Buffalo Ridge Cemetery

Located on Hales Chapel Road in the Gray area of Washington County. Turn onto Holly Lane and take an immediate right turn onto Freeman Lane. The cemetery is at the end of the road.

GPS Location: 36.23. 23N 082.27.54W;  Elevation 1636 ft.

Buffalo Ridge Cemetery Map

Buffalo Ridge Cemetery Map







Adams, A. P. 20 Apr 183708 Jun 1907Son of Alexander & Lydia M. Adams
Adams, Alexander07 Aug 180325 Feb 1865[Lying flat and badly worn]
Adams, Donnie H.02 Jan 191625 Mar 1916Son of E. S. & Jennie Adams
Adams, Jennie Barnes18791917Mother
Adams, Lydie M.April 180822 Aug 1890Wife of A. A. Adams [Dau. of Jacob Brown & Christina Ramey]
Adams, Mary J.23 Sep 183921 Mar 1918[Dau. of Alexander & Lydia Adams]
Adams, William McKinley21 Mar 189617 Jun 1897Son of E. S. & J. B. Adams
Archer, Jas. Milton16 Jan 182227 Dec 1904[Inside iron fence with the Archer family]
Archer, Lucinda15 Feb 182025 Dec 1897Wife of J. M. Archer
[Inside iron fence with the Archer family]
Ashley, James19201979
B. ?. H.[No other inscription, just initials]
Barnes, Andrew J.18601932[Same stone as Rebecca & Sis Barnes]
Barnes, D. G. W. 05 Sep 184617 Oct 1914
Barnes, David G. W. 13 Jul 182207 Feb 1886Aged 63 yrs, 6 mo, 27 days
Barnes, Fuller H.18561940[Same stone as Sallie Barnes]
Barnes, George W. 01 Apr 188403 Jul 1890Son of D. G. W. & L. A. Barnes
Barnes, Haskiel Lee, Jr.Only one date07 Jul 1921Infant sons of H. L. & Lula Barnes
[Same stone as Leslie Talmadge Barnes]
Barnes, James H.18 Feb 184207 Jul 1901
Barnes, John M.No date21 Apr 1933Tennessee PVT 58 Pioneer INF
Barnes, Leslie TalmadgeOnly one date07 Jun 1923Infant sons of H. L. & Lula Barnes
[Same stone as Haskiel Lee Barnes Jr.]
Barnes, Letha Rose05 Jan 192112 Mar 1921Daughter of Andrew & Bessie Barnes
Barnes, Louisa A.29 Jun 184708 Sep 1924Mother
Barnes, Maria17 May 186115 May 1865Daughter 3 yrs, 11 mos, 28 days
Barnes, Nora A. Bowman17 Jul 188731 Mar 1908Wife of Rev. Jim Barnes
Youthful beauty at rest
Barnes, Rebecca18741930[Same stone as Andrew J. & Sis Barnes]
Barnes, Sallie E. 18641943[Same stone as Fuller Barnes]
Barnes, Sarah Ann09 Feb 182111 May 1890
Barnes, Saraphina09 Aug 182603 May 1902Wife of D. G. W. Barnes
Barnes, Sis18641883[Same stone as Andrew J. & Rebecca Barnes]
Barnes, Violet R. 02 Oct 189520 Oct 1898Daughter of A.C. & M. M. Barnes
Barnes, W. Gentry08 Apr 187711 Aug 1917
Barnes, Walter29 Oct 189115 Aug 1894Son of A. J. & Rebecca Barnes
Bashor, M. E. No date06 May 1894Mother
Bashor, W. J. No date24 Aug 1892Father
Beasley, Matilda Archer18501913Wife of T. J. Beasley
[Inside iron fence with the Archer family]
Bishop, Mary Lovicy19 Jul 186222 Dec 1908Wife of James Bishop
Buckingham, Mary E. 15 Aug 186201 Aug 1906Wife of G. W. Buckingham
Chase, Andrew S. Only one date19 Aug 1890Age 35y, 6m, 2 days
Chase, Claudie V. 18801907Wife of W. H. Ford
Chase, Elizabeth Sherfey18301920
