Broyles (James B.) Cemetery 2015

Broyles (James B.) Cemetery

Reflection from George W. Durman – 2015
“The only sources I have ever known of were from people who were still living several decades ago and they have all passed on now. The original story, from various cousins, was that, first, the grave markers were removed from the cemetery and placed in a shed. My brother and first cousin looked in the shed several times and saw the markers. Then, after some time, the markers were not there any more. They never found out what happened to them because the owner at that time wasn’t talking. 

After removal of the markers, a corn crib was build over the graves. Later the crib was torn down and the present barn built there. 

At the time of the sources, several of those who told the story were old enough to have known first hand that the sequence of events I have outlined actually happened. Added to the first hand information from my brother and cousin, I’m sure the cemetery IS now under the barn. 

As to why the barn was built over the burial grounds, I never heard from anyone who knew “why”. The farm had remained in the hands of Broyles descendants for a long time, and when a non-Broyles bought it, for some reason he decided to desecrate
the burial ground.”

LOCATION – 349 Snapp Bridge Road in the Chuckey Bent.  Washington County tax parcel 094-034.00
GPS LOCATION: +36° 11.200, -82° 36.790 (approximate)

Deed Book 23, Page 85 (1839) – James Broyles to Simeon
Broyles – retains life estate.  80 acre tract.

Deed Book 48, Page 8 (1879) – Simeon Broyles to Joseph
Broyles – mentions graves.

Deed Book 59, Page 568 (1889) and Deed Book 71, Page 316 (1890) – Joseph H. Broyles to Smith & Dobson to W[ashington] N[ewton] & Emma C. Broyles – mentions graves.

Deed Book 72, Page 331 (1896) – W. N. & Emma C. Broyles to Benjamin Kelly & Henry R. Moore (brothers).  Mentions “…..excepting a small territory upon which are a few graves.”

Deed Book 80, Page 41 (1901) – B[enjamin] K[elly] Moore to Henry R. Moore.  “…..(excepting a small territory upon which are a few graves.)”

Deed Book 174, Page 519 (1927) – Otis & Annie Moore Kimery to B.K. Moore (their ½ undivided interest in estate of Henry R. Moore.  Deeds including this one and forward are quiet on a burial ground.

Deed Book 308, Page 164 (1957) – Evelyn Moore Brueggmann to A. F. Shelton.

Deed Book 430, Page 613 (1969) – A. F. Shelton to Oda “Odie” Broyles.

Several other deeds were reviewed and are on file with the survey team, but will not be listed here.

BURIALS – The only evidence of burials would be that more than likely the graves are those of James Broyles and his wife, Ellender (Broyles) Broyles.  Their son, Simeon, was the first to note the graves in his conveyance to Joseph Broyles.


Surveyed, transcribed and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web October 2015 by Betty Jane & Bob Hylton and Gordon M. Edwards, members of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.
Copyrighted 2015 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part of this work may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team.

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