A granite marker tablet is found imbedded in the base of a tree at this intersection.  About 3 feet away is the granite base that appears to be the mate for the tablet.  The tablet is engraved with the name “W.W. Bowman”.  Although partially obscured, the birth and death years of 1867 and 1933 are visible below the name.  This tablet has been captured by the tree growth for many years and no attempt to move it will be done.
William White Bowman’s death certificate indicates the same birth & death years and that he was buried at “Union Church” cemetery which is about 1 mile away.  A survey conducted in September 1958 found his marker at said cemetery between Grumby Bacon and Eloise C. Day.  A more recent survey failed to find a marker at that location between the two named persons.
William W. Bowman’s wife, Henrietta, died in 1952 and is buried at Monte Vista Cemetery in Johnson City.  Next to her is a similar styled marker for W. W. Bowman.  His new marker has dates that match both the death certificate and the marker found at the Bowman farm location.
Although court records have not been viewed, it appears that sometime after 1958, the family moved the remains of William and had them reburied by his wife.  Two new matching flat markers adorn those graves.   The old marker was moved to the family farm and discarded by the tree.  Experience has shown that, although not common, this type of situation does occur.
GPS Location:  36.379855, -82.377695 (William W. Bowman marker imbedded in tree)
At the intersection of Tucker lane and Devonshire Avenue in Johnson City.
Deed Book 184, Page 463 (1900) – R.C. & Mary E. Bowman to W.W. Bowman.
Deed Book 217, Page 416 (1942) – Ernest C. Bowman and his mother, Henrietta (Mrs. W.W.) Bowman, widow, to Emory V. & Dorothy Bowman.
Deed Book 552, Page 98 (1980) – Emory V. & Dorothy A. Bowman to Sheffield Enterprises.
These deeds simply establish that the subject location was in the Bowman family for decades, including the time when William White Bowman passed away.  Review of these deeds fail to find any mention of a burial ground on the subject property.
It is unknown if there are any burials at this location.  It is possible that a slave or pauper grave or two could be here.  A road now exists that may possibly obscure depressions.  No invasive attempt to make a determination will be done, nor has any supporting documentation been found.
Researched and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web September 2016 by Gordon M. Edwards, member of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.
Copyrighted 2016 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part of this work may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team.

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