Chase, Harvey K.No date26 Apr 188769 yrs., 8mo., 7 days
Conner, John A. 05 Apr 184826 Mar 1930
Conner, Sarah Shipley11 Oct 184907 Aug 1916Wife of J. A. Conner
[Two stones]
Crawford, Melviney04 Feb 184728 Jan 1888Wife of Sam Crawford
Crouch, Abigail M. Chinowth25 Feb 185026 Apr 1929[Same stone as Joe Crouch]
Wife of Joe Crouch
Crouch, CarolineJanuary 182410 Dec 1900[Same stone as James H. Crouch]
Crouch, James H.February 182120 Feb 1900Same stone as Caroline Crouch
Crouch, Joe H.27 Mar 184308 May 1924[Same stone as Abigail Chinowth Crouch]
Crouch, SarahNo date11 Mar 1782Wife of John Crouch
Crouch, William M.04 Oct 186101 Nov 1933
Curtis, A. M. 19 Dec 185906 Oct 1918
Curtis, Rachel02 Jan 182428 Dec 1905Aged 81 Yrs. 11 Mos. 27 Da’s.
Davidson, John C.06 May 183425 Sep 188551 yrs, 4 mos, 19days
Converted February 1859; Ordained to the work of the gospel ministry August 28, 1887
Davidson, Willie T. 28 Apr 186923 Nov 1887Son of E. & M. J. Davidson
[Stone is lying on the ground]
Davis, Harry Oliver16 Dec 189413 Jan 1958Tennessee Wagoner HQ Co. GP Main TNG Depot World War I
Davis, Hazel20 Jun 192021 Feb 1985
Denny, John S.18731936
DeVault, Bobbie R. 19 Nov 187805 Nov 1886Son of Fred & Laura DeVault
DeVault, James L.05 Sep 187605 Sep 1895Aged 29 years
DeVault, Nancy01 Dec 182530 Aug 1897
DeVault, Samuel08 Jun 182425 Mar 1897
DeVault, Sarah A.04 Apr 185803 May 1871
Edwards, Julia A. 13 Aug 185718 May 1877Sister
[Edwards plots enclosed by a concrete wall]
Edwards, Lizzie M.04 Feb 184609 Mar 1885[Edwards plots enclosed by a concrete wall]
Edwards, Mary 06 Sep 182222 Sep 1888[Edwards plots enclosed by a concrete wall]
Edwards, S. E. 22 Nov 180306 Apr 1878[Edwards plots enclosed by a concrete wall]
Fitz, Martha Louise24 Nov 192318 Jan 1924Daughter of C. F. & Lizzie Fitz
Ford, Bonnie05 Nov 190405 Nov 1904Twins of Robert & Allie Ford
[Same stone as Onnie Ford]
Ford, Elvira Cox18501911Wife of J. R. Ford
Ford, J. C. 22 Dec 191420 Jul 1916Son of J. T. & Eliza Ford
Ford, J. R. 05 May 185123 Aug 1904
Ford, John C. 20 Aug 187507 Feb 1915
Ford, Mary R. 24 Jan 187104 May 1905Wife of W.S.Ford
Ford, Nora E. 18 Jul 188117 Mar 1900
Ford, Oma M.09 Mar 190115 Jun 1919
Ford, Onnie 05 Nov 190405 Nov 1904Twins of Robert & Allie Ford
[Same stone as Bonnie Ford]
Ford, Raymond C. 23 Jun 191313 Apr 1918Son of J. T. & Eliza Ford
Ford, Robert Boye11 Dec 190314 Dec 1903Son of Henry & Claudie Ford ?
[very difficult to read]
Ford, William T. 02 Mar 184204 May 1910
Ford, Willie27 Aug 190101 Dec 1909Son of W. F. & Mary Ford
Hale, Charlie Richard21 Sep 191324 Sep 1971Tennessee PVT Troop A 101 Cal
World War II
Hale, Effie Susan Marsh18 Jan 189021 Apr 1954[Same stone as John Franklin Hale]
Hale, Elizabeth Ann22 May 184408 Dec 1907Wife of Rev. Thos. L. Hale
[Same stone as Rev. Thomas L. Hale]
Hale, EmmaOnly one date21 Jan 1942Home made stone
Hale, Evelyon R.Only one date28 Nov 1938
