332001[Funeral home marker]
Gibson, Harrett M.18621937
Gibson, Pearl26 Aug 189809 Jul 1915Daughter of Wm. & M. H. Gibson
Harris, Lucille11 Dec 190808 Oct 1995Mother
Harris, Mary04 Nov 1949[No date]Daughter
Harris, Robert16 Jun 190410 Apr 1975Father
Harris, Turner W. 19041973[Same stone as Wilma C. Harris
Harris, Wilma C.1907[No date][Same stone as Turner Harris]
Hashbarger, George Rhea25 Aug 191510 Jul 1916Son of C. E. & Mattie Hashbarger
Hashbarger, Lydia18791928[?]Wife of Charley Hashbarger
Hashberger, Benny D.19011966[Same stone as Georgie Hashberger]
Hashberger, Georgie P. 19091989[Same stone as Benny Hashberger]
Hays, Charles S.10 Jun 188228 Apr 1957
Hays, Claudia M.02 Aug 188413 Aug 1966
Hays, Nellie Blanche19071915Daughter of Charlie & Claudie Hays
Hensley, Frances04 Jul 192007 May 1973[Same stone as Myrpha Hensley]
Hensley, Myrpha08 Jan 192410 Apr 1995[Same stone as Frances Hensley]
Hicks, Glenna Joyce10 Aug 193001 May 1998[Same stone as Wilford L. Cox]
Hite, Alieu C.11 Feb 191702 Apr 1995[Same stone as Luther C. Hite]
Hite, Charlcy M.18911989[Same stone as Jasper Hite]
Hite, Donna C.24 Apr 1930[No date]Married Mar. 31, 1949
[Same stone as Sammie Hite]
Hite, Frances D.03 Apr 192130 Jan 1990Married Jul 11, 1938
[Same stone as Harley T. Hite]
Hite, Harley T.12 Oct 1917[No date]
[23 Dec 2002]
Married Jul 11, 1938
[Same stone as Frances D. Hite
Hite, J. Kenneth28 May 193219 Jul 2001[Same stone as Norma Hite]
Hite, Jasper18851976[Same stone as Charlcy M. Hite]
Hite, Luther C.20 Sep 190903 Apr 2001[Same stone as Alieu C. Hite]
Hite, Norma Nell30 Dec 1934[ No date][Same stone as J. Kenneth Hite]
Hite, Sammie H.29 Jan 1926[No date]Married Mar. 31, 1949
[Same stone as Donna Hite]
Hite, William Lee1920
(Feb 4)
(Jul 26)
Staff Sgt. 4th Inf. Div. World War II Killed in France”
Holmes, Alice Brown29 Aug 188610 Apr 1921[Same stone as Charley L. Holmes]
Holmes, Charles08 Mar 184514 Jan 1916
Holmes, Charley L.19 Feb 1890Oct 1925[Same stone as Alice Brown Holmes]
Holmes, John Vincent15 Dec 187404 Aug 1962
Holmes, Margaret Lewis03 May 189202 Nov 1967
Holmes, Martha M.27 Oct 185314 Sep 1933
Holmes, Rose 24 Jun 191130 Jul 1974
Howard, Delcenia30 Jul 186328 Mar 1951
Howard, Edna R.08 Jan 1913[No date]
FHM- 1992
Wed Dec. 18, 1932
[Same stone as Hermie L. Howard;
funeral home marker has death date]
Howard, Floyd A.31 Dec 189312 Jun 1984[Same stone as Lola M. Howard]
Howard, Hermie L.26 Nov 190025 Nov 1979Wed Dec. 18, 1932
[Same stone as Edna R. Howard]
Howard, Isaac F.01 Aug 186618 Feb 1934
Howard, Lola M. (Morton)22 Jan 190407 Apr 1932[Same stone as Floyd Howard]
Howard, Nancy Ellen07 Mar 186026 Oct 1941Dau. of David & Catherine
Howard, Oma Beatrice01 Oct 189501 Feb 1962
Hulse, Franklin18 Jan 182631 Jul 1914
Hulse, Hannah L19 May 186912 Mar 1950
Hulse, John B.09 Sep 185612 Nov 1936Masonic emblem
Hulse, Mary Katherine13 Jul 191421 Nov 1997[Same stone as Ray Hulse
Hulse, Ray Franklin03 Jul 191317 Apr 1974[Same stone as Mary Hulse
Military footstone Tennessee
S1 US NAVY World War II
Hulse, Samuel Craft08 Aug 187608 Jul 1949
Hunt, Elijah22 Jan 186214 Jul 1940[Same stone as wife, Nancy C. Hunt
Hunt, Grace Cox04 Feb 190305 Nov 1958
Hunt, Lee E. 15 Jun 190430 Jan 1957
Hunt, Mattie May19 Jan 188728 Jun 1978
Hunt, Nancy C. Kincheloe08 Jun 186616 Apr 1930[Same stone as Elijah Hunt
