Boones Creek Brethern Cemetery 2014

Boones Creek Brethern Cemetery

Located across from 143 Bart Greene Drive, Johnson City, Tennessee. Fenced and well kept. Survey starts on the south side (back) of cemetery.





GPS location: 36° 22.49N 082° 24.40W

Bowman (Daniel) Cemetery, Relocated from Bowman Family Farm, September 2001, located on the south side of the Boones Creek Brethren Cemetery.

Bowman, Daniel21 Nov 177405 Apr 183501/01
Bowman, George E.01 Jan 187221 May 188101/02Shares marker with Noah G. Bowman
Bowman, Noah G.21 Nov 187425 Nov 187401/03Shares marker with George E. Bowman
Curtis, Ann R.[No date]Nov 188001/04Age 42
Carter, Catharine[No date]15 Sep 184301/05
Hylton, Austin Valentine1796After 188001/06Shares marker with Edith B. Wade Hylton
Hylton, Edith B. Wade1798185001/07Shares marker with Austin Valentine Hylton [Austin V. Hylton married Rachel Booth 19 Jan 1822 in Patrick County, VA. These are Rachel's birth and death dates.]
Hylton, Jesse G.09 Apr 189031 May 190302/01Dau. Of Solomon and Mary E. Hylton
Hylton, Solomon20 Sep 183819 Feb 190502/02[Son of Austin V. and Rachel Booth Hylton]
Hylton, Hassie M.02 Jan 187810 Feb 187802/03
Hylton, Mary E.1850192802/04
Bowman, Willie B.07 Oct 186125 Aug 188203/01
Bowman, Anna Crouch[No date][No date]03/02Married Samuel Bowman 1829, Mother of George C.
Bowman, George C.1832189803/03Minister and Elder
Bowman, Ann M. Hylton02 Jul 183726 Jul 188103/04
Hylton, Susannah “Aunt Sookie”1825189903/05
Hylton, Flora A.18 Sep 187015 Aug 188503/06
Hylton, Jessie C.09 Apr 189031 May 190303/07
Hylton, Solomon P.20 Sep 183819 Feb 190503/08
Hylton, Mary E. Crouch20 Mar 185020 Jan 192803/09
Hankal, Infant[No date][No date]03/10Daughter of Sam and Erah Hankal
Hankal, Samuel O.1874195103/11Shares marker with Erah D. Hankal
Hankal, Erah D.1893195503/12Shares marker with Samuel O. Hankal
Surcey, Thomas R., Jr.1931198804/01
Surcey, Patricia L.1941197204/02
Bowser, Linda G.[One date]18 Oct 195904/03
Owens, Eddie Cecil10 Nov 193410 Jan 196305/01Tennessee Sp3 Btry B. 90 AA EN CAC
Hurt, Daniel C.1932196006/01
Hurt, Nora1910200106/02Shares marker with Charlie Hurt
Hurt, Charlie1908197106/03Shares marker with Nora Hurt
Fleenor, William Clayton1864195606/04Masonic Emblem
Fleenor Martha Neessary1872196006/05
Durham, Maden1908[No date]06/09Masonic Emblem Shares marker with Gracie Durham
Durham, Gracie1907196206/10Eastern Star Emblem Shares marker with Maden Durham
Hankal, Albert H.1976195506/11Shares marker with Hazel T. Hankal
Hankal, Hazel T.1903196406/12Shares marker with Albert H. Hankal
Hooks Janet Gail1943197006/13
Monroe, Ada M.13 Mar 192427 Oct 199306/14Shares marker with Oscar F. Monroe
Monroe, Oscar F.22 Mar 1920[No date]06/15Shares marker with Ada M. Monroe
Concrert block07/02[Unreadable]
Miller, Edward J.28 Feb 190713 May 197207/04Masonic Emblem Shares marker with Lula Mae Miller
Miller, Lula Mae02 Jul 191016 Apr 195207/05Eastern Start emblem Shares marker with Edward J. Miller
Wright, Charles H.1899197007/06Married 1929 Shares marker with Rebecca Rhea Cash Wright
Wright, Rebecca Rhea Cash1911[No date]07/07Shares marker with Charles H. Wright
Hankal, William H.26 Feb 186631 Jan 194407/08
Holt, W. Emory1882195507/09Shares marker with Lottie B. Hoit
Holt, Lottie B.1882197007/10Shares marker with W. Emory Hoit
White, Robert Gerald13 Jan 192022 Nov 195907/11
White, John B.1889198107/12Shares marker with Amy N. White
White, Amy N.1892198207/13Shares marker with John B. White
Masters, George1887197108/01Shares marker with Ibba J. Masters
Master, Ibba J.1885187108/02Shares marker with George Masters
Masters, Lois Evelyn10 Sep 192326 Apr 193108/03Dau. of Geo. And Isabell Masters
Loggins, Carrie B.14 Jul 189009 Mar 198708/04Shares marker with Earl D. Loggins
Loggins, Earl D.19 Feb 189007 Jul 194108/05Shares marker with
Bowman, Campbell10 Jan 190517 Nov 193808/06
Bowman, Sallie03 Mar 186923 Nov 194708/07
Bowman, William D.29 Apr 186204 Feb 193808/08
Bowman, Homer Alfred21 Jun 188514 Feb 196108/09
Bowman, Lula Pearl31 Jan 189411 Jul 192508/10
Dugger, Robert N.1877193009/01Shares marker with Nancy E. Dugger
Dugger, Nancy E.1887197209/02Shares marker with Robert N. Dugger
