Washington County, Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions by Charles M. Bennett and the Watauga Association of Genealogists. Information used with the permission of Lorraine Bennett Rae.
From volume 1, page 218 – WCCL
“Young Bailey – 3-3/4 mi. S. of Johnson City. There are 24 graves.”
No direct connection between either Young Bayless (1818-1888) or his wife, Naomi Catherine Lane Bayless (1857-1917) has been made to any of the known interreds. They were married in Washington County on 16 September 1879. After Young died, Naomi married Martin Monroe Shipley on 15 May 1890.
This burial ground is more commonly known as the Clark-Price burial ground and was recorded in Bennett volume 2, page 43, entry 20. It is located behind the house at 1602 Lone Oak Road in Johnson City and is designated as Washington County tax parcel 062-006.02
1840 Young Bayless household, M 20-30, F 20-30, F Under 5
1850 Young Bayless 38 TN, Mary 39 NC, Sina 20 NC
1860 Young Bayless 50 TN, Mary 51 NC, Hiram Collins 14, TN
1870 Young Bayless 58 TN, Mary 60 NC
1880 Young 67 TN, Naomi 22 NC (wife) – living in Jonesborough town.
Young Bayless owned a large parcel of land, approximately 80 acres, which completely surrounded the burial ground. Small parcels were added and subtracted, however the large tract stayed essentially intact.
Deed Book 24, Page 60 (1842) – John Blair conveyed 78 acres to John C. Greenway. Deed Book 30, Page 96 (1847) – John C. Greenway conveyed the entire tract to Young Bayless.
Deed Book 33, Page 364 (1852) – Jonas Denton conveyed an additional 8 acres to Young Bayless.
Deed Book 51, Page 88 (1884) – Young Bayless conveyed 83 acres to Sallie E. Leach.
Young Bayless owned the subject burial ground property from 1847 until 1884.
From the Sallie E. Leach conveyance forward in time, several partitions among family were made, none mentioning a burial ground until a plat (Plat Book 12, Page 219) subdividing the Edith Clark property was recorded in 1995.
None of the deeds reviewed mention a burial ground.
Edith Ethel Phillips Clark, wife of Jacob Clark, was the great granddaughter of Jonas Denton – see deeds section. Edith and Jacob are buried here, as are several members of their family. Edith’s aunt, Sarah (1857-1940), married William S. Miller (1859-1939) – both of whom are buried here.
It is unknown whether Young Bayless buried any of his own kin, or whether, perhaps some hired hands or slaves were buried there. He clearly owned the burial ground when Mary E. Young Price was buried in 1853. Could Mary Bayless or Sina Bayless be buried at this location (see census records)?

Bayless Young Property

Bayless Young Property

See records at Clark-Price Cemetery entry, also.

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