Hyatt, Mitzi A. Trivette23 May 195202 Nov 1989
Irvin, Dr. Clyde W. 26 Sep 188817 Dec 1967[Same stone as Ouida Irvin
Irvin, George Fout26 Apr 192110 Aug 1923[Same stone as Vollie Clyde Irvin
Irvin, Lula Crawford18691943[Same stone as Vollie M. Irvin
Irvin, Ouida Oglesby 08 Mar 190730 Aug 1986[Same stone as Clyde Irvin
Irvin, Vollie Clyde29 Jul 191609 Jul 1922[Same stone as George Irvin
Irvin, Vollie M. 18641913[Same stone as Lula Irvin
Jackson, Addie Swinney10 May 186121 Sep 1935Married Mar 26, 1885
[Same stone as Landon Jackson
Jackson, Landon C. 02 Dec 184603 Jul 1922Married Mar 26, 1885
[Same stone as Addie Swinney Jackson
Jones, Beulah L.16 Sep 1912No date[Same stone as Haskel L. Jones
Jones, Haskel L.25 Dec 190921 Sep 1958[Same stone as Beulah L. Jones
Kelley, Jeffrey L.19 Feb 194206 Jun 1999
Kelley, Maude C.07 Jun 190028 Mar 1983[Same stone as Samuel Kelley
Kelley, Samuel24 Apr 189201 Oct 1974[Same stone as Maude Kelley]
Kelly, Barbara Gail08 Mar 194521 Oct 1980Mother
Kincheloe, C. E. 09 Oct 189522 Feb 1919
Kincheloe, Elijah Hugh23 Dec 188622 Mar 1939
Kincheloe, Emma Ruth04 Dec 192804 Dec 1928Dau. of J. B. & Orphia Kincheloe
Kincheloe, George18581920[Same stone as Mary Hunt Kincheloe]
Kincheloe, J. W.24 Nov 189424 Oct 1921
Kincheloe, Mary Hunt18601937[Same stone as George Kincheloe]
Kincheloe, Minnie Jo[One date]18 Aug 1932Infant daughter of Baxter & Loretta Kincheloe”
Kincheloe, Pearl Brown03 Jul 189129 Mar 1978
Kinley, Addie Mae28 Oct 190218 Mar 1931
Kinley, Angie M.Nov 186902 Nov 1928[Same stone as John M. Kinley]
Kinley, Byrl A.20 Jan 192617 Nov 1929
Kinley, C. A. 23 Apr 189012 Jul 1975[Same stone as Mollie E. Kinley]
Kinley, John M.Nov 186503 Dec 1949[Same stone as Angie M. Kinley]
Kinley, Louise Overbay01 Aug 191521 Jun 1978
Kinley, Mollie E.25 May 189106 Mar 1934[Same stone as C. A. Kinley]
Kinsey, Leona Opal Cox24 Jul 1907[No date][Same stone as Lester Kinsey]
“Married Dec. 1, 1934
Kinsey, Lester10 May 190613 Feb 1961[Same stone as Leona Cox]
“Married Dec. 1, 1934”
Land, Charlie C.18871961[Same stone as Mary Irvin Land]
Land, Cynthia E.26 Feb 184918 Apr 1930
Land, Eugene F.01 Mar 191704 Oct 1920“Son of Mr. & Mrs. J (or T.). C. Land”
Land, George11 Jun 189425 Aug 1926
Land, James L.17 Feb 184912 Jul 1929
Land, Mary Irvin18941969[Same stone as Charlie C. Land
Land, Vollie Hugh 04 Jan 191302 May 1968Tennessee SGT 850 ENGRS AVN BN World War II
Lewis, Ed Ervin07 Feb 190011 Nov 1937[Masonic emblem]
Lewis, Harold G.13 Nov 1939[No date]
Lewis, Maude B.21 Jan 190120 Jun 1978[Same stone as Uriah S. Lewis]
Lewis, Uriah S.28 May 189710 Sep 1977PVT US ARMY World War I
[Same stone as Maude B. Lewis]
Malone, Hal J.05 Oct 193827 May 1962
McBride, Georgia S.06 Nov 192113 Sep 1997
McCrary, Ada Cox18881969[Same stone as E. Roller McCrary]
McCrary, Alice Fulkerson18811949Wife of George McCrary
McCrary, Dee D.19061974
McCrary, Dennis Ray[Only one date]29 Jul 1951Infant son of W. H. & Maggie McCrary
McCrary, E. Roller18901979[Same stone as Ada Cox McCrary]
McCrary, Frances Lucille[Only one date]23 Feb 1939Dau. of W. H. & Maggie McCrary
McCrary, George R.11/06/8913 Feb 1975
McCrary, Helen MarieOnly one date17 Oct 1937Dau. of W. H. & Maggie McCrary
McCrary, Jimmy Allen09 Apr 194210 Apr 1942A loving son
