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Cannon Cemetery

Carr (A.C.) Cemetery

Carr Family Cemetery

Carr-Crumley-Krouse Cemetery

Carr-Reeves Cemetery

Carr (R.L.) Cemetery

Carr (Thomas W.) Cemetery

Carter Family Cemetery

Chase (James Madison) Cemetery

Cherokee Community Cemetery

Cherokee Community Independent Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery

Cherokee Mountain Cemetery 

Cherry Grove-Keplinger Cemetery

Cherry Hill Church Cemetery

Chester-Mahoney Cemetery

Clark Grave on Duncan Farm

Clark (Daniel) Cemetery

Clark (Henderson) Cemetery

Clark-Dotson Cemetery

Clark-Price Cemetery   see also Bayless (Young) Cemetery

Clem Cemetery

Clem (Harriett) Cemetery

Cole Cemetery  see Vaught (Isaac) Cemetery

College Heights Cemetery  see Leonard Cemetery

College Hill Cemetery  see  Evergreen-College Hill Cemetery

Conner (Daniel) Cemetery

Copass Cemetery

Cox (William) Grave

Crossroads Baptist Church Cemetery

Crouch (Jesse) Cemetery

Crouch (Joseph) Cemetery

Crumley Cemetery

Carruthers Cemetery


Deakins (Henry) Cemetery

DeLoach, Pettibone Cemetery

DeVault (Frederick)

DeVault Cemetery

Douglass (Samuel) Cemetery

Dove Cemetery

Dry Creek Cemetery also known as Morning Star Cemetery

Dunham Cemetery

Dulaney (Milton) Cemetery

Duncan (Jesse) Cemetery

Duncan-Melvin-Carathers Cemetery

Dyer Cemetery

Earnest Chapel Cemetery

Eastern Star Free Will Baptist Cemetery

Eden-Greenwood Cemetery

Edwards Cemetery

Elliott Cemetery

Ellis-Martin Cemetery

Elsea Cemetery

Embreeville (Old) Cemetery

Emmet-Hawthorne Cemetery

English Cemetery

Estep-Taylor-Hardin Cemetery

Estes (Joseph Lafayette) Cemetery

Eutsler (Noah) Cemetery

Evergreen – College Hill Cemetery














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