Dugger, Bob[No date][No date]09/03Infant
Dugger, Sarrh [sic][No date][No date]09/04
Dugger, Brown[No date][No date]09/05
Brown, T.J.1858193109/08
Concrete block09/10[Unreadable]
Concrete block09/11[Unreadable]
Concrete block09/12[Unreadable]
Hankal, Charles K.1878194307/01Shares marker with Effie C. Hankal
Hankal, Effie C.1889197009/14Shares marker with Charles K. Hankal
Lingafelt, John C.28 Oct 188427 Feb 195909/15
Lingafelt, Florence B.01 Jul 189615 Aug 196509/16
Lingafelt, Cecil G.31 Oct 192211 Nov 192309/17Son of J.C. and F.M. Lingafelt
Barnes, Lena06 Feb 188609 Jan 195710/02
Barnes, Roscoe G.1909196610/03
Durham, T.N.16 Apr 187023 Sep 195010/09
Wyatt, David09 Sep 191030 Jan 192810/11Shares marker with L.E. Mayfield
Mayfield, L.E.1885192310/12Shares marker with David Wyatt
Anderson, Ed C.26 Dec 191627 Apr 193310/13Marker off the base
Erwin, Robert I.30 Apr 1889[No date]10/14Shares marker with Mary Wyatt Erwin
Erwin, Mary Wyatt22 Oct 190122 Sep 195110/15Shares marker with Robert I. Erwin
Gross, Ruby Mae10 May 192318 May 192310/22
Gross, Roby O.25 Mar 189611 Jul 196810/23Tennessee PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR I
Gross, Lucy C.01 Apr 189114 Jun 197010/24
Range, Weldon E.17 Jul 188425 Aug 191610/25
Unknown11/01Marked with a cross
Surcey, Tom10 May 186826 Sep 195011/06
Surcey, Sara D.29 Sep 188924 Jan 197911/07
Durham, Robert C.01 Jan 191908 Jun 194611/08TENNESSEE TEC5 25 QUARTER MASTER CO WORLD WAR II
Durham, Ada D.15 Mar 188619 May 192011/14
Durham, Stella05 Jun 191406 Jun 191411/15
Durham, William12 Jul 183113 Dec 191111/16
Durham, Ellen06 Jan 183905 Feb 191511/17
Rhodes, Lula Ellen Payne27 Aug 192706 Aug 200811/20
Spary, Betty G.11 Oct 193916 Oct 193911/24
Surcey, William Buren 23 Dec 188012 Apr 192812/07Son of David and Eva Surcey
Surcey, Arrie Cash1882194712/09
Surcey, Eva C.09 Jul 185613 Jun 193312/10
Surcey, David06 Jun 194820 Jul 193612/11
Glass, Sherman06 Sep 192919 Jul 194912/17
Glass, Smith06 Sep 188801 May 195812/18
Glass, Stella Honeycutt/
Beloved Son
11 Apr 191807 Apr 196312/20[Beloved Son could be the Infant Boy Glass, 1971
Brune, Dolly B.08 Feb 192029 Dec 196812/21
Tyree, Lurany30 Jun 185519 Jun 191112/27
Tyree, Ruben31 Oct 182922 Jun 190912/28
Crowe, Dorothy A.29 May 193322 Apr 195713/09
Greene, Niles J.13 Jun 188526 Oct 196713/10
Greene, Dallas02 Apr 190812 Apr 198113/11
Thornburg, D.E.01 May 183010 Jun 191113/13
Carroll, Martha V. Coley02 Jun 195910 May 190813/20Wife of David Carroll
Solenbarger, Christian09 Mar 183912 Mar 190814/02
Sollenbarger, Rebecca05 Apr 184212 Jun 191414/03
Larimer, Harriet Elizabeth Sollenbarger10 Sep 186901 Mar 193214/04Wife of J.E. Larimer
Larimer, James E.28 Aug 186926 Apr 193214/05
Cross, John W.07 Mar 185204 May 193514/06
Cross, Permelia M.16 Jul 185228 Jul 192614/07
Shull, Mary “Mollie” E. Cross08 Jan 188008 Oct 192114/08
Shull, Earl J.11 Dec 191119 Feb 191214/11Son of John W. and Mollie E. Shull
Cross, Ben H.25 Nov 188812 Sep 191014/12Son of J.H. and Nancy Cross Shares marker with Martha Cordelia Cross
Cross, Martha Cordelia09 Apr 188208 Mar 190414/13Daughter of J.H. and Nancy Cross Shares marker with Ben H. Cross
Cross, James Harvey05 Jan 185627 Dec 194414/14
Cross, Nancy Susanna Phillips09 May 186213 Oct 192514/15
Hylton, Infant 10 Dec 191410 Dec 191415/01Son of W.H. and Nellie Hylton
Hylton, William H.1882192715/02
Carter, Quinton02 Feb 191911 Nov 199615/03Shares marker with Anna Mae Carter
Carter, Anna Mae10 Dec 191910 Oct 199415/04Shares marker with Quinton Carter
Allison, Loretta Angeline Clark Watson20 Aug 188413 Jun 196915/05
Clark, James L.21 Nov 185424 Feb 191915/06
Clark, Rebecca E.15 Aug 185528 Feb 192115/07
Green, Sarah Elizabeth16 Aug 185315 Feb 190815/08
Cash, Daniel L.1844192415/09Shares marker with Lillian H. Cash
Cash, Lillian H.1872195015/10Shares marker with Daniel L. Cash
Auxier, William A.13 Jan 187223 Apr 194015/11
Kidd, Daivd Loudermiek19 Feb 186230 Jun 194315/12Shares marker with Julia Ann Kidd
Kidd, Julia Ann31 Mar 185716 Jul 193915/13Shares marker with David Loudermiek Kidd
Auxier, Lula B.15 Mar 188416 Jan 192915/14
Hankel, Nettie13 Jan 188518 Jun 192115/15Wife of A.H. Hankal
