Beard (David) Cemetery 2013

Beard (David) Cemetery

Located on a knoll in front of the house at 167 John France Road, Jonesborough, Tennessee. No markers remain. A cemetery check list done in the 1930s stated this was established about 1842 by David Beard and discontinued about 1879.

GPS Location: 36°32.432N 082°43.911W

On 30 July 1986, James Dykes and Loraine Rae inventoried some markers from this cemetery found next to a barn:

James Beard, born 4 Jan 1786, died 06 Apr 1855. James Beard and E. Nelson married 15 Nov 1807. (Washington County records show that James Beard and Edy Nelson were married on that date. Another large stone of the same design with all lettering gone – probably hers).

Edie S. Beard, born 30 Jun 1855, died 26 Jul 1855. Daughter of J.S. and M.E. Beard.

Sissie Beard, born 02 Oct 1853, died 25 Aug 1854. Daughter of J.S. and M.E. Beard.

Mary E. Beard, born 26 Jan 1858, died 13 Dec 1860. Daughter of J.S. and M.E. Beard.

John Marselus White, died 14 Sep 1853, age 3 mo. 14 days.

Five field stones with no apparent lettering.

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