Hales Community Cemetery
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GPS – 36.321510, -82.480065

LOCATION – 286 Hales Road. Washington County tax parcel 044PA021.00


None of the deeds reviewed mention a burial ground. The Hale name associated with this burial ground is largely based upon local lore spanning back several decades. It is unknown exactly when this burial ground was established, however, the Hale ownership of the subject property began with Ruth Hale in 1807 and ended with the heirs of Archibald Hale in 1859.

Deeds referenced have been plotted and contain the subject graveyard, unless otherwise specified.

Deed Book 10, Page 18 (1807) – James Stuart to Ruth Hale (Hail) – 434 acres. This parcel was split between the conveyance to Archibald (northern section) and one to Mark Hale (southern section). The approximate division line is the present Hales Road.

Deed Book 13, Page 441 (1814) – Ruth Hale to Archibald Hale – 225. acres.

Deed Book 14, Page 23 (1814) – Ruth Hale to Mark Hale – 210 acres (For reference only).

Deed Book 27, Page 33 (1846) – Archibald Hale conveyed a small parcel to the Trustees of the Hales School. This parcel is now known as the Hales Ruritan on Hales Road. The schoolhouse building still stands. This property had been conveyed to Archibald Hale by Deed Book 19, Page 17 – John & Robert Allison, but did not contain the graveyard area.

Deed Book 37, Page 169 (1859) – Mary Hale (nee Allison, widow of Archibald) and William K. Hale (son) convey the Archibald Hale farm of about 269 acres to Hugh A. Crawford.

Deed Book 116, Page 418 (1914) – Daniel Miller to James W. Oliver.

Deed Book 179, Page 81 (1928) – This 25 acre portion was allocated to Bert Oliver and conveyed to Mary Oliver by this deed.

The Oliver farm remained substantially intact until 1948 when the farm was partitioned to various heirs. Several deeds were reviewed and some perhaps missed as various family members deeded undivided interests amongest each other and so forth.

Deed Book 254, Page 118 (1950) – D.W. and Cordelia Oliver to John & Nelle Jones. It is at this time that the subject parcel was conveyed outside the Oliver name.

Deed Book 364, Page 598 (1963) – Nelle Jones to Raymond Boyer & Gail Willis.

Deed Book 372, Page 215 (1964) – Boyer & Willis to Jasper & Gertrude Calloway.

Deed Book 430, Page 223 (1969) – Jasper & Gertrude Calloway to Louis & Reberth Zeller. Tract #1 contains the graveyard. The Zeller family subdivided and created the August Trace Subdivision in 1997 (Plat Book 14, Page 112). The graveyard fell into lot #14 and is shown on that plat. All deeds forward simply refer to lot #14. It has only been recently that the land has been cleared and a home put under construction. Great care has been taken to not disturb the subject graveyard, which is beneath 3 large trees.

BURIALS – Unknown

Deed research and location confirmation donated to the Washington County TNGen Web May 2017 by Gordon M. Edwards, member of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.

Copyrighted 2017 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part of this work may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team.

Additional information:

From Washington County, Tennessee Wills, by Goldene Burgner, c1983, page 55:

ARCHIBALD HALE Will. March 24, 1854.
Wife Mary Hale. Daughter Minerva Slaven – no more. To daughter Ruth Allison – $200. Daughter Martha Hunt – no more. Daughter Emeline Hale – $100. Daughter Mary Brown has her portion. Daughter Amanda Jane Prichett has her portion. Daughter Telema Duncan has enough. To grandson John Hale son of Allison Hale – land running from Hugh A. Crawfords to the Bugaboo Springs, to John Keyes line including house and spring where Jeremiah Boyd now lives. Lucinda, widow of David Hale – to live on farm, raise and educate her son John Hale. To grandson John Hale – all remaining of the Bugaboo Farm. To my son Abednego Hale – 3 negro boys. To my son William Hale – the farm where I now live, purchased from John and Robert Allison. Executors: 2 sons, Abednego & William Hale. Test: William Lyon, James H. Allison, Franklin Lyon. Probated January Term, 1855. Signed: Archibald Hale

1850 Census Washington County, Tennessee, August 29, 1850:
#255/268 Archibald B. Hale 63, Polly 61, Lurlana 19, Wm. 16 (farm $3300)

1860 Census Washington County, Tennessee:
#258 Hale, Wm. K 37, Mary 39, Alice J. 8, Martha E. 7 Henry 5, Wm. E 1; Bowman, Wm. 22.

#259 Hale, Fuller P. 36, Orleana B. 30, Virginia E. 7, Gentry 4, Susan E 2; Hale, Samen 30 (M) field hand; Hale, Dick 25 (B) field hand; Cox, John C. 16 student; Hale, Ann 1,  8 (M) house servant.

#284 Pritchett, Mark M. 42, Amanda 32, Wm. F. 12, James S. 5, John A. 2.

From Ancestry.com:
Archibald B. Hale, b. 1789 Baltimore Co, MD; d. 5 Dec1854, Washington Co, TN; m. Mary Polly Allison, b. abt. 1788. He was the son of Abednego Hale b. 1749 and Ruth Hale b. Nov. 1762.

In the 1960’s older residents called this cemetery the Hale Cemetery.

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