Hankel, J.M.B.02 Nov 194329 Oct 191315/16CSA Iron Cross
Hankel, Gillie Ann22 Feb 184311 Nov 190715/17Wife of J.M.B. Hankel
Hankel, John E.11 Apr 188001 Jul 190415/18
Hankel, Infant20 Feb 190312 Jul 190315/19Son of A.H. Hankal
Mitchel, Pearl E.16 Oct 191804 Nov 191616/01Daughter of Charles G. and Lora Mitchel
Howell, Nat Lee1900194616/02
Mitchell, Mary Charlotte15 Sep 188423 Sep 191216/03
Howell, Joseph F.28 May 187406 Mar 194016/04
Howell, Julia E.22 Jul 187706 Jul 193116/05
Howell, Margaret Ruth15 Mar 192130 Nov 192116/06Infant Dau. of Charlie & Olie Howell
Howell, Sarah C.12 Aug 185023 Mar 191716/07Wife of S.L. Howell
Howell, Samuel L.13 Apr 184703 Jan 190516/08
Bowman, J.K. Polk26 Dec 184421 May 191416/09Shares marker with Nattie E. Bowman
Bowman, Hattie E.12 Apr 186106 May 194316/10Shares marker with J.K. Polk Bowman
Bowman, Belle26 Oct 188501 Nov 192116/11
Bowman, Walter C.09 Mar 188922 Sep 197416/13
Bowman, Margaret16 Mar 189811 Dec 191816/14
Bowman, Margaret LineweaverAge 82 yrs.191816/15Wife of W.B. Bowman
Bowman, William B.17 Feb 183803 Sep 191016/16
Bowman, Joseph R.20 Nov 196925 Jan 190916/17
Porter, Sallie M.18 Feb 186522 Feb 194917/01Shares marker with Andrew J. Porter
Porter, Andrew J.13 Mar 186117 Apr 193417/02Shares marker with Sallie M. Porter
Range, William T.30 May 188502 Aug 195617/03Shares marker with Claudia V. Prichett Range
Range, Claudia V. Pritchett05 Jan 1887[No date]
[22 Jan 1978]
17/04Shares marker with William T. Range.
Range, William E.25 Apr 191525 Apr 191517/05
Range, Albert K.02 May 191310 Sep 191417/06
Pritchett, Rebecca Ann Bowman25 Jul 186219 Jun 194017/07Shares marker with James Alfred Pritchett
Pritchett, James Alford23 Jun 185415 Oct 193317/08Shares marker with Rebecca Ann Bowman Pritchett
Prichett, Mary E.16 Oct 188718 Sep 190417/09
Harrington, Mary Susan17 Aug 189915 Oct 191417/10
Bowman, Charley A.21 Jan 187606 Apr 194717/11
Bowman, Mary White24 Nov 188119 Jun 197817/12
Bowman, Mary Jean26 Mar 192212 Nov 192417/13Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Bowman
Isenberg, Frank Wesley08 Nov 190710 Apr 200017/16
Isenberg, Helen Bowman18 Aug 191405 Jun 198617/18
Bowman, Vergie Morrell17/19NEED PICTURE
Bowman, Sue Virginia16 May 196328 Mar 190617/20
Bowman, Samuel Joseph18 Jan 186104 Mar 193817/21
Bowman, M. Mariam 1898197417/22
Bowman, Early12 Sep 189602 Jun 198717/23
Bowman, Infant21 Aug 192708 Aug 192718/02Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Bowman
Epperson, Susan E. White06 Oct 185525 Feb 192718/03Wife of A.J. Epperson
Bowman, Mary E.29 Jan 184916 May 193018/04Wife of R.C. Bowman
Bowman, R.C.20 Nov 183728 Aug 191418/05
White, Mary15 Feb 183119 Apr 191818/06Shares marker with Aly J. White
White, Aly J.13 Oct 185318 Apr 191818/07Shares marker with Mary White
White, Infant[No date][No date]18/08Dau. of R.J. And Effie White
White, Edith18 Nov 192120 Dec 192118/09Child of Robert and Effie White
White, Robert J.1883197618/10Shares marker with Effie M. White
White, Effie M.1886193018/11Shares marker with Robert J. White
White, Paul R., Sr, Rev.08 Dec 1927[21 Nov 1992]18/12Husband of Mary Lee and Geneva
White, Pauline Rebecca20 Jul 190013 Nov 199618/14
Range, Minnie White1879197518/15
White, Alfred B.1852190218/16Shares marker with Rebecca C.
White, Rebecca C.1856193818/17Shares marker with Alfred B. White
Caudill, Patsy Lue06 Jun 1949[Only one date]19/01
Wise, Olive V.02 Nov 191930 Sep 200619/03
Wise, Regina Ann17 Nov 197002 Jun 199419/04
Ruegger, Zeta G.27 Aug 192701 Jan 200719/05
Hall, John W.09 Feb 192604 Nov 200319/06Shares marker with Elaine G. Hall
Hall, Elaine G.16 Dec 192522 Jan 201019/07Shares marker with John W. Hall
Masters, Susan N.14 Mar 1932[No date]20/01Shares marker with Bruce Masters
Masters, Bruce13 Jul 192927 Apr 201420/02CPL US ARMY KOREA Shares marker with Susan N. Masters
Masters, Billy07 Aug 192620 Mar 200721/01S1 US NAVY WORLD WAR II
Shares marker with Edna Gouge Masters
Masters, Edna Gouge20 Feb 1930[No date]21/02Shares marker with Billy Masters
Smith, Rufus E.1931201321/03Shares marker with Irene S. Smith
Smith, Irene S.1934[No date]21/04Shares marker with Rufus E. Smith