Hale, Herman R. 19111980
Hale, James D. 19101969
Hale, John Franklin29 Jul 188208 Aug 1936[Same stone as Effie Hale]
Hale, Mary 18721935
Hale, Nona Mae 17 Jun 190010 Nov 1900Daughter of J. M. & Cora Hale
Hale, Ray D.22 Aug 199508 Jun 1997
Hale, Raymond H.23 Jul 192329 Nov 1988
Hale, Thomas L. (Rev.)30 Mar 184931 Jan 1934[Same stone as Elizabeth Ann Hale]
Hale, William D. 19151997US Army
Harrison, Landon Carter13 Jul 184025 Sep 1907
Harrison, Thursey JaneNo dateNo dateWife of Landon C. Harrison
Helm, Ann13 Mar 176415 Oct 1844
Helm, Jane31 Aug 178518 Nov 1810
Holland, Ella Mae06 Apr 194426 Feb 2003Mama
Isenberg(?), Cherrie L.[Hand-made stone almost completely illegible]
Isenberg, Anna R.22 Apr 185620 Apr 1932
Isenberg, Dehlia15 May 189308 Sep 1912
Isenberg, Guy26 Jan 189722 Dec 1898Son of B. N. & R. V. Isenberg
Isenberg, Lena M.19031904
Isenberg, Rachel V. 18781924
Jenkins, Roscoe26 Dec 190428 Apr 1911Son of H. H. & L. A. Jenkins
Kitzmiller, David07 Oct 179903 Jul 1895Age 95 y, 8 m, 26 d
Kitzmiller, Elizabeth [Hughes]21 Oct 180020 Jun 1888Wife of David Kitzmiller age 87y, 7mo, 29 days
Kitzmiller, Jacob29 Apr 181320 Jun 1832Aged 19 yrs, 1 mo, 22 days
[Stone was partially buried and broken in several pieces]
Kitzmiller, Martin11 Feb 177210 Apr 1861[From PA]
Kitzmiller, Mary17 Nov 177109 Jun 1856[Dau. of Henrich and Caherine Graver Devalt. Sister of Valentine & Frederick]
Martin, Amanda M.18531943[Same stone as David C. Martin]
Martin, David C. 18521923[Same stone as Amanda M. Martin]
Martin, Hayes18771956[Same stone as Pearle Walker Martin]
Martin, Laura M.01 Jul 187802 Apr 1899Wife of Clayton Martin
Martin, Pearle Walker19001989[Same stone as Hayes Martin]
Milburn, Houston Jesse18 Apr 188817 May 1890Son of Jno. W. & Mary Milburn
Milburn, John March 1851October 1915
Milburn, John Edwin06 Jul 188708 Jun 1894Son of Jno. W. & Mary Milburn
Milburne, Mary Ford28 Aug 184815 Aug 1922Wife of John Milburn
Milhorn, Martha183726 Aug 1904
Milhorn, Sam21 Jul 183513 Mar 1904
Miller, Sarah25 Dec 187305 Oct 1895
Mohlar, John R.08 Feb 1911June 1911Son of Charles & Virgie Mohlar
Morrell, Earnest or Edwards, Earnest Morrell11 May 188318 Jul 1885[Edwards plots enclosed by a concrete wall]
Mulkey, Anna LaceyNo dateNo date[Same stone as Jonathan & Nancy Howard Mulkey]
Mulkey, Jonathan17521826First Baptist Preacher in Tennessee
Mulkey, Nancy HowardNo dateNo date[Same stone as Jonathan, & Anna Lacey Mulkey]
N. A. H.J? 6, 184407 Dec 1920B J 6, 1844 D Dec. 7 1920
[Inscription as it appears, exactly]
Owens, John R. 22 Mar 182820 Dec 1896
Riley, Jane05 Apr 183012 Jul 1902
Rosenbaum, Jackie WayneDate missing1963[Funeral home marker]
Rosenbaum, Renia31 Dec 196029 Apr 2001
Ryans, Henry KingNo date23 Jun 1899Son of Geo. & Virgie Ryans
Age 22 days
Zell, A. M. 27 Mar 191528 Mar 1915[Same stone as H. L. Zell, twin]
Zell, H. L. 27 Mar 191502 Apr 1915[Same stone as A. M. Zell, twin]