McCrary, Kate Holmes22 Oct 190830 Mar 1936[Same stone as Paul Bright McCrary
McCrary, Maggie M.20 Aug 191416 Aug 1987Married Jan 20, 1937
[Same stone as W. Harmon McCrary
McCrary, Paul Bright04 Jan 190211 Aug 1962[Same stone as Kate McCrary
McCrary, Ruby Jean18 Mar 1944[No date]
McCrary, W. Harmon02 Jun 191421 Nov 1998Married Jan 20, 1937
[Same stone as Maggie M. McCrary]
McNeely, Jean Barnes14 Oct 193814 Jul 1968
Moore, Kyle Orbin15 Sep 191531 Mar 1980[Same stone as Shelba L. Moore]
S1C US Navy World War II
Moore, Shelba L.18 Apr 1936[No date][Same stone as Kyle Moore]
Mullins, A. J. 06 Dec 193121 Feb 1992HC3 US Navy Korea
[Same stone as Betty Mullins]
Mullins, Betty Kelley01 Jan 1935[No date][Same stone as A. J. Mullins
Musick, Ernest19101985[Same stone as Nora L. Musick
Musick, Nora L.19111995[Same stone as Ernest Musick
Painter, Clyde E.10 Sep 191417 Feb 1989“Wed Nov. 12, 1937”
[Same stone as Marie Painter
Painter, Creola C. 19071995[Same stone as Fred Painter
“Wed Jul 20, 1930”
Painter, Effie M.28 Jun 189530 May 1911“Dau. of J. M. & E. M. Painter
Painter, Ella M. Cox01 Jun 187422 Apr 1941[Same stone as James M. Painter
Painter, Emma R.15 May 184906 Aug 1930
Painter, Fred D.19031993[Same stone as Creola C. Painter
Wed Jul 20, 1930
Painter, James M.05 Aug 187224 Feb 1938[Same stone as Ella M. Cox Painter
Painter, Jeremiah 25 Nov 184819 Jan 1929
Painter, Jessie M. Brawley 18741957[Same stone as husband, Thomas J. Painter
Painter, Marie C.10 Jun 191513 Mar 1996Wed Nov. 12, 1937
[Same stone as Clyde Painter
Painter, Robert D.19281980[Same stone as Wanda A. Painter
Painter, Roy B. 19111912Son of T. J. & Jessie Painter
Painter, Thomas J.18701944[Same stone as wife, Jessie M. Brawley Painter
Painter, Wanda A.19301988[Same stone as Robert D. Painter
Pennygrass, John18721944
Pennygrass, Maggie [No date][No date]
Price, Sue Alice18891975
Rhoten, William Hite20 Feb 199223 Feb 1992
Royston, Mary Etta Copas17 Feb 190408 Sep 1923Wife of Felix C. Royston
Rush, C. Bolivar18921985[Same stone as Daisy E. Rush
Rush, Daisy E. 18961968[Same stone as C. Bolivar Rush
Rush, Mildred C. 19231989“Married Aug. 17, 1940”
[Same stone as Virgil W. Rush
Rush, Virgil W.19191962“Married Aug. 17, 1940”
[Same stone as Mildred Rush
Sampson, Burton Jay03 Jul 1924[No date]Masonic emblem
[Same stone as Ella “Jean” Sampson
Sampson, Ella “Jean”21 May 192316 Jan 2002[Same stone as Burton Jay Sampson
Sampson, Jimmy W.19511999Funeral home marker
Sampson, Mrs. Lillie28 May 188825 Jul 1980[Same stone as Sylvester Sampson
Sampson, Sylvester25 Apr 186527 Aug 1942[Same stone as Lillie Sampson
Shipley, Elizabeth 18831961[Same stone as Lilborn Shipley
Shipley, J. W. 29 Jan 191329 Jan 1913“Our darling baby”
Shipley, Lilborn18821945[Same stone as Elizabeth Shipley
Smith, Ada Detrema18811945[Same stone as William Jacob Smith
Smith, Albert Roscoe25 Jun 191926 Mar 1941
Smith, Della K.07 May 192315 May 1923Dau. of J. A. & Ida Smith
Smith, Frank Andrew13 Jul 190517 Jan 1974
Smith, Ida Hattie18961949[Same stone as J. Albert Smith]
Smith, J. Albert1881[No date][Same stone as Ida Hattie Smith]
Smith, J. Oliver18881966Father
[Same stone as Nancy J. Smith and Reba F. Smith]
Smith, Lora V.18771956
Smith, Lucinda R.18441927
Smith, Nancy J.1890No dateMother
[Same stone as J. Oliver Smith and Reba F. Smith]
Smith, Pattie Lou[Only one date]26 Dec 1943
Smith, Reba F.19221974Daughter
[Same stone as Nancy J. Smith and J. Oliver Smith]
Smith, William E.19041976[Funeral home marker]
Smith, William Jacob18701910[Same stone as Ada Detrema Smith]
Stacy, Theresa B.09 Apr 194815 Aug 2001
Staten, Carl Edward05 Feb 192906 Jun 1972Military stone Tennessee
CPL US Army Korea
Staten, Infant son[Only one date]31 Jan 1928Infant son of W. T. & Cleo Staten
Staten, Ona Cleo19 Sep 190616 Feb 1980[Same stone as William T. Staten]
Staten, William Thomas23 Jun 190504 Jun 1988[Same stone as Ona Cleo Staten]
Steadman, Emily S.18471919[Same stone as George W. Steadman]
Steadman, Erie M.18791961[Same stone as Ethel M. Steadman]
Steadman, Ethel M.18821957[Same stone as Erie M. Steadman]
Steadman, George W.18421922[Same stone as Emily S. Steadman]
Taylor, Barbara L.24 Jan 193516 Sep 1974
Taylor, Barbara M.29 Apr 1945[No date][Same stone as Dennis Taylor]
Taylor, Dennis M.01 Oct 193812 May 1995[Same stone as Barbara Taylor]
Taylor, Guy F.14 Jan 193326 May 1989
Taylor, Michael Dean06 May 196317 Nov 1985Son
Thompson, Burl20 Jun 192124 Jun 1921
Thompson, Thomas10 Apr 184923 Nov 1913[Same stone as Viena Thompson]
Thompson, Viena15 Jan 185916 Jan 1924[Same stone as Thomas Thompson]
Townsend, Joe Ray13 Dec 1912[No date][Same stone as Rosa Lee Townsend]
Townsend, Rosa Lee13 Dec 191226 Feb 1984[Same stone as Joe Ray Townsend]
Trevitt, Billy Dee11 Feb 193529 Aug 1936Son of John & Elsie Trevitt
Trevitt, Hazel Lucille17 Apr 192530 Nov 1936Daughter of John & Elsie Trevitt
Trivette, Arthur Dean16 Sep 1927[No date][Same stone as Irene Trivette]
Trivette, Irene07 Feb 1932[No date][Same stone as Arthur Trivette]
Trivette, John R.18961964[Same stone as Mamie Elsie Trivette]
Trivette, Mamie Elsie19041956[Same stone as John R. Trivette]
Truett, Mildred Hays14 Jul 191805 Aug 1993
Truett, Rupert Lee17 Jan 191119 Sep 1973Tennessee US Army
World War II
Waggoner, James L.23 Jan 192316 Oct 1997S2 US Navy World War II
Waggoner, Pauline Cox1918[No date][Same stone as James O. Cox]
Whitaker, Voilet Jean19 Aug 192629 Nov 1926Dau. of Burl & Lillian Whitaker
Zimmerman, David Lynn[Only one date]09 Sep 1965Infant son of Toy & Ruth Zimmerman
Zimmerman, Ruth Lewis04 Jun 192310 Sep 1965
Zimmerman, Toy L.25 Apr 192129 Mar 1976

Surveyed, transcribed and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web September 2002 by Donna Cox Briggs and Betty Jane Hylton members of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.

Copyrighted 2013 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team.

Bennett, Charles M., and Watauga Association of Genealogists . Washington County Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions. 1st ed. : Loraine Bennett Rae, 1979; with permission from Loraine B. Rae.

Bacon, R. I. (1905-1941)


Brandon, Maude (1889-1970) Husband, Charles H. Brandon’s stone is there. I believe only a funeral home marker was there in 1976 and has since disappeared.

Chatman, Ricky J. (Jul 15, 1951)

Chatman, Diane (1974-1974)

There are at least 5 known unmarked graves.

Also buried here according to Tennessee Death Certificate, Earl Eldridge Kincheloe, born 1895 and died Feb. 22, 1919. He was a son of George Kincheloe and Mary Hunt.

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