Surveyed, transcribed and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web November 2014 by Robert D. and Betty Jane Hylton, members of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.

Copyrighted 2014 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part of this work may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team.

According to the Washington County Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions by Charles M. Bennett and the Watauga Association of Genealogists, the following graves found in the 1970s but not in 2014:

Bashor, Howard, 1920
Carroll, Martha V. Goley, 02 Jun 1859 – 10 May 1908, wife of David Carroll
Durham, James Lonnie, 1900-1957
Green, Dianne Lynn, 21 April 1952, 1y 8m 26d
Green, Richard Troy [Funeral Home Marker in 1978]
Hamby, D.T., 20 Jul 1949, aged 62y, 20d [Funeral Home Marker in 1978]
Harrison, Ila Mildred and James Howard, infants of G.N. And Parlee Harrison, b & d 25 May 1918
Presnell, Dorothy Green, 1933-1957
Kidd, David Laudermilk, 19 Feb 1862 – 30 Jun 1943
Kidd, Julia Ann, 31 Mar 1857 – 16 Jul 1929, wife of David Laudermilk Kidd
Thornburg, D.E., 01 May 1830 – 10 Jun 1911 [Funeral Home Marker in 1978]
Tyree, Lurany, 30 Jun 1855 – 19 Jun 1911
Tyree, Ruben, 31 Oct 1829 – 22 Jun 1909

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