Surveyed, transcribed and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web 5 September 2003 by Elaine Cantrell, Chester Willis, Dawn Peters, Bob Shell, Donna Briggs and Betty Jane Hylton members of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.

Copyrighted 2012 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team.

Jonathan Mulkey Monument reads: Jonathan Mulkey 1752 – 1826 First Baptist preacher in Tennessee Restored by Tennessee Baptist Historical Society Central WMJ Johnson City, Tenn. October 26, 1938.

There is a full size grave with a slab covering, no inscription visible.

According to Washington County Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions, by Charles M. Bennett and the Watauga Association of Genealogists, V.III, with permission from Loraine B. Rae.

The following were found in 1957 but not in 2003:

Barnes, Charles A., Jun 29, 1873 –

Barnes Nellie J., Oct. 25, 1882 –

Bishop, M.E., d. March 6, 1894

Bishop, W.J., d. Aug 24, 1892 “Father’

Hale, Barbara Jeanne, Infant, July 17, 1952 [FHM]

Two limestone markers with the initials J.T.H. and W.C.H. These are between Evelyn R. Hale and Barbara Jeanne Hale.

Ketchem, Annie, 1874-1936

Information from Charles M. Bennett’s files indicate that the following are buried in unmarked graves:

Gresham, Thomas, Rev. War, 3rd VA Rgt. Died before 1804.

His wife, Dorcas Lane, dau. of John Fuller and Elizabeth Cloud Lane. Dorcase married (2) Nathaniel Davis.

Lane, John Fuller, 1727 – 1785, born Baltimore, MD, son of Richard and Sarah Fuller Lane.

Shipley, Benjamin, Sr., 1770 – ca 1802/03.

From History of Washington County Tennessee, 1988, by the Watauga Association of Genealogists, p. 114:

Quite a large cemetery is located on Buffalo Ridge at the site of the old church, with names on the stones representing many of the families living in Washington County and East Tennessee. There are approximately 500 graves containing many early settlers, including Jonathan Mulkey and his family. The oldest stone found is that of Sarah Crouch, who died march 11, 1782, just four years after the church was organized. Surnames of persons buried in the cemetery include: Adams, Agee, Ashby, Archer, Barnes, Beasley, Bishop,Buckingham, Chase, Conner, Crouch, Crawford, Curtis, Davidson, Davis, Denney, DeVault, Edwards, Fitz, Ford, Good Gray, Gesham, Hale, Hamilton, Harrison, Helm, Isenberg, Jenkins, Ketchem, Kitzmiller, Lane, Martin, Milburn, Milhorn, Miller, Mohlar, Morrell, Mulkey, Murray, Osborne, Owens Rayns, Riley, Rosenbaum, and Susong.

Buffalo Ridge Cemetery, Clue to Gray’s Early Days”, Johnson City Press, Sept. 14, 1986:

The C.C & O. Railroad was built through this area in 1907-1908, with a railroad station located about two miles from Buffalo Ridge Baptist Church. Some black workers on the railroad died and are buried in the back of the cemetery. There are not markers.


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