Washington County, Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions by Charles M. Bennett and the Watauga Association of Genealogists. Information used with the permission of Lorraine Bennett Rae.

From volume 1, page 217 – WCCL
“BROCKWELL – 3-1/4 mi S of Johnson City on the left of Cherokee Road going from Johnson City to Garbers.  Established by David Brockwell.  A private cemetery that has been in existence since the Civil War – probably 50 years old.”

From volume 1, page 217 – WCCL
“SLAGLE – 3-1/4 mi S. of Johnson City.  Established by David Slagle.  This is a small public cemetery.  It is now used by the Slagle family but was formerly used by the Lyles as a burying ground.  (This could be the Slagle-Huffine cemetery; however, there are no Lyle graves marked if it is the same one)”

From volume 1, page 157 – entry 48
“YOUNG-LYLE-STRICKLAND – Located on the right hand side of Horse Cove Road off Cherokee Road on land where Chaney Boren formerly lived…..”

This burial ground is most commonly known as Young-Lyle-Strickland.  See that entry and also the David Slagle entry for additional information. Markers indicate burials began in the 1840’s and ceased at 1871, then began again in 1910. The Slagles owned the subject property and graveyard from about 1892 forward.  The Strickland death certificates indicate that ”Slagle” was the name of the burial ground.  Having been born in the 1850’s, David Brockwell would not have established a graveyard at the time of the Civil War.
David B. Brockwell’s wife was Susan Strickland. Their daughter, Julia, married William Strickland. Susan Strickland Brockwell died in 1929 and was buried at Speedwell Cemetery.  David died in 1930 and is buried at Mountain Home in Johnson City.  Julia Brockwell Strickland died in 1917 and was buried at Y-L-S, as was her husband, William, and at least two children. The Stricklands are buried in a distinct section, possibly added by David Brockwell for his daughter and a few grandchildren.

No further proof has been found.

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