Bacon Cemetery

Located southwest of Douglass Shed Road on the Eddie Range farm on Elmer Walker Road.It is in a grove of trees beside the road.

Approximately 45-60 graves marked only by field stones. Several unmarked.



NameBirth dateDeath dateComments
Bacon, Daniel27 Oct 183105 Dec 1857
Bacon, James01 Jan 183412 Jan 1858
Bacon, Sarah 15 Aug 180515 Dec 1871dau. of Thomas & Phoebe Job
Bacon, Thomas12 Jan 190527 Dec 1866
Barron, Phebe03 Sep 177715 Aug 1858“Wife of Thomas Barron. Born in state of Virginia”
Cox, Elizabeth 17 Aug 184103 Dec 1915“Wife of J. T. Cox”
Cox, J. T. 03 Mar 184413 Jul 1891“Aged 47y 4m 10d”
Cox, Phoebe26 Mar 182525 Dec 1900“Wife of W. I. Cox”
Cox, UnknownJan 11, 182?06 Feb 1852“Sacred to the memory of Calvin Cox’s second wife…”
Probably Hannah
Cox, Unknown15 Mar 182012 Jul 1859“Sacred to the memory of Calvin Cox’s first wife…”
This was probably Phoebe Barron.
Cox, Wm. T. 20 Dec 181129 May 1883(Called “Thomps” in his will)
Old transcripts say his name is “Wm.”.

Surveyed, transcribed and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web 22 August 2002 by Donna Cox Briggs a member of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.

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One stone reads:

In memory of Thomas Barron and Phebe Job married October 31st day A. D. 1794. Thomas Barron was born in state of Virginia Feb. 6 day 1776. Dec’d Jan the 24 1863. Rember man as you pass by so wonst was I that I have come to what you see. Prepare for death and follow me. (There are periods after every word.) 

Thomas Barron Marker

Bacon Cemetery (from old transcripts)

Thomas Barron and Phebe Job m. Oct 31, 1794. Thomas Barron was born in State of Virginia, Feb 6, 1776, Dec’d Jan 24, 1863
Phebe Job, wife of Thomas Barron. Born in State of Virginia Sept 3, 1777, Dec’d Aug 17, 1858
Thomas Bacon, Nov 1793 – Sept 3/5, 1871
Sarah, wife of Thomas Bacon, Aug 15, 1805 – Dec 15, 1871(Marriage lic. Dec 15, 1825; Sarah was dau. Thomas & Phebe Barron)
Daniel Bacon, Oct 27, 1831 – Dec 5, 1857
Cynthia Bacon, 1831 – 1891 (wife of Daniel)
James Bacon, Jan 1834 – Jan 12, 1858
Thomas Bacon, Jr., 1839 – Dec 27, 1866
J.T. Cox, Mar 3, 1844 – July 13, 1891, aged 47y 4m 10d
Elizabeth, wife of J.T. Cox, Aug 17, 1841 – Dec 3, 1915
Phebe, wife of W.T. Cox, mar 26, 1825 – Dec 25, 1900 9 (dau Thos. & Phebe Barron)
Wm. T. Cox, Dec 20, 1811 – May 29, 1883 (called Thomps in